Right Outdoor LED Display Applications For Your Business

How to choose the right outdoor LED display applications for your Business


The technological world may provide you advance, effective and efficient solution to grow your business, but at the same time, it also presents numerous challenges. It is becoming difficult for the business to stand out due to the growing competition. You are now able to reach out to people beyond geographical location and time. However, it is always important to choose the right outdoor LED display application for your business.


Only the right outdoor LED display application is going to help you build your business and grow brand awareness. Choosing the right LED display requires research, as there are different types of LEDs with different technologies. For instance, you have a regular LED and Transparent LEDs. It is important to learn the difference, and then choose the one that suits your business to perfection.


Choose the right outdoor LED display applications for your Business


LED stands for a light emitting diode, and an LED display uses a panel of LED as a light source. It seems that LED technology is soon going to overtake the mature LCD technology. Mainly because LED is more reliable, long-lasting and it is energy efficient. Business markets around the world are using LEDs in their products, may they be electronic devices, advertisement mediums, laptop screens, computer monitors, an interactive medium between system and users, tablets, TV, mobile phones and much more.


LED Display Indoor and Outdoor


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There are several LED panels in an LED display and these panels consist of numerous LEDs. Their numerous advantages such as greater light intensity and better brilliance allow them to beat their competitors.  Other light-emitting sources may not be able to beat what an LED display as to offer.


There are two types of LED panels, the surface mounted device (SMD) and the discrete LEDs or better known as the individual mounted LEDs. Most of the outdoor screens that we see today use the individual mounted LEDs. In order to form a full-color pixel, a cluster of blue, green and red diodes comes out together. Usually, the diode is square. Every pixel is equally spaced and to calculate the absolute pixel resolution, we measure the distance from the center to center.


In addition, LED display comes in numerous sizes and shapes; the largest LED display in the world is over 1,500 foot long and is currently present in Las Vegas. The major reason behind using bigger LED display is that the human mind is attracted to bright light, so the bigger the display, the brighter the outcome.  The largest LED TV is 160 by 72 feet and it currently resides in the Center Hung Video Display at Cowboys stadium.


Indoor LED Digital Display


Most indoor screens use the surface mounted device technology. However, we do have some indoor screens that use discrete led technology. The SMD technology consists of a chipset that mounts the blue, red and green diodes. This chipset then resides on the PC’s driver board. Each diode is placed very close to the other and it is smaller than a pinhead. An SMD technology does offer quality, but it reduces the maximum viewing by 25% in comparison to the LED individual mounted screen with the same resolution. Nonetheless, it is better to use SMD technology for an indoor LED display. Also, ensure that the indoor LED display has a minimum brightness of 6000 candelas per square meter. This brightness works pretty well for retailers and corporates. However, for high ambient brightness condition, you need to ensure that your right outdoor LED display application has higher nits.


NOTE: Nits is the unit measured for brightness per square meter.


Likewise, when a screen has to appear in a shot on a television studio set, the nits requirement is going to be fairly low. The common lighting on a television production set is less blue than the common display having a white point of 6500 to 9000k. Therefore, when you plan to advertise your product or service only on television, you can use a low lightening television set. 

We suggest you use at least 2,000 cd/m2 for most outdoor LED displays. In case, there is a higher brightness ambiance, you can use up to 5,000 cd/m2. This will work fine even in direct sunlight. You can reduce the brightness of LED panels from the designed maximum.


Suitable location


Over the years, LED display has become an integral part of the advertisement market. Businesses are using LED displays in order to advertise their products. These businesses claim a promising increasing in their profits after incorporating LED displays in their advertisement campaign.  There are several factors that contribute towards choosing the location for a LED display panel. These factors include a line of sight, vehicular access, cable runs for power and video, local authority planning requirements, ground suitability for the screen location and overhead obstructions. All these factors are important to consider when choosing the right outdoor LED display application for your business.


Besides delivering outstanding results, LED displays are low on energy. Due to their energy-efficient feature, they are the first choice for chargeable and handheld devices including tablets and mobile phone.


Types of Outdoor LED Signs


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It is imperative to get the right outdoor LED to your business. A successful marketing campaign requires the right content, the right LED display and the right location. Thus, we firmly believe that you should determine the type of outdoor LED you to plan to buy.

Your decision to buy an LED fairly resets on your advertisement needs, the target market, the location, and the type of product and services are you going to sell. These things will help you choose the right outdoor LED application for your business. In addition, you need to pay heed to other factors such as pixel pitch, resolution etc. You can gather detailed information from LED School signs: The complete guide. 


Single Color LED sign


Single color LED display is a good choice for small businesses that are looking for a way to take advantage and explore the benefits of LED technology. The grayscale LED display allows its consumers to broadcast black and white pictures, video clips with your messages, and full-motion animations. Small business entrepreneurs are able to deliver their message effective via short animated text messages. They also have the ability to update these message as per their need. Single color displays are the ultimate combination of attention-grabbing imagery and economical pricing. They are available in bright fluorescent red, glowing amber or other attracting colors.


Despite being a single color, they are the right outdoor LED display application that you can use to boost your ROI. The offer high visibility even under direct sunlight and have the ability to perform seamlessly in extreme weather conditions.


You can use them to attract attention with dynamic animations and images. Their easy to use software is another plus point, and it allows you to engage your audience by creating visually stimulating images in no time. So, no matter what you are trying to do, may it be animating a graphic, scrolling a simple text message, or changing it periodically, Single color LED sign will ensure that the audience notes your message.


Outdoor Tri-Color Sign


The Tricolor LED sign is a step ahead of the single color LED sign. In general, a tri-color LED sign has the ability to generate about 8192 shades of brightness, thus improving the clarity of the images via shading. A Tri-color LED sign comprises of a single Green and Red LED chip that is connected to the same cathode. You can achieve a different combination of the primary colors by switching on the LED in different ratios of the forward current.


The Tricolor LEDs will allow you to exhibit outstanding animations and pictures. However, for an outdoor LED Tricolor display to be effective, you need to determine the right pixel pitch and the viewing distance. For instance, a Tri-Color LED display having a pixel pitch of 10mm should offer the best viewing distance between 10 to 100 m. Likewise, its horizontal view angle should be between 90 to 130, bow angle 10-20 and elevation 30-45 degree.


In general, the Tri-Color Sign has three colors; however, you can get the colors customized. For instance, instead of the amber, you can always use red, green and yellow. The Tri-Color Outdoor LEDs are built using aluminum thus they are robust and strong. They have the capacity to stand hard weather conditions.


Full Color LED Display


A full color led display is the perfect way to create a visually appealing display for your current and potential consumers. We firmly believe that there is no better way to deliver your message than by using full color LED display. Full color LED display has the ability to display up to 1.7 billion colors for an outstanding picture. A full Color LED display is no doubt the best choice for any business that has a big budget for advertisement, as these digital signs do not come cheap.

Businesses around the globe have been successfully capturing the attention of their potential clients with animated and colorful displays. They firmly believe that a bright and colorful display makes a favorable impression on their respective audience. A full-color outdoor LED display is imperative to give your business the boost you require.


The right outdoor LED display applications


There are several outdoor LED display Applications and you can choose the one that would suit your business requirements.


Digital Billboard Advertising


We know that billboards are not new to the advertisement world, however, the digital billboards are overcoming the print billboards. If you are able to come up with creative content with outstanding animation and high-resolution pictures, you are a winner. A digital billboard, when placed at the right location, is bound to increase your ROI. It will attract potential customers who are passing by.

Unlike the traditional billboards that are difficult to edit and upgrade, the digital billboards offer tons of editing option. It provides you seamless updating facility. You can even schedule the time and the date when the message has to change. This outdoor LED display application is perhaps the most successful way of generating brand awareness and reaching out to numerous potential clients effortlessly.


Mobile LED Screens


The mobile LED outdoor screen is somewhat similar to the digital billboard, however, you can take mobile LED screens where ever you go. In other words, you can call it the convenient digital billboard. If you want to put a display on your event, mobile LED screen is your best shot. Place the LED screen anywhere you like, and it will engage your consumers. There is no doubt that it is a life changer.


Types of Outdoor LED and their Respective Pixels


The outdoor LED should have high brightness in comparison to the indoor ones. It is idle to have an IP65 waterproof rating for an LED display. This means that the LED display will be able to withstand all and any weather conditions. It is also important to opt for an LED display that has a warranty.


Please see the table below for specifications and their respective typical applications



Application Type

4mm to 50 mm Pixel Pitch

Arenas and Outdoor Stadiums

LED with wider viewing angles and superior brightness

Shopping Centers and Malls

LED with highest Quality components

Outdoor Events and Concerts

Surface Mount LED and Premium Grade Dip LED

Outdoor advertising and Outdoor billboards



The size of an LED also plays an important role in determining its’ effectiveness. Therefore, it is important that pay close attention in order to choose the right outdoor LED display application for your business. Below have come up with a table that provides information on the type of LED and its Size.


Standard LED Screen Size: Outdoor


Pixel Pitch


4 mm

Outdoor SMD LED

6 mm

Outdoor SMD LED

8 mm

Outdoor SMD LED

10 mm

Outdoor SMD LED

12 mm

Outdoor SMD LED

10 mm

Outdoor DIP LED

12 mm

Outdoor DIP LED

20 mm

Outdoor DIP LED

25 mm

Outdoor DIP LED

50 mm

Outdoor DIP LED




To sum everything up, Outdoor LED display provides business owners with enormous opportunities in order to grow their brand awareness. Outdoor LEDs provide them with different ways to showcase their business. They allow them to make it more attractive. However, it is imperative that you choose the right platform for your business. For instance, if you have to choose a roadside LED sign, you need to understand its importance and impact on the consumers. Nonetheless, always choose an outdoor LED may it be a single color, tri or multi-color that suits your business needs.