Dakco is a company specialized in led displays.

We manufacture superior quality led displays, deliver convenient customer experiences, and provide responsive services & supports.


Believing in integrity, respect, excellence and empathy, Dakco build and maintain deep trust with customers, vendors, and our team members.


Dakco led displays are chosen by the famous brands for example of Christian Dior, also small businesses worldwide. We are grateful to all our customers in 6 continents, and we will keep growing steadily to serve you better.


57,000ft² Plant


14M$Annual Revenue

Why Superior?

Dedicated for 14 years.


Since 2007, Dakco has been growing steadily for 14 years. Dakco is distinguished from peers of the same age by being truely specialized in led displays. We are involved in led displays field not only for profit, but the greatest passion for this product. All our resources and capabilities are utilized for better R & D, engineering, manufacture, and customer experience improvement. With extensive experience and expertise evolved over the years, Dakco build the greatest looking and most reliable led displays for the world.

We love to see our amazing led displays reflect in your eyes!

Why Convenient?

Adapt to your needs.


Dakco is not a "wholesaler" who is good at pre-sales stage only. At Dakco, project completion quality is more important than its quantity. We always make sure our product solution best match your project requirements and user preferences. When you need led displays in different sizes, shapes, resolutions, we got you covered; when you need services of air & ocean freights, door to door, trainings, installations, troubleshootings & maintenances, we got you covered; when you need quality inspection, immediate delivery, service & supports to be done locally, we got you covered.

We deliver the greatest experience to you!

Why Responsive?

We care.


Needless to say, our consulting services & technical supports are available 7/24 by email and telephone. We make our services & supports more responsive by IM apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype etc. Although it is popular nowadays in every company, we act still more efficiently because we are truly and highly motivated by your satisfaction. You will have our professional sales engineer in your contact list, and be supported by the best technical team in the industry. No matter what time it is, just type your messages and click "send" button, you will receive professional answers usually in minutes (8 hours at latest).

We've got your back!

Award-Winning Team Members (2021)


"Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration." - our strong belief makes us do good today and better tomorrow!

  • Thea Wen

    Sales Manager

  • Charles Li

    Sales Manager

  • Victor Rao

    Sales Manager

  • Kathy Liu

    Merchandising Manager

  • Boikins Zhan

    Sales Director

  • Johnny Zhu

    R & D Director

  • Xiao Liang Li

    Senior QC

  • John Lim

    Production Manager