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A well-informed businessperson understands the importance of digital signage. He/she is familiar with the well-established market of LED signs. It is hard to miss these outstanding signs, as they are everywhere, in the stores, on the roads, inside hospitals, cafes, and business organizations. These multi-purpose LED signs are the future of every business. LED Business signs are an effective way to introduce new products and enhance the image of previous ones.


Several studies shed light on the benefits of led signs for any business. A study by Arbitron in 2010 concludes that more people are likely to reach a digital sign instead of social media. About 70 percent of people saw the ad via digital video, whereas the social media (Facebook) was only able to capture 41 percent of the audience. In addition, 75 percent of the travelers remember seeing a digital billboard in the past month. Likewise, a study in 2012 in Sweden found that drivers were more inclined towards a digital LED sign then they were towards the traditional ones. According to them, electronic billboards are animated, colorful, bright and thus more eye-catching.


There is no doubt that digital billboards have the ability to attract more customers in comparison to regular ones. However, LED Business signs will be effective only if you choose the right one. Opting for the wrong one can become an eyesore for your audience, thus leaving a negative impact. Several factors contribute to selecting the right LED sign for your business. Some of these factors include calculating the optimal distance, knowing about pixel pitch and resolution. To save you the hassle, we have a detailed article on all these factors, LED School signs: The complete guide.


How LED Business Sign Work?

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It is important to understand the working of an LED sign to select the right one. There are different types and styles of an LED sign, however, most of these signs have similar technology.
An LED gets pulsating electronic signals from software and integrated electronic circuits. The individuals LED lamps are illuminated when the software and the circuits are activated. Every LED lam has a pixel and a matrix. The matrix defines the height and length of the illuminated LED display. To determine the resolution of an LED display, you need to know the number of pixels in a matrix.

When you turn on the LED sign boards, every pixel either glides with the signboard panel or it can have illuminate independently, depending on the programming of the LED sign. In lame-man terms, the idea is that every pixel is charged with electricity in an off and on manner. For instance, to move a dot, two pixels adjust to each other are alternately switched on-off.

In the case of multicolor signs, the LED lamps are turned on for a different amount of time. For instance a multicolor (Red and Green) LED sign work as follows:

Red 100% means the entire message is in yellow color
Red 70% means the message has amber or an orange blend
Green 50% + Red 50% means the message has a yellow blend
Green 100% means the message is entirely in green color.

However, for full color, we add in the third pixel, Blue.
Blue 100 % + Green 100% + Red 100% means white blend illuminated.


Choosing the Right LED Business Signs


A business engaging in the electronic message displays has seen an increase of about 15% to 150% according to U.S. Small Business Administration. It is very hard to miss effective digital signage. We are able to see the different sizes and styles of digital signage. From very small to gigantic billboards, we see them everywhere, every day. About 70 percent of the population comes across these digital signs and it seems that an average person spends about 8 hours every day seeing screens including smartphones, digital signage, computers, television, tablets and much more. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the right signage for your business.

You need to consider a different aspect in order to choose the right LED sign for your company. It is important to consider the budget, objective and the application of the digital signage technology you plan to choose. Different LED displays are available, for instance, you can opt for indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays or corporate signage. The LED also requires detailed information regarding the pixel pitch, image size, resolution, ambient light, viewing distance and viewing angle.


Viewing Distance

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It is perhaps the most important factor while choosing a LED for your business. The viewing distance will determine the size and resolution of the LED. In case, the billboard is going to be far away from the potential audience, it is important to choose big character size with bigger display size.

A rule of thumb is that for every 100ft of viewing distance, you should at least have 2 inches of character height. This will ensure readability and effectiveness. In the case of full-color display, we suggest you opt for an even bigger size to make a lasting impression on the viewers and potential clients. Below is the table that shows the minimum character height for distances.
Character Height Viewing Distance

Character Height

Viewing Distance

2 inches

100 ft

4 inches

200 ft

6 inches

300 ft

5 cm

25 m

10 cm

50 m

16 cm

100 m




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Viewing Angle


A good viewing angle is imperative to ensure the visibility of the LED signs from different sides. For instance, when looking at television, we know that the straight angle offers the best view regardless of the distance. The straight angle offers an excellent view to the audience nearby as well as to the audience sitting at a distance. However, the television screen does not remain clear once you shift your angle. Moving to the side will limit your view of the television screen.

The same rule applies to LED business signs. A good viewing angle increases the amount of time the passersby are able to view the sign. Thus, it will provide people with more time to view, read and comprehend your digital sign. To calculate the viewing angle you need to measure 50 percent light intensity at the vertical and the horizontal points seen directly opposite to led sign. For effective results, a sign should give you a horizontal viewing angle up to 140 degrees and a vertical view angle up to 70 degrees.


Advertising Media

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Choosing the right size for your LED business signs, you need to know about the advertising material. For instance, if you plan to scroll the text on an LED display, the minimum character height will work fine. However, if you plan to have a full color LED with animations, videos, and eye-catching background, you need to have a bigger size and enough room for the background, images and animations.


Traffic Pattern


This is also an important factor in determining the LED size and style. If people are going to view signage at a close distance such as shopping centers, then you should opt for a small size display with crisp resolution.


Resolution and Pixel Pitch


The center-to-center distance of a pixel is pixel pitch. The pixel pitch determines the resolution. Shorter pixel-pitch means high resolution and vice versa. In order to decide the pixel pitch, you need to pay close heed to the viewing distance. In case the normal in-door LED signs that support images and videos, a standard resolution is P6 LED modules (6mm pitch). For close-range indoor signage, we suggest P4 LED modules (4mm pitch). However, for the outdoor applications, a P8, and P10 LED modules would do just fine. These modules will work fine with short viewing distance, and for bigger viewing distance, we suggest P16 modules.

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Communication Methods


There are two main communication methods for LED signs. The type of communication method you choose majorly depends on your business needs.


Synchronous Control Cards


In order to display an advertisement on the LED display, a computer system is required by the LED control card. We suggest synchronous control cards to those businesses that plan to change their display media frequently. This is effective if the objective is to show a lot of media on it. This works well with huge outdoor LED signs or big billboards. Every synchronous control card comes with GPRS, Wi-Fi, and other network options.


Asynchronous Control Cards


You do not need a computer system for Asynchronous control cards. These control cards have internal memory and the advertisement is saved on that memory. The control card has plays the ads according to the programmed schedule. In case, your business LED signs don’t require everyday updates then you should opt for the asynchronous control cards. In general, Asynchronous control cards are effective for school LEDs, business LEDs, behind the window LEDs etc. Asynchronous control cards come with GPRS, Wi-Fi, cable, and USB options.


LED Business Sign: Categories


There are different LED signs that serve different purpose. We have come up with the common and most useful led types that will enhance your business image. Some of these LED signs are good for outdoors while some work perfectly well indoors.

NOTE: Never use an indoor LED sign outdoor, it will generate adverse results instead of a positive outcome.

Double-Sided Single Cabinet


Double sided, single cabinet signs are perfect for busy streets. You can see them from two directions, thus they have the capacity to attract and engage potential customers. These signs are perfect for outdoor use as they offer more visibility, better lighting, and effective results.


Single Sided Signs


It is a good outdoor as well as indoor led sign. You can use it according to your requirements. The single-sided led sign works wonders on a one-way street. It is also perfect for mounting your signage on the side of your building. The LED sign is reliable and attracts potential clients.


LED Message Board


An LED message board is often the choice of a successful business owner. It provides them with several options to achieve their advertising and marketing goals. There is no doubt that a reliable LED message board is a time-efficient and cost-effective method. It allows you to display animations, graphics, and text, thus making it possible for you to convey your message effectively to your community. The LED message boards are programmable and easy to use. This one-time investment promises several future benefits. It offers effortless and effective advertisement for your company or brand for the coming several decades.

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Video Wall LED Sign


A video wall LED a combination of multiple LED cabinet tiles. Video walls offer displays that have zero bezels, which is unlike the LCD videos. The zero bezel videos displays are perfect for indoor advertisements. They are often seen in multimedia displays for events, shopping centers etc. These video wall led digital signs are available in different sizes thus they fit all spaces. They are slim and offer HD resolution, P6, P4, P2 pixel pitch. Video Wall LED comes with USB or Cable connection and they have the facility of media play or live play.


Standalone LED Display


For bright area options, there are standalone led displays. For effectiveness, use these digital signs for displaying hotel information, behind retail windows, and in the shopping centers. They have a front window led display and can be easily read in the sun. Their plug and play solution and powerful content management software allow them to deliver outstanding results.



There is no denying the importance of LED business signs for a bright and profitable future of your business. However, there are numerous elements that contribute to choosing the right LED sign for your business. A good outdoor and indoor LED sign should have the ability to attract customers; therefore, it should have the right pixel pitch along with the resolution and display size. Ensure that the character size is in accord with the viewing distance to increase readability and to increase reading time; you need to have the right view angle. All these factors should be analyzed thoroughly before choosing the LED sign as they have a direct impact on its effectiveness.