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LED Display Industry is Observing a Change


Change is certain and you simply can't resist no matter what. The technology industry is one of the market segments that embrace change quickly. Snail pacers are rapidly kicked out from the market. So, innovation is the key ingredient to sustain the battle. The LED display market has undoubtedly observed a revolutionary change in a very short time. With the invention of LEDs thinking patterns for future displays have entirely changed.


What are LED display panels?


In simple words LED displays are flat and uniform panel displays comprising of light emitting diodes in its working mechanism. As soon as the electric current passes through it, the current is converted into light. The heat loss is negligible. LED displays can become part of outdoor LED signs or digital billboards. This new technology has outclassed LCD on the grounds of brightness, durability, and extra clarity.


LED Displays offer extreme engagement


Outdoor LED signs and digital billboards engage people massively. Their role is becoming compulsory in almost every industry. Be it a fashion, entertainment, advertising, transportation or healthcare, and education fields LED signs are conveying valuable contributions. 


Regional analysis of the LED display market


Currently, Europe is regarded as the main player in the LED display market. North America comes next. The Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the competition due to various reasons. China and India have been actively hosting a number of international sports events. Besides this, rapid and frequent infrastructural activities have raised the demand for LED sign solutions.

                                            LED display market trend in USA


Potential customers for the LED display market


In recent days Japan is consuming majority LED display products and regarded as a major consumer. Many companies are targeting the emerging LED market of Latin American region. They do so by designing end-to-end LED solutions coupled with advanced technology. Since LED products are energy efficient and eco- friendly, it is hoped that soon Africa and the Middle East are the next potential markets.


Leading LED display manufacturer


China is a leading LED display manufacturer across the world. Companies like DAKCO is playing its role by producing quality LED products. It is actively involved in making reliable products. LED displays from DAKCO are installed all over the world.


Growth rates of LED displays due to evolving market trends


LED displays and related products are popular in the market like hot cakes. The major reasons include reduced hardware cost and improved operational efficiency. According to the researchers, it is estimated that Asia is going to have a maximum growth rate for LED display consumption from 2017-2022. The main reasons for this massive growth are urbanization, access to internet facility and improving incomes. The worlds digital signage industry is expected to experience an incredible boom from 2015-2020.


Growth in revenue


The revenue figures are estimated to rise from $14.89 billion to $22 billion as per the surveys. As the technology continues to grow the LED video wall market is estimated to double by 2020.


Market trends of LED displays


If you are really interested to explore LED display market trends, we surely want to guide you. To be honest, LED displays have an enormous amount of application. But we prefer to discuss the dominant trends.  And, do you know what they are? Lets discuss them one by one.


Durable Digital displays


An upward market trend is noted for durable outdoor digital displays. By durable means stable enough to survive harsh weather conditions. They also constitute a steady impact screen.

Durable outdoor LED signage have recently installed at transit stations, airports, and train terminals. Apart from the informational purpose, these LED signs are largely used for advertising objectives. However, keeping its outdoor usage in view these digital displays are designed to be more rugged. The new market trend is aiming at enhanced brightness feature. This will enable the outdoor LED signage to standout in a radiant and bright environment.

                                         LED display panels


Key Considerations


While following the latest LED display market trends it is important to corner the risk first. Always inquire the vendor about

  1. Weather resistance and protection
  2. The response of digital display to weather fluctuation
  3. IP rating
  4. Ruggedness level for impact resistance     


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Stylish installation


Unique installation style is the new LED display market trend. Businesses are using their imaginative skills to add some creativity in their LED signs. There is no definite rule of law. Some install them on floors or ceilings while others prefer them hanging.

The portability of these digital displays has made them handy. The lightweight and movability features have given room to creativity in installation. Businesses can hang in corridors or such unique places that grabs maximum visitor attention.


New shapes are in vogue


Regular or square outdoor LED signs are common now. Innovative digital display manufacturers like DAKCO now offer huge variation in shape and structural layout. They are creating digital displays that can swirl around columns, or come in a vertical, curve or horizontal "ribbon’’ "shapes".


A video LED wall


A video LED wall or video LED display is classified by video playing function.  An LED video wall is a lean assembly of sophisticated components. It offers continuous, premium quality, bright, and high definition display. Due to the variety of applications of this single product a considerable increase in demand has reported. Today large size video LED walls are the latest LED market display trend. High profile businesses take it as an opportunity to showcase their class. They do so via live streaming or displaying video or audio-video content. For example, restaurants display their open kitchen experience. By doing this they are ensuring their customers about food hygiene and safety standards.


Video LED walls are ideal space savers


When installed on outside windows they avoid cluttering of surrounding as compared to conventional billboards. Video streaming function is a great tool to keep customers and viewers informed. Businesses can communicate the aspects they want to convey. It is a high impacting display trend. So, every high profile businesses prefer to include it in advertising mode.


Key considerations


  1. While selecting a digital display manufacturer for LED video display consider following points
  2. Always prefer the manufacturer who possesses both skills and experience about high definition, ultra-fine pitch view, and seamless skills
  3. Pick the LED displays with narrowest or tightest bezels and thinnest installation depths
  4. Always question the image quality
  5. Always inquire about power efficacy


All you need to know about LED video walls


LED video walls constitute a number of Direct View LED displays also known as DV. They all work simultaneously to display the content giving a single screen appearance. These screens are extraordinarily competent both in terms of power consumption and performance. All credit goes to LEDs. These light emitting diodes are smaller in size with no filaments. Therefore neither they get hot or burn out. They produce light when electrons pass through the semiconductor material. It also determines the color of emitting light. LED video walls work differently than conventional video walls. The displayed content is normally backlit.


Type of LED used


Initially, only monochrome DV LEDs displays were available. Conventional digital signs used them. However, with the invention of RGB LEDs in the era of the late 90s digital sign industry observed a technological boom. Today, this DV LEDs and RGB LEDs are part of almost every digital display.


Construction of Pixels


Due to continuous innovation, quality of LEDs is also improving day by day. There is an increase in pixel quality as well. The greater number of pixels or improved pitch is responsible for crisp video quality. To elaborate a little, a pitch is a distance between the centers of two pixels. LED Video wall displays contain refined pixels.


Why video wall LEDs are special?


These DV LEDs are very special and extraordinary because they can attain ‘’true black’’. Each and every LED undergo a process of black resin epoxy coating. To keep apart the illuminations and wipe out reflectance LEDs use shades, placed in between the lights.




LED video walls contain a large number of DV LEDs grouped together on a flat panel. So, it is really important to keep the viewing distance in mind while installing DV LED video wall. Why? Because LEDs grouped together form pixels and pixel largely determine the resolution. For the near viewing audience, we will require a refined pixel pitch for LED video wall. However, the requirement of pixel pitch for a distant audience is the opposite. In an LED video wall one pixel is exactly the same as one surface mount device (SMD).


Advantages of LED video walls


It's not very long ago when people dislike LED displays due to their loyalty to traditional displays. However, reduced cost and maximum operational efficiency have opened new horizons for LED displays. And it is the new market trend. People today are more focused on less expensive, slim, lightweight and bright technology. Luckily, LED displays to fulfill all these laid criteria. Benefits of LED video walls  are unlimited. But here we have enlisted a few.

                                      LED display manufacturer


1. Installation


  1. The minimal bezels between LED panels provide a seamless experience
  2. Offers a wide range of viewing angles
  3. Unparalleled uniformity and flawlessness
  4. Customization is available for shape and size.


2.  Lighting and Brightness


  1. It offers an increased brightness of 800 nits or more
  2. Digital display manufacturers design LED video walls structurally for high illumination
  3. The brightness of the screen remains unaffected even if displayed in a well-lit place. It works equally well in less bright places
  4. More efficient in handling ambient lighting than LCD
  5. Operates on NIT instead of LUX


3. Reliability


LED video displays from reliable digital manufacturers like DAKOC are long lasting and energy efficient than anyone else. It offers

  1. The useful life of up to 11 years or more
  2. Best refresh rates for video wall.


4. Quality and flexibility

  1. With epoxy resin coated LEDs achieve true black and offer premium quality video content
  2. DV LEDs are an independent light emitting source. They offer a 95% efficiency
  3. The affordability hardware, flexible integration, and unmatched quality have rightly made LED video display the latest market trend.


Working on a video wall


The working of simple LED video walls depends on multi-monitor video cards. Complex arrangements, however, require a sophisticated mechanism for working. For total functioning, huge video walls require intricate video processors. Engineers design them specifically to serve the purpose. Whether simple or complex arrangement, both require software technology and networking equipment. Video processors are also termed as video wall controllers.


Purpose of video wall controllers