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Effective tips to create quality content for outdoor LED Display


There is no doubt that outdoor LED displays are an important part of the advertising campaign as they offer tremendous benefits. They are bright and have the ability to not only capture attention but also retain it. Businesses using outdoor LED has seemed a significant increase in their overall profits. However, it is imperative to understand that LED display provides you the edge; however, it is the quality of your content is the last nail in the coffin. You need to understand how to create quality content for outdoor LED display.


An outdoor LED screen with the right content and the right location is perhaps the best marketing technique. It is bound to attract the potential audience towards the promotional banners. In addition, it is easy to update an LED signage and it requires minimal to no maintenance. LED screen open numerous opportunities for the advertisers. They can target different audience in different timings without paying extra. The LED displays are becoming popular in comparison to the traditional display mainly due to their effectiveness. Therefore, you have to produce content that is effective and impactful. In the course of this article, we are going to provide you with some of the most effective tips to create quality content for outdoor LED displays.


Best Practices to create quality content for outdoor LED displays 


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We understand that the technological aspect of advertisement is a relatively new concept for some business. In case you are new to the idea of using LED signage, the first step to do is create quality content. However, for first timers, this can be a troublesome task. Nonetheless, you do not have to worry we are going to provide you with a complete guide on how to create quality content for outdoor LED display.


People with a solid marketing background may not have an issue, but for people who are new to this will require a detailed article. Our suggestions are going to be helpful for both people with a strong marketing background and novice as well. So, without any further delay, we should get straight to the point.




It is imperative to pay heed to this factor. Duration plays a vital role in the in calculating the impact your ad has on the audience. It is important to ensure that the copy length is in accord with the viewing time of your audience. The time for large venues suited for outdoor LED displays is about 10-25 seconds. Content longer than 10-25 seconds is not effective as the audience might see the end and they miss the beginning or vice versa. After all, the objective of the ad is ensuring that the audience read call to action message. In case, the add is too long, the audience is bound to miss out the wonderful content.


Content should be Pixel Perfect


Understand that the size of the LED video wall has a direct impact on its resolution. Thus, it will affect the content strategy to a great length as well. It seems the outdoor LED signage has an inverse relation with the resolution. The greater the LED size, the lower its resolution. Thus, it is important to ensure that the content is pixel perfect to the digital signs of physical resolution.


 For instance, you have an LED of  30 3.9mm panels, and you plan to position it about 3-tall and about 10-wide. In case every panel of the LED is about 500mm by 1000mm, the physical pixel resolution of every panel will be 128 x 256.  You will get the total resolution of the wall LED to be 1280 x 769, making it about 2 x 2 wall display having a 4K display. However, the display is not HD. So, keep in mind these factors before deciding the size and the content size of the outdoor LED display.




Another important rule for creating quality content for outdoor LED displays is to do the right text formatting. The first thing that you need to understand about text formatting for an LED sign content creation is to ensure that letters are of a good size. In other words, you need to make sure that the letters are big enough for the audience to read easily.

For example, you need have a minimum text size of 2-2.5’’ tall for a display having 6mm pixel pitch. You might be tempted to use small text, but know that small text looks nice on the smaller screen including your tablet, mobile phone, PC monitors or a 32’’ LCD. However, when you have to broadcast the text on huge outdoor LEDs, small text will leave a bad impact on the potential audience.


Applying Special Effects on the Content


It is always better to avoid applying glossy effects or shades to the content you plan to display on an LED. The effects may look attractive on a laptop screen, however, on a LED display, it simply does not look attractive mainly due to the fewer pixels.


In addition, try using the Sans fonts such as Tahoma or Verdana as they are easy to read in comparison to Serif fonts including Times New Roman, Courier etc. Serif fonts create a noise that makes the text difficult to read. When you will eliminate the Serif fonts, it will automatically remove the noise and make the text clearer for the potential audience.


Importance of Contrasting Colors


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In the digital signage era, the basic principle of color wheel holds true. To enhance and make your text stand out, you need to use contrasting colors such as Yellow on Black, Black on White, White on Black, Black on Yellow, White on Blue, Green on White, Yellow on Blue, White on Green etc. Using such combinations will make content prompt. Also, we recommend that you avoid using concepts such as Pink on Red.


Stale Content


In the modern age, everything needs to be updated time and again. Information can become old in just a matter of days, thus it loses its impact on the potential customers. Therefore, we vote against the use of the same message every day, the whole month. The audience will get bored and they will stop paying heed to the screen, rendering your LED signage useless. To ensure that customers always take interest in your LED screens, it is important to keep the content fresh.


Besides regularly updating your content, you should also display it for a shorter period. Use the technology to its fullest, digital LED signs allows the advertisers to display different contents at different times. You can schedule your content and make it more interesting.  To further enhance the stickiness of your content, incorporate basic information such as weather conditions, temperature etc.


Avoid Information Overload


To ensure that your audience comprehends the message, avoid displaying too many messages at one time. If you put a lot of information on the screen at one time, your message is bound to get lost. A human brain does not work well with information overload. The brain might read the entire content, but it is not able to perceive and remember.

When a person is not able to recall your ad, it simply is a loss for you. After all, the main objective of outdoor LED screens is to deliver information and for the clients to remember it. So, we suggest you display only one message on the screen at one time.




To have a good designer on your LED content creation is important. Only a good designer truly comprehends the ins and outs of the LED screen. The designer will ensure that your piece stands out among your competitors.

Good designers do not come cheaply, but they are worth the investment. They will come up with content that has the ability to increase your Return over investment. Their content will be attractive, to point and attention-grabbing. In addition, you can ask the designer to view the content on the display every week. This will provide you with an insight into how the content will look to your viewers. It will make it possible for you to create the right experience for the audience due to the essential perspective it provides.


Simple vs. Complex Content


The best answer to this question is a balance between simple and complex content. Sometimes, to create creative content to instantly grab viewers’ attention, people try to make the piece funny and memorable. In trying to make content standout without the call to action, they fall short of the intent. Concentrating too much on the creativity of the content makes one forget about the purpose of the content. Therefore, ensure you have a perfect balance with the content simplicity and its complexity.

Content Originality

The content should be up to date, and full of curiosity. If it is not something extraordinary people will eventually stop looking at the LED Display. The best way to go about is coming up with original content almost every day. Fresh content has the ability to hold audience attention and retain it After all, fresh is king.


Right Timings


You need to have perfect timing to avoid missing out your target audience. Your message should run at the time when the potential audience is able to see it. For instance, if the message is about an upcoming event and it runs during the working hours. The impact of the message is not going to be much mainly because very few people would see it. However, if you run the message at rush hours, more and more people are likely to see the message. Make sure your content is reaching the right kind of audience and it is relevant.


Missing out on Easy to use Tools


Fortunately, we live in a technological era. Amazing and outstanding design tools are readily available to make your content unique and attractive. These tools allow even the novice of content creators to come up with something outstanding.

Accessing these tools is also easy as most of them are cloud-based. You can sit in any part of the world and share your designs with your team member, take their feedback, making changing and share again. Some of the popular user-friendly design tools include Canva, PowerPoint, Google Sheet etc.




You will miss out on a lot of benefits offered by the outdoor LED sign if you do not have a proper team to manage your LED messages. You not only need to create quality content for outdoor LED displays, but you also need to have experts to manage that content.

You need to have a proper team including IT staff, content designers, content schedulers etc to take full advantage of the outdoor digital LED signage. These people will create unique content, update the content regularly and they will schedule the content to increase investment on return. Also, this enables you to find the impact of the content i.e. you will be able to understand which content is making an impression on the audience and which is simply a waste of time.


To Sum It


After all, the first impression is usually the last impression and not everyone gets a chance to make up for a bad first impression. Therefore, make sure that the first time your message displays on an outdoor LED, it has everything that you want in it. It should be attention grabbing; it should have the right color scheme. The content should be of the right size at the perfect location with a balance of complexity and simplicity.

In addition, the quality of the content should be outstanding, and you should be updating it on a regular basis. When the content is up to date, people are more likely going to be attracted. Once the content becomes stale, they will get bored and move on. Likewise, do not overload the outdoor LED display with a lot of content at one time. The potential audience might not be able to read and retain the entire content, thus no call to action. To make your content powerful use some of these techniques.