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What will be Outdoor advertising market trends in 2019?


Outdoor advertising is massively trending these days. The public presence is something really essential now. New entrants are giving a tough competition to established players. Outdoor advertising has really boosted the potential market for digital signage. Businesses are employing all possible outdoor advertising trends and strategies to upscale their revenues. Studies reveal that outdoor advertising has greater and wider access to the public in general as compared to any other advertising medium. All credit goes to rapid urbanization.


Outdoor digital advertising achieved some major milestones


Outdoor digital advertising beat traditional advertising in 2018 by a margin. The expenditure on digital outdoor advertising grossed up at $659million halfway through the year. The figures were up by 9percent. However, conventional advertising slumped by 6 percent and the overall advertising expenditure hit $621 million. The ongoing advertising trends are going to reshape the entire advertising industry. We expect that these trends will be gaining pace in 2019 as well.


Outdoor advertising market trends for this year


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With evolving innovation and technology advertising market trends will be modified too. Let’s have a look:


Outdoor advertising will be more digital


These last 5year have been remarkable for digital billboards and LED signs. According to the fair estimates of PwC, outdoor deployments from 2014-2019 have increased more than 13%. One big reason for increased outdoor advertising is lifestyle changes. People today socialize more and spend more time outside. Advertisers verily know how to attract the masses. They do so in a number of ways to increase return on investment.

Today it is really hard to find a public place without any digital signs. Whether you are at the airport, mall, bus station, or even on road catchy advertisements are all on your way.


Be more creative


Creativity is the biggest trend in marketing. Advertisers push all the limits to grab viewer attention. The more creative you are the more prominent you will be. Businesses even hire experts and professionals to inculcate maximum creativity. For instance, in 2014 Pepsi was the show stealer. It used augmented reality for bus shelter campaign. The results were amazing. Besides creating huge influence on the streets, the campaign went viral on social media. It successfully attracted 7million viewers. Great! Isn’t it?

The next bright example of extreme creativity is from Barncancer Fonden, charity based organization for youth cancer in Sweden. The outdoor advertisement involved motion sensor technique. As soon as the sensor recognizes train arrivals it begins playing the ad content. Emotional enough, the ad campaign was successful enough to serve the purpose.


Be more engaging


Interactive screens will be trending in 2019 and onwards. Facial recognition features and gamification of outdoor signs are going to take outdoor advertisement trend to an entirely new level. It is found that these two trends escalate customer engagements, boost loyalty, increase brand awareness, and dwelling times.

Interactivity promotes curiosity and makes advertising experience more memorable. These outdoor deployments are a great tool in offering hands-on experience to viewers. It helps in collecting customer data as well. They can be used for navigational purposes as well. Mall owners and theme park managements find these interactive displays to direct the visitors. They also run advertisements to make money.


Motion Sensor technology will be trending


A motion sensor technology will be increasing in outdoor marketing trend since it counts viewers. It can also be employed for other reasons. For instance, if the sensor identifies that the signal is red, then surely the digital display could get maximum viewership. So, it can play particular content in that slot.

Recently an outdoor advertisement relating to women abuse got immense attention. The outdoor advertising campaign used facial recognition technology. The content was all about a domestic abuse victim, all wounded. The main motive of the ad was primarily awareness. So, as soon as the sensor recognizes the viewer attention, the bruises and wounds would start healing. Motion sensor technology truly identifies how effectively your message is communicated to the audience.


Street furniture will continue to trend


Street furniture advertising is prevailing for years. However, it will continue to trend this year also. Street furniture includes kiosks, bus shelters, and telephone booths and so on. Either equipped with LED signs or with some added uniqueness these street pieces of furniture will still be charming and impactful.


Outdoor advertising trends will be more targeted


Target audience-based advertising is something that will surely rock. In fact, at many digital signage deployments, we can experience it. It is another superb idea to directly address the relevant customers. For instance, digital billboards showcasing financial solutions in the area of banks and financial institutions is really helpful.


Prospects of mobile location advertising


Random display of digital OOH may simply waste the resource. Businesses make a smart move by already knowing their viewer base. They customize their LED billboards after obtaining the customer’s GPS location. Some airlines provide specific placements only visible to business travelers. Most people’s smartphones are linked with the nearby digital OOH displays offering endless possibilities. LED billboard owners utilize all relevant information of the customers to present further informed choices pertaining to ad placement. It is more or less like online 3rd party data.


Anonymous data buying for DOOH


Do you know that your mobile data is no more yours? Data vendors and data carriers obtain data from your smartphones and mutate the original ID. They then sell this anonymized data to media owners. The data is essential to offer location-specific advertisement. Pairing this data with weather and traffic insights can help in improving localize digital OOH. For instance, a digital OOH ad at one New York bus station may show an entirely different ad than at the other bus stop.


The motion content will be more than static


Motion DOOH will be more trending than conventional static DOOH. Why? Because of its strong impact. According to a research carried in UK motion DOOH are almost 2.5 times more influencing than static DOOH. Also, they are likely to be seen twice than traditional static DOOH. Additionally, high tech personals are pursuing more and more enterprises to work within the network.

Outdoor advertising is heating brand competition

The increase in return on investment is really a lucrative opportunity for big businesses. There are still many businesses that have not materialized this opportunity. It is for sure that in 2019, big brands will pursue outdoor advertising trend. The outdoor environment will be the next battlefield. Big brands definitely have sturdy financial support. So, they are in a better position to book prime time slots and prime locations for placing their digital OOH displays. Since they can hire better ad agencies we can really hope to see creativity at its peak in upcoming days. Outdoor displays are boosting multiple industries. Besides digital billboards, there are also new opportunities for content makers, advertising agencies, technical support staff, and advertising consultants.


Programmatic advertising is the latest trend


The concept of Programmatic advertising is something not clear to many readers. So we will be trying to keep things as simple as possible.

In simple terms, programmatic ad buying refers to the purchase of digital ads through software. It is entirely different from the conventional process that involved human negotiations, RFPs, and insertion of orders manually. Basically, it is an automated system of ad purchasing through machines. It eliminates the need for one to one correspondence or dealing.

The programmatic technology is really helpful in efficiently bidding or buying digital ad inventory. It requires very less or sometimes zero direct communication with media owners.

Programmatic advertising has revolutionized the outdoor advertising industry. The tedious procedure of negotiation between media, agency, and advertiser is literally simplified. You can surely expect advertisers using the same interface to buy both DOOH ads and mobile ads.


Why programmatic advertising is ahead?


A survey conducted by PwC UK revealed some true facts. DOOH advertising because of programmatic technology is leading the conventional OOH advertising for the first time. It is so because outdoor advertisements are trending to be more dynamic and animated rather than static messages. Real-time data is playing a major role in playing the relevant data of the target audience. Programmatic advertising definitely means showing the right content at the right time to the right viewer.

Benefits of programmatic advertising


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The main motive of businesses is profit earning. To achieve this they push to all the limits. Since. Programmatic outdoor advertising is full of revenue benefits this trend will surely prevail. Down below we will be discussing the benefits of outdoor programmatic advertising.


  1. Cost-effective


Programmatic advertising present advertisers with an option to browse endless opportunities. This was not the case when ad purchase was done manually. Since no middleman or steps involved advertisers need to pay only for the related impressions. It is a highly cost-effective method. Additionally, advertisers can enjoy greater flexibility. They can change the content as and when required. It largely depends on other variables like weather, traffic insights, and age group of viewers etc. For instance, in the early morning time, there is a great population of education seekers. Now advertising a beer campaign is definitely the dumbest approach. While late night time s mostly for party goers. So, the ad campaign is likely to click if run at night time.


  1. Real-time data and insights


Since the entire process is automated via software, space for digital advertising is booked in real time. Additionally, all user data is analyzed in real time too. It is a quick approach of advertisers to gather insights and adjust the content accordingly. The customized adjustments are a great tool in enhancing the impact of the campaign. In this way, businesses have closer access to customer’s choices and preferences. Businesses who rightly target the audience develop strong brand loyalty.


  1. Transparency


Transparency level makes programmatic advertising more convincing than conventional advertising. Since this form of advertising is target based on a number of factors are accounted for. The buying patterns of customers, their spending ways, browsing habits, and customer preferences are all assessed. The advertisers can track all such things in real time. Quick response time from the advertiser can surely make the campaign effective and successful. Today businesses have more transparent information of the customer. They can use this precious asset as their triumph card.


  1. Efficiency


Traditionally the success of any ad campaign was evaluated after the campaign was over. However, this is not the case now. Being an automated platform, it is easier for advertisers to analyze data in real time. They can do it more efficiently just because of programmatic outdoor advertising. Constant monitoring of target audience regular update about the efficiency and effectiveness of the displayed content.


Future of outdoor advertising


Future outdoor advertising will be more integrated across different programming strategies. It will make optimum use of rapid analytical insights and display advertising. The real-time feature maximizes the efficiency of programmatic advertising. Time is and will be a precious asset. A series of middle steps in buying and selling digital advertising space is really time-consuming. Programmatic advertising not only saves time yet it can operate various aspects of ad campaign simultaneously. It does so by syncing with real time.


2019 will be a great year for outdoor advertising


The emerging outdoor advertising market trends will be increasing the industry value of the outdoor advertisement. The need for outdoor digital signs is expected to increase like never before. The urban location will look no more the way they are today. Industry experts expect that outdoor advertisement will involve: augmented reality, 3 D technology, interactive displays, and much more one could simply think of. The coming era is of endless possibilities and outdoor advertisement trends are taking the world by storm. Not only the sales will increase by manifold but they will be more impactful on society than ever before.

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