Digitally Explained Differences Between LED Sign Vs LED Billboards

Digital Billboard Marketing is The New Trend


It is very normally observed that ordinary people use the terms LED signs and LED billboards interchangeably. However, in reality, both are different on various grounds. You can become a laughing stock for not knowing the exact differences. Since DAKCO care for the self-esteem of our prestigious readers like no other, we want to educate readers. Read till the end and you will not be naïve anymore. Always remember that knowledge is power and this article is complete knowledge-base. So, boost your confidence!

Off-Premise and On-Premise Signs

Advertisers and businesses have coined their own terms to define signage. You may come across the above-mention terms frequently and get confused. Off-premise signage means the displays or billboards that are placed away from the business vicinity. However, on-premise signs stand within the business location.

Key Differences Between LED signs and LED Billboards

Both LED signs and LED billboards are known as distant devices. Why? Because they target audience at large. Their visibility ensures to the maximum. Let’s discuss the differences

                               Differences between LED sign and LED Billboards


Mostly On-premise LED signs are used by a single enterprise or business. It makes sense because why any other company would let its space to be used for other business promotion? LED billboards conversely are used by multiple advertisers. Outdoor advertising managers and operators engross various advertisers who need to publicize their content.

Business Promotion

On-premise LED signage market single business and are usually owned by the very same business. LED billboards run on multiple advertisements. Normally a digital billboard is installed on an area that is already leased. The operator then rent out to the advertisers for a given time slot. Since multiple advertisers tend to showcase the content, you will find LED billboards on main roads, along highways and similar places.

Displayed Content

Both LED signs and LED billboards to run different sort of content. Enterprises that prefer LED sign as their marketing preference can run live videos, animations or images. However, federal laws limit the use of animations on digital billboards.

Operating Software

Both LED signs and LED billboards to operate on different software due to the working mechanism. Normally a proprietary software is preferred in electronic signs that also plays an important role in content creation. Besides this, it can also work as a scheduler and diagnostic portal for the LED sign.

Billboard operators, on the other hand, manage multiple places. Since they are subletting the space to multiple advertisers at the same time in different slots, they need more sophisticated operating software with advanced features.

Cloud-based software offers great benefits like granting access to the advertiser, check availability and occupancy, workflow rules, and much more.


Normally outdoor digital displays are larger than LED signs however, it is not always the rule of thumb. For your information advertising agency set some benchmarks way back when printed vinyl was the prime way of outdoor advertising. Even today digital billboards follow these standards. Let’s educate you further about billboard size terminologies.

  • A poster is 11’*22’ in size
  • Bulletin measures around 10’*36’ in dimensions
  • Bulletin measures around 14’*48’. Billboard industry commonly uses this size.

LED signs, on the other hand, are custom made exactly according to the requirements. Measurements are largely determined by the structural layout of LED signage, placement point, budget and how much square footage is allowed on the permit.

A Unique Example Of an LED Sign

The electronic sign placed at Payne Auto Mall in Weslaco, Texas measures around 14’*48’ that is equal to the size of bulletin billboard. But as it is installed on dealership vicinity and advertisement is business specific it is regarded as an LED sign or on-premise sign.


Buying and Installation

The buying and installation procedure for both LED billboards and LED signs to vary a little bit. Normally electronic signs are traded through LED sign companies, who then communicate and work with business owners on one to one basis. Billboard companies initially buy LED billboards and then either deploy personalized installation crew or outsource installation procedure to expert billboard Structure Firm. Large LED billboard enterprises sometimes maintain in-house technicians and support staff.

Operational Permit

Billboard advertisement is not a piece of cake that you can eat at any time you want. Both electronic signs and LED billboards need operational permits. Each of them is permitted distinctively. For Digital billboard installation, a permit is needed both from the municipality and state level. While the LED sign requires permission from municipal authority only. However, permit exemption is available for special cases like athletic scoreboard or schools.


Governing bodies may impose restrictions on the LED sign permit regarding size, the height of the structure or distance from the actual road. They may also pace limit on the brightness of the electronic sign, color scheme, and how frequently the content changes. Please bear in mind that rules and regulations vary from country to country and even state to state within a country. Companies like DAKCO is a real help in this regard. They will guide you through each step in the easiest possible way.


Digital Billboard Marketing is Tthe New Trend

Today digital billboard marketing and social media presence go hand in hand for digital campaigns. It is found that outdoor digital advertising when included as a part of the media plan, the impact is massive. According to a billboard study, an 18% increase to customer access is recorded for television campaigns, radio campaign goes up by 45%, web campaigns improve by 68%, 212% increment for social campaigns along with an increase of 316% for smartphone apps.

Outdoor Digital Advertising is Cost-Effective

The overall effect of mobile campaigns or social media enhances many times when integrated with outdoor advertising. It greatly helps in overcoming communication barrier thus bringing both customer and business on common grounds. On CPM basis advertising done through billboards will cost you way less than print, radio or TV.

Revenue generation Tip: Media agencies involved in digital marketing via Google AdWords, Facebook, and SEO optimization or through other social platforms can integrate with a digital billboard to their marketing strategies. This can open an entirely new income stream for both new and current customers.

                                digital billboard


Eight Extraordinary Ways To Make Billboards Catchy

The world has changed technologically and so does the user’s attitude. They no longer indulge in billboard viewership today as they used to 2-3 decades back. The main reason is smartphones and handheld devices. Their eyes are so firmly glued at phone screens that they notice surroundings briefly.

However, this reality doesn’t undermine the importance of billboards. They are still powerful branding tools present all around us. Since outdoor advertising is becoming competitive day by day, we need to tackle the situation accordingly. Let’s discuss a way to get billboards noticed and multiple sales.

Remember Figure 6

We are usually moving whenever we encounter any billboard. We really don’t have enough time to retain every detail on the billboard. Researchers suggest that the passerby has only 6 seconds to absorb the billboard content while moving. So, it is advised to keep the message concise and targeted around 6words.

You can drag the message a little bit to convey full meaning to the reader but remember one very basic thing! Less is always more. Condensing entire message in 6 words may be very difficult but trust me no one like long headings that look more like a paragraph. All those enterprises that run complex businesses and can’t explain themselves in 6words, better refrain from billboard advertising.

Get Noticed, But Don't Cause a Distraction

Digital billboards also convey public service messages that mostly aim at bikers, drivers, pedestrians or cyclists to ensure safety measures while on road. Only a few second time frame is available to deliver the message. Now comes the technical job of the advertiser. You want viewership without being held responsible for any minor or major accident. So, an advertiser needs to be cautious about maintaining this balance.

Advertisers Should Use Some Common Sense

You may have come across irritating billboards bombarded with website addresses and contact number. Do you that 99% of people who noticed the billboard actually will never visit or call on given data. The billboard falls in the category of secondary advertising medium. In simple words, it acts as a supporting push for a campaign or for brand building but can’t drive the whole marketing campaign on its shoulders.

Billboards are using for quick message transfer and if you want to convey detailed information, additionally use other advertising modes like TV, radio, flyers or direct mail.

Be Smart, Avoid Cleverness

Everyone dislike dull and boring billboard for sure and prefer nicely made billboards. However, you may really loose audience trying to be over smart. Don’t laugh we are serious and we will explain to you the reality.

Your billboard advertising investment will surely sink if people start scratching their heads after reading it. Complexity is a big No! people will definitely decline billboards that confuse them and they wonder what the advertiser is actually trying to say. Also, discourage complex visual metaphors. It is said, keep the advertising like a quick puzzle that gives a sense of accomplishment once the viewer sorts it out. Remember billboards are for advertising and not for cleverness show.

No. of Billboards- The More The Better

Each billboard is a massive investment. It can never generate potential benefits all alone. Although billboards offer a massive marketing platform, yet they require support.

Gross rating points: Every single billboard is the rate on the parameters of visibility, size, location, traffic, and so on. The overall result reveals the Gross Rating Points of that specific billboard. The score ranges from 1 to 100. What is meaning by 50 GRP? It simply means that a minimum 50% population of the surrounding area will see your LED billboards at least once in a day. Obviously, you can be more impactful with 5-6 billboards rather than displaying just one.

You worry for GRP to be near 100 but that will cost you a lot.

Make Extra Effort

Human brain remembers pictorial presentation more than text messages and lines. So, here comes the tricky part that how you project your idea. Today, there are so many customization opportunities available that one could simply think out of the box. 3D billboard panels are very much in vogue. You can try your creativity by employing interactive or animated billboards or the one embedded with movable parts. Don’t focus on the size just, content is much more important than that.

Work On The LOGO

The clients need to imprint the brand name in the viewer mind to enhance sales. This really calls for right size logo. If you have made the LOGO smaller, the distant viewer will remain ignorant of the brand despite seeing the billboard. Conversely, if the Logo is big enough that it overshadows the actual message the viewer still remains unknown about the actual business of the enterprise. You need to be a smart chic and well verse about how to maintain a fine balance between Logo size and other content.


Once you have put in all your efforts to make the billboard proofread it. But how? We are not saying to proofread it after you got a huge billboard. Once you decide the color theme, content and other stuff get it print on a business card. Now place it on an arm’s length and check the visibility and readability. If it’s good to go get it on the large billboard. If you still find it crude you can go an extra mile for refining purpose. Remember the best billboard is the one that can influence call to action.

We hope that our readers by now have quickly grasped the basic differences between LED sign and LED billboards. Congratulations! You are tuned sufficient to classify any large display as an LED sign or LED billboard as soon as you came across it. The last part of this article will surely enlighten you about what to expect from the digital LED manufacturer while making the purchase. You are not naïve anymore so openly communicate your requirements.