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Different names of LED signs and their functionality


The Light Emitting Diodes technology is prevailing the market at an amazing fast pace. LED are becoming increasingly popular among the commercial world due to their numerous benefits. According to several studies, LED displays have the capability to increase profit to a greater number. Retailors, business corporates etc. have repeatedly ensured that LED displays did increase the ROI.


The major attraction of LED displays is that they are low-energy and cost-efficient. In addition, these displays provide you with the possibility of endless updating and editing. The LED displays are rapidly becoming an integral part of an ad campaign. They are effective and efficient. In the industry, an LED display is known by different names such as


  • Conventional LED displays
  • Scrolling and Moving LED displays
  • Surface mounted LED displays
  • Safety Displays
  • Token Display
  • Production Displays
  • Fixed Display
  • Rental Display
  • Digital Billboards


The different types of LED display uses the basic LED technology. The have flat panel displays that use an array of Ligth emitting diodes as a pixel to generate images. The brightness of an LED is greatly depends on the current flowing through it. We can say that the brightness is directly proportional to the current flowing through the LED. However, different LED types and their respective devices come with different limitations and specifications. Nonetheless, LEDs are more effective in comparison to arc lighting and incandescent.


What are Different LED Names and their Purpose


So, far we have shed some light on the working principal of LED and its different names. There is no denying that LEDs have become extremely popular in the recent years. Majorly because they are low on energy, easily visible in the sun and effective. More and more people are becoming inclined towards using different LEDs for advertisement. Store signs, billboards, variable message signs on highways, destination signs, video displays and LED signs on public transport are becoming an important for a company advertisement.

However, it is important for you to understand that the industry may call an LED display billboards, a scoreboard, a message sign, but there is a difference. You need to understand this difference in order to choose the right LED type for your business. After all, only the right LED is going to provide you the effective results you are looking forward to.


Conventional LED Display



                            led by names


When searcing for the right LED, you might often come across the term conventional LED display. In general, we would ignore the word Conventional, assuming its some older version of an LED. However, there is a reason we call it a conventional LED display. A conventional LED panel uses discrete LEDs and the discrete LED is used for large outdoor displays. A cluster of LEDs of different colors form a square shape pixel by grouping together. The conventional LED displays are more popular in comparison to other outdoor LED display.

The conventional LED displays are placed far from the audience. Due to the viewing distance, the display requirements for these  LEDs are not very high. For outdoor use P10 or P16 and in for indoor use P5 or P4. The conventional LED displays come with a waterproof treatment and they have fixed installation methods. Once you install the conventional LED display it is not easy to move because it has a relatively heavy structure.


Scrolling LED Displays


A scrolling LED display show information by scrolling it across a display board. Scrolling LEDs are effective in small places. Consumers can display a lot of information without cluttering it via a scrolling display. The variety of scrolling displays allows you to display your message in a quick, effective and manner. Their cost-efficient feature ads to their appeal and they have the ability to attract more attention in comparison to the static print media.

You can customize your message such as the font, the text, the character size etc. Some scrolling displays even allow you to add animation to your message. They generally use the dot matrix technology to display the message. These are readily available in showrooms, in busses, and for display game score. Scrolling LED display comes in hanging type MS Cabinet, or you can opt for the wall mounted option. They are also programmable and easy to change. Thus, you can schedule your messages well before time.


Surface Mounted LED Displays


Surface Mounted LED display use the SMD (Surface Mounted Diodes) technology. Over the years, surface mounted LEDs have gathered a lot of attention mainly due to their effective results and outstanding display quality. SMDs are effective when it comes to outdoor marketing. They consist of three diodes including red, green and blue in order to form a pixel. These diodes are mounted on a chipset which in located on the driver PC board.

The original diodes are located very close to each other and they are smaller than a pinhead. Although SDM display offers numerous benefits, there is a reduction of almost 25 precent of maximum viewing distance in comparison to the discrete diode screen having the same resolution. SMD technology is mostly used in indoor LED displays having a minimum brightness of 600 candelas per square meter. Thus making it the first choice for retail displays and inside corporate message notification.


LED Safety Displays


It is imperative for a business to be aware of the heath and safety polices. These policies ensure that effective and efficient safety systems are in place for not only the business owners but also for the management and the staff working there. After all, accidents can cause immense distress to the victim and suffering to his/her loved ones. Even from a business point of view, accidents can be expensive. They can affect the stall morale, profitability and the reputation. All this things are important for a thriving business.

Nonetheless, you can avoid all these issues by installing LED safety signs. They are invaluable health and safety tool for any organizations. Planting LED safety signs helps spread awareness of potential safety, they are cost-effective and have a low maintenance cost. For instance, you can remind your workers to wear ear defenders while working in a loud environment. Likewise, you can provide information regarding the fire drills.

Once you install the LED safety screens in the prominent areas, you will be able to better guide your staff and outsider regarding the workplace hazards. Thus, reducing accidents by a greater number. Below are some examples of the type of information you can broadcast on these displays


Environmental information


  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Humidity Levels
  • Air Quality


SHE Statistics


  • National Average Comparison
  • Yearly comparison
  • Monthly comparison
  • Accidents
  • Lost Time




  • Status Information
  • Fire Drills
  • Reminders
  • Emergency information


LED Token Display


When we enter a bank or a hospital, we often come across the Token machine. We take out a token and wait for our number to come. The question here is how do we know it is our turn now? There are LED token displays installed usually above the counters. You can see your number there and head to the counter when it is your turn.

However, it is important to have a high quality LED token display. After all, the idea is to facilitate customers. If the customers are unable to read the token from a slight distance, they might miss their turn, thus leading to poor customer service. LED token are majorly used in public dealing offices, airports, banks, clinics, hospitals etc. They allow the patrons to wait without forming a line.

LED Token displays are easy to use and they are hassle-free to install. You really don’t need a high tech electrician to install an LED token. In addition, these LED tokens are efficient to use. They basically provide trouble free operations and they have an extremely low maintenance cost.


LED Production Displays


LED Productions displays allow you to keep people up to date and generate better results. This digital signage is an excellent way to convey your information to a larger group of employees at the same time. LED Productions displays are effective for improving the morale and motivation of the employees as they are able to monitor their own progress. In addition, they help in keeping the management focus on the results instead of other trivial things.

The LED signage allows you to display a variety of information including units produced per minutes, or in a day, in an hour or by the machine. It can also tell you units produced by an individual or a team at regular intervals. You can display information regarding the business results for the entire week, show a comparison between the previous and the target period. In addition, you can inform your employees regarding the actual production figures and up to the minute production information.

Most LED Production displays come with customization ability. The clients can customize these low-cost and efficient display to mee their business needs to perfections.


Fixed LED Displays


Fixed LED displays have been around for years now. They are efficient, however, they are less cost-effective in comparison to the new Rental LED display. Nonetheless, Fixed LED display does offer several advantages. The Fixed LED displays are easy to install, however, they are not easy to move. Once you install them in a place, it requires effort to shift them to a new place.

These LED signage are used in offices, Seminar Halls, Shopping malls, Retail shops in order to display product information, ads, or other businesses services. These screens are used only for your need and you do not have to share it with others. Once you install the LED sign, you have it at your disposal whenever you want. There is no doubt that fixed LED screen offer more benefits to retails by displaying product and services information.


Rental LED Displays



                                   led by different name



Rental LED displays has become popular among business holders and event planners. Mainly due to the numerous advantages it offers in comparison to the Fixed LED displays. For instance, a Stage Rental LED display is perfect option for a show as the screen playback requirements do not demand high resolution and crisp image. Thus, in general for an indoor rental LED display you can opt for a P3 or a P4 model of High Definition screen. In case you are looking for a something more steady, choose a small pitch pixel P2 or P2 5. For outdoors, you can select the P6 or a P5 model.

Rental LED displays to allow you to choose your own screen size depending on your requirements. In addition, you do not have to pay the entire cost of an LED display, on the contrary, you pay for a fraction and still enjoy the same advantages an LED display has to offer. Instead of using the same size and model for every event, you can get variation with  Rental LED displays. Most Rentals LED displays to come with accessories including Home Theatre Systems, Headphones, DVD player and speakers.

They are light on weight and usually come with a die-casting aluminum box. The digital signs are very easy to install and disassemble, thus making it extremely easy to transport them to different sites.


LED Billboards


LED billboards use Light Emitting Diodes to generate images and videos. Since the public attention span is growing shorter, therefore it is important to come up with unique and out of the box ideas to grab and retain their attention. Instead of using the traditional print billboards, you now have the option of LED billboards.

Digital Media work online and they are always social media ready. When you add digital billboard and OOG to your advertising campaign, you are bound to generate better and effective results. Your advertising will generate buzz and increase impact on the potential customers. A Digital billboard is effective because you can update your content regularly thus affording stale  content effectively. In addition, you can schedule your advertisement and target different audience at a different time with the different ad campaign. Digital Billboards are the future of advertisements.