Great LED Sign is a Sign of Great Business

Great LED Sign best for Business



The promising digital signage is rapidly eliminating the familiar printed signage. Digital LED signage has turned out to be more efficient and less costly due to its infinite capacity for change. The advancement in technology is enhancing the digital signs, thus making them more popular and operative. Due to its outstanding message control ability and audience engaging capability, business environments of every size and type are using them.


In 2016, the digital signage market size was about USD 16,044.1 million and by 2025, it is anticipated to reach USD 31, 7114.1 million. The industry is growing rapidly and every passing day increases the demand for the digital promotion of products and services. Digital LED signs have the ability to attract the attention of potential customers in an effective manner.


The usage of digital LED signs is not limited to a particular aspect of advertisement. On the contrary, smart businesses are discovering the merits of using Digital LED signage throughout the enterprise, including way-finding, employee communication, information display, dynamic branding, lobby signage, conference room scheduling, and conference room signage. There is no doubt that digital led signs tend to offer more advantages to a business organization in comparison to the paper and print alternative. These advantages have the capability to increase guest and employee satisfaction, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and enhance corporate messaging techniques.


Traditional Paper printing Vs. Modern Digital LEDs


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Nothing remains the same in life; it seems that change is the only constant in life. The same rule applies to business. Smart business people are the ones that foresee change and adapt it well before time. These businesses remain on top; the rest follow and the one who resists change perish.


We understand that the safe zone, in this case, printing media seems familiar and the pull is strong. You have a trusted relationship with a supplier and you find it easier. In addition, most of you tend to find print media relatively cheaper. However, we strongly disagree with this assumption. The initial cost of a digital sign may seem more in comparison to print media, but this is a one-time investment. Once you buy a digital sign, you do not have to pay anything again. The programmable LED signs make it possible for you to change the content, graphics, animation as many time as you like. Other benefits offered by LED signs include support of sustainability, brand awareness boost, engaged audience, complete control, and changeability factor.


The future of Business Advertisement: LED Signage


Numerous studies conclude that the future of business advertisement is digital LED signage. Below we will provide you with different insights based on different categories including type, hardware, size, application and much more.


Type Insights


According to the type, the major market segments include digital posters, transparent LED screens, video screen, video wall LEDs and kiosks. In 2016, video wall segments were the first choice of every successful businessperson and it seems that the popularity has grown with time. Retailers and executives use video wall LED to capture major market shares in public places such as shopping malls.

Likewise, transparent LED screens seem to have a very promising future. It is predicted that in a couple of years, this screen will replace several other digital signage technologies. Transparent LED screens have the capability to provide about 80 percent transparency along with the high resolution. In addition, these LEDs are energy efficient even in comparison to other LCD screen. They optimize the overhead expenditure of the client by reducing energy consumption. With all these advantages, transparent LEDs are going to be the consumer first choice in a very near future.


Size Insights


There are three main segments in the industry based on the size such as over 52 inches, between 32 to 52 inches and below 32 inches. According to the survey, in 2016, mostly the retail industry was more prone to the idea of using a 32 display as it delivers message effectively, is cost-efficient and looks elegant.

Instead of buying something that everything is getting, it is important to keep a couple of things in mind including the shop dimensions. If you have a huge store, it is always better to opt for a bigger screen, however, with area limitation can result in smaller size LEDs. Nonetheless, industry advertisement management firmly believes that enhanced and enlarged advertisement content tends to be more effective, thus, it seems that the market trend will change in the coming years.


In the end, it is your requirements that need to be considered in order to purchase an LED screen, instead of what is trending in the market.


Application Insights

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Digital signage has gained popularity in almost every aspect of the business market including transportation, healthcare, banking, corporate and education sector. However, it seems that the retail market understands the importance of business led signs, thus they are accounted for the maximum market share.


Businesses around the globe are adopting LED display in order to create brand awareness and increase ROI. Executives understand that the competition in the industry requires them to come up with something unique and out of the box. They are in search of dynamic, cost-efficient ways of promoting their products and services. It seems that programmable LED signs are the answer to all their queries. The retail business is using modern LED signs to digitize advertisement in an effective manner and to generate results. Also read: Things To Know About LED Billboard - Dakcoled


Location Insights


Location plays a vital role in determining the type of LED you need to invest it. The industry is segmented into two major categories, the out-store location, and the indoor location. Being a businessperson, you need to analyze your requirement. Whether you plan to put the digital sign outside or it is inside a shopping mall.


According to current trends, in-door digital signs have been able to generate better and more effective results. The indoor LED signs to tend to engage customers in a reliable and efficient manner. Due to their impressive outcomes, LED signs have become the top priority for many retailers. It seems that they have taken a position in the global market and it is highly likely that they will maintain this position due to their constant demands.


However, this does not mean that out-door LED signs are not worth the shot. On the contrary, people are becoming inclined towards the idea of using outdoor LED signs as well. Due to the effectiveness of the results, the out-door signs have a promising future. They are expected to exhibit substantial growth in the coming years. A smart executive understands that both out-door as well as in-door LED signs contributes significantly to the overall increased in ROI.


Content Category

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LED’s offer an attractive platform to display your message; however, you need to come up with a smart and unique message to attract consumers. Based on the market, the content category is segmented into health and wellness, sports, weather, news, and vertically oriented content. Transport, directions, product information erected vertically, sales dashboards, corporate communication, safety information, and safety signs are a part of the vertically oriented content category.

For the content to stand out, it needs to be creative and attractive. To fully utilize the platform LED signs to provide you, ensure that you have an attractive and eye-catching content.


Technology Insights


There are three main categories of digital signage in the industry including projections, LCD and LED. There is no doubt that LCD’s have been the most extensively adopted technologies, however, things are changing due to the popularity and advantages that LED signs offer. The LED signs offer high-quality display at a minimum price and they have low-maintenance cost.

In addition, LED has resulted in the evolution of OLED displays. OLED seems to be the future of every business advertisement and business information projections. Nonetheless, LED signs still remain to be the most popular solutions for your business problems.


Use Great LED signs for Business recognition

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LED business signs tend to offer numerous benefits to consumers. Every business is looking for a way to effectively increase brand awareness and business recognition. It is impossible to miss a business advertisement while walking on the street, likewise, remembering every one of them is also impossible. People only remember the content that stands out. So, the important question here is how exactly can a business make its advertisement attractive to passersby.


The simple answer is to use best of both, technology and creativity. The human eye is attracted to light, the brighter and the bigger the light, the more it will attract attention. However, quality content will retain that attention. LED signage offer different options for big, bright and bold advertisement including Open sign


Open Sign


An open sign is perhaps the most effective way to attract consumers. It is a sign that invites people, such as “Hey, come on in” Improving the sign can yield better results. For instance, “Enjoy the Surprise, Come on in” An Open LED sign is a great idea, especially when it offers you unlimited editing and updating options.

The programmable LED signs offer the facility of scheduling your message such as send an open invite for breakfast invitation or invite people in for evening tea. The programmable LED signs allow you to display a message of your choice at the time you desire. In short, Open sign LED is an excellent long-term investment.


Be Best Employee by Updating the Software


In the modern LED signs, software is the secret ingredient. The enhanced software provides business ads’ the maximum exposure. A smart business understands the importance of updated software, thus they will invest in technology advancement. The up to date LED sign software offer better and improved features such as graphics, scheduling and effective message conveying.

A smart LED with the latest software will pay for itself. It is sure to bring a good amount of business. Businesses with sophisticated LEDs' often ask their clients how did they come to know about their brand, and their usual answer is “Your sign is hard to miss because of the outstanding visuals”


Segment the Signs into Zones


In order to make a strong impression on your consumers, as a businessperson, you need to understand that a sign is not making a lasting impression even though it is functioning well. We live in a world, where real-time updates are more of a necessity than a luxury. Yes, they look cool, but at the same time, they deliver effective results. The RSS feeds and video on demands have the ability to provide consumers a fresh look, thus not only attracting the attention but also retaining it.

The new Business LED comes with the ability to segment the signs into zones. This feature allows owners to reach out to a greater number of audiences.


Wireless Connectivity


Last, but not the least, today’s digital LEDs offer the feature of easy control. The stress-free usage of wireless date allows updating your sign regardless of the geographical location. You can make last minutes changes, scheduling, or update emergency messages via an internet connection. The seamless updating of the business LED signs have proven to attract more attention and generate better results.




The modern era requires something more than just printing ads in order to attract attention. It seems that digital advertisement is beating the traditional print ones. More and more businesspersons now live by the motto “Great LED sign is a sign of Great Business”.

According to the market insights, the demand for modern LED signs has grown exponentially. Businesses now understand the importance of LED signs, thus they are investing a lot of money. Both in-doors, as well as outdoor LEDs, are becoming the new way of advertisement. Huge LED billboards are replacing the traditional ones, likewise, small LED screen of 32 inches or so are becoming an imperative part of the retail business. The retailers say that they have seen a boost in their sales after installing an LED display in their shops or shopping malls.

In addition, these LEDs are also replacing the traditional way of providing information inside the enterprise. They are replacing numerous print or LCD traditional signs including emergency exit, conference room direction, meeting information and much more.