Outdoor LEDs Digital Signs vs. Printed Traditional Signs

Which One is Better, Traditional Signs or Digital LEDs Signs?


Since the human mind started involving itself in different discoveries, advancement in technology held speed tightly. We can simply state, we are in the digital world where everything has to keep the same pace as the pace of advancement!

Simple is that, “Advertising signs have covered the major ways, we cannot escape of them”. From smaller to massive brands everyone is promoting their business using “Signs”.

67% of the potential business owners got the though choice what to choose either Traditional signs or LEDs Digital signs to advertise their brand.

If you consider yourself in mentioned “67%” then before ending up with any of them, read the blog to get a better idea which one is better and why-there’s tough competition ahead!


Which One is Better- LEDs Signage or Traditional Signage?




1: Which one is Unlikely to Miss?


This is one of the huge advantages of any sign could harvest for the business’ name! Digital signages and billboards are not likely to miss even it’s impossible to ignore them, this makes them winner against printed traditional business signs. Digital signs are smarter in the sense as they are linked via internet and media player also works efficiently to grab the audience attention. Digital LEDs signs come up with digital technology to build the trust and  delivering the marketing content. This is the main reason why signs operators worldwide struggling to get the way completely digital.


On the other hand, people ignore and miss almost all the traditional signs as they make their ways out somewhere until they bump into the one of their interest. But the main problem wrap the situation is, not everyone can make use of digital equipment as the small business owners trying to modify their ways of advertising but lack of funds halts their thoughts.

So, the one that is impossible to be missed is “Outdoor Digital Display”.


2: Which one is easier to be maintained?


This is another important feature that signs should have to comfort you. As far as the maintenance is concerned, digital signs offer more than needed. They are quite simple to be maintained as they offer massive technical support, with 60,000-100,000 hours lifetime which enough to generate healthy revenue for business standup. LEDs’ bulbs are also known as “Energy Savers”, they use smaller amount of energy to get their selves illuminated and visible. They are further linked with the software to get updated with just a single tap. They play with complete set interesting colors to leave the viewers speechless and force them to see the content displayed. These are moreover, unaffected by heat effects and water hence, they can stand alone against harsh weathers. The message you display can be changed with the help of software whenever you want no matter if you do this 50 times a day or you can even change the software when you find a new and better one hence, it enables you to get your way digitalized and image your business more professional before potential buyers.

On the other hand, traditionally printed billboards are unlikely to be maintained easily nonetheless, they use no energy but are prone to be damaged with the ram of messy and angry winds. Further, it’s simply painful if you even think to change the message displayed on the printed papers. They cannot stand against harsh climate and can be torn out.

So, Digital Display LEDs signs are easier to maintain!


3: Which one is more Flexible?


Here flexibility is another term to declare the results! We already stepped up in the digital nature still best is yet to come! Digital signs allow the content to be ceaselessly changed. Not just words, you can highlight your brand with images, videos, animations with audio support. You can even mention weather information, live matches scores and results, news feeds, social trends, and it also enables you to break the screen into two to display two types of content on both sides. This is what catches human eyes.While traditional signages do not offer such flexibility, they can either come with words or image. So, Flexibility won by “Digital Signage”.


4: Which one is Cheaper?


Traditional signs have obviously grabbed the ground here, color printing is not expensive. These are cost-effective with zero energy consumption but return with too low ROI as almost 90% of out-goers refuses to read what displayed on the printed signs. Also, you need to use extra hard efforts when it comes to replacing already hung sign with new one contained new message and this must be changed each after 3 months. Hence, what you get in the name of “revenue”? Hardship? Think yourself! Grasp the one found to be easier, attractive, intelligent, and flexible yes-Digital display signs! They promise to build extra healthy ROI for your business and just one tap far to display a new message!




Now, it wouldn’t be difficult to finalize that Outdoor LEDs video walls are enough to deliver you number of sales while also ranks the name of your business under a top list of consideration. So, put yourself out that 67% of confusing people and go with LEDs display now! Join us on Facebook too.