Do you want to know how to choose the Best Roadside LED Sign?

A complete Guide on Choosing the Best Roadside LED Sign




For quite some time, companies have been in a fix when it came to choosing an electronic sign to advertise their business. They are unable to decide whether to choose a roadside LED sign or opt for the neon display sign. In the initial years of LED technology, neon would have been a safer option mainly because it has been for a longer period, almost a century. Since it was an established technology, thus it offered reliability and efficiency. People had a clear idea of what they were getting, and finding neon signboards were easier as they were readily available via numerous suppliers throughout the world.



In addition, people do believe that neon lights have a more aesthetic sense to them. They are pleasing to the eye as they give a much warmer light in comparison to LED lights. However, the advancement in LED technology has to the demise of neon technology. The modern LED technologies have the capacity to compete with the needs of advanced and modern times.



Comparison Neon Roadside Sign Vs. Roadside LED Sign




In terms of brightness LED displays’ are far ahead of the neon displays. LED displays offer a clear and brighter picture even in broad sunlight. Neon displays, on the other hand, do not offer a crisp view. There is virtually no maintenance required when it comes to LED displays, but in case of neon, one needs to refill the neon tubes periodically. Refilling these tubes did cost companies a lot of money. Reusability is another one of LED’s prominent feature. You can make changes to the LED signs, as many times, as you want, but once you get a neon sign, you can never change it.



Initially, both the technologies were of the same price, but now LED is about 10 percent cheaper. LED signs also save energy. They use about 5 to 10 percent less power in comparison to the neon technology. In addition, LED technology is robust, whereas, neon signs are made up of glass thus they unable to take extreme weather beating. They have noxious gasses inside them, once broken these gasses tend to pollute the environment.



Different Roadside LED Sign and their Advantages








When it comes to digital signage, you must be surprised by the wide variety. Different styles, types, and categories are available. Each type has its own merits and advantages. We did sum up some of the top electronic LED signage for you.



Electronic Billboards












You might have come across the traditional billboards, however, modern era requires digital billboards. The main purpose of these billboards is to provide a smart platform for advertisement. It has the ability to target several hundred or more people at one time. In order to display full-color images, videos or animations, electronic billboards use clusters of bright and highly efficient light emitting diodes. Depending on the technical consideration or the regulatory, the content of billboard can be animation sequence, a broadcast-quality video, static slides or a combination of all.



Working of Billboards


The advance billboards have the capability to house LED lamps, electronics, and wiring in a steel or aluminum enclosure. This enclosure or module generally weighs about 100-150 lbs and it is between 2-3 feet.



An LED billboard is not something that you can buy off-the-shelf, on the contrary, they are customized to meet the customer’s need at an individual level. However, the modular nature of modern electronic led billboards does make it possible to be pre-built in a standard-sized shape and then configure according to customer requirements. This technique offers full customization, fast and reliable delivery and lower manufacturing cost.



Content Control



The new display technologies are improving the visual quality of billboards and at the same time, they are lowering the cost. Thus, allowing even small business owners to buy a billboard for their advertisement. In the near future, electronic billboards are going to replace the static billboards.



The geographically dispersing of billboards requires its remote controlling. The modern billboard led signage does come with the ability to make changes to the content remotely. If you own more than one billboard, the scheduling software does allow you to make changes in a group of billboards or even on the entire network simultaneously.




HD Roadside LED Signs










Companies have come up with effective and efficient HD LED displays. These displays provide the facility of displaying a variety of information including multi-channel monitoring and control system in an uncluttered manner. It is extremely easy to share and shed brand awareness with these HD electronic signage.


Besides supporting multi-channel access, the HD LED signs to offer high resolution, high brightness, and intelligent software system. They are cost-effective and are weather resistant. Most of them come with integrated anti-oxidation aluminum, stress and UV resistance, internal cooling systems and much more. They support different installation processes such as wall-mounted, hanging or floor.


Nanosecond Display Technology


The modern HD LED signs are fast and reliable. Their nanosecond display technology eliminates led screen tailing, offer higher refresh rate, and offers a crisp and clear picture. Displaying dynamic picture, high-quality content allows digital signage to leave a strong impact on the audience. In addition, led signs to achieve color performance by enhancing the contrast. It offers ultra-wide angel, point-by-point brightness, reaching the broadcast-level standard, richer colors vivid colors and highly consistent screen brightness.



Programmable LED signs



Programmable roadside LED signs are the future of electronic signage. They offer vibrant colors and outstanding results. Their popularity and merits make them the number one choice of anyone introducing a new product or a brand in the market. These programmable LEDs offer effective communication techniques as it uses programmable and computerized electronic visual communication devices. The electronic message centers facilitate seamless communication with the outside environment.


The customization is perhaps the biggest advantage of programmable electronic signage. Instead of paying for replacement of broken letters or missing letters, you can remotely change the message anytime you want. No physical labor is included in order to make changes to the LED signs. Their versatility is among the key attractions. You can display message in different formats and at different intervals. The complete control of content editing and modification increase communication, brand awareness, and targets potential customers with every passing second.


There are different types of programmable led signs, including indoor, outdoor, semi-outdoor etc. For a roadside, the outdoor programmable LED is the best option. In the sunlight, it is important to have the right configuration for best results. For outdoor screens, the point density should be more than 1000-4000 points per square meter. In addition, the screen of the LED should have luminous brightness in 3000-6000 cd/square meters. However, the brightness requirement does differ in different places and angles.


Programmable scrolling LED sign


A programmable scrolling LED sign is perfect for shops, pedestrian streets and so on. Usually, we come across a scrolling led with a P10 single red plate pixel pitch. It means that it has 32 x 16 points or 32 x 16 cm. This kind of outdoor scrolling led sign offers the best results at the lowest cost.



Factors determining the Success of roadside LED signage



We have established the fact that roadside LED signs to have the ability to attract potential customers. Numerous studies are available to back up this claim. However, it is imperative that you pay heed to certain environmental and other factors. These factors play a vital role in determining the success of an outdoor digital sign.




Proper Research




As a business owner, you would understand the importance of right Business LED signs. Therefore, it is important to conduct proper research regarding city laws in order to generate effective results via outdoor led sign. There are places that have a size constraint, place constraint, video or audio constraint. To ensure that your sign board does not become troublesome for the audience, you need to design and plan accordingly. You need to consider factors like the distance from the road, the speed limit etc. to determine the pixel pitch, the size of characters and much more.




Customer Requirements




The roadside LED signage tends to target every time of audience, however, it is always better to understand what your potential consumers want. For instance, if your LED sign is near a very busy road, you can always use crisp, high-resolution text in order to convey your message. In case, if it is near a highway, we suggest a billboard with HD video and audio facility.






If you have a group of the roadside, LED signs, it is important to have harmony in them. For instance, if you plan to put up multiple one-sided LED signs on a one-way road, you can always split your message to attract attention. Likewise, try to advertise the product in a manner that goes with the city environment. For instance, if Valentine is near, make sure digital ad has the essence of love. It incorporates the event.




Incorporate the latest technology




Digital signage is growing exponentially. The placement of signs and the creation of dynamic content is imperative for the success of digital signage, however, technology has become equally important. Modern technologies allow companies to create quality LED signs that have the ability to deliver long-term and consistent service across their networks.


Keeping the trends in mind can help you have the competitive edge of your rivals. Incorporate technologies like digital fabric graphics, video walls and much more for your outdoor signage. People are bound to get attracted, thus increasing their customers.




Brightness and relative contrast





Both brightness and relative contrast play a key role in determining the success of an outdoor LED sign. The question here is what is a contrast? It is the difference between the shadows and the highlights of an image.  A good contrast ratio can make a huge difference.



In broad daylight, it is important that you have enough brightness for people to read your sign effectively. We suggest you opt for minimum 3000 nits for an outdoor display to ensure readability. However, if you have knowledge of relative contrast, you can do with fewer nits. With high enough relative contrast, it is possible to read the sign with 1500 nits even directly under the sun.





Viewing Angle





Viewing angle is the angle from which passerby can see the LED display. It is important to have a good viewing angle as these increases the readability of the outdoor LED. Generally, a good view angle for an outdoor LED signage is 110 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical.




Maximum View Distance





Maximum viewing distance increases the readability of outdoor digital signage. A general rule for determining the character size is that one inch of character height for every fifty feet of viewing distance.


For instance, you have a 2 is readable from 100 feet. For large outdoor LED signs, you don’t have to worry about the fact that how they look up close. LED signs work in a manner that when seen closely, everything is a jumble of colored dots, however, as you create distance images become clear.



Final Thoughts




The modern digital displays are designed to meet the needs of fast-paced industry. These digital displays are changing the traditional ways of advertising brands and engaging customers. A good outdoor digital display ensures brand awareness and increases business. However, for an outdoor LED success, there are certain aspects that need consideration.



Regardless of the size of your display may it be a billboard or a programmable scrolling LED sign,  it will be washed away if it lacks brightness and the correct ratio of contrast in broad daylight. A good roadside LED sign needs to focus on brightness along with other factors such as viewing distance, maximum viewing distance, the type of LED signage and its location. Choosing the right LED sign and the right location will ensure promising results.


In addition, it is important for digital signage to incorporate the latest technology. This increases the appeal of the sign, thus attracting more audience.