Reasons To Choose Outdoor LED Signs Over Traditional Signage

7 reasons to choose Outdoor LED signs over traditional signage


Outdoor LED signs are sophisticated electronic displays that are both automated and programmable. They are specifically designed for outdoor usage. They can withstand harsh weather conditions well like heavy rains, snow or blazing sun. The lighting mechanism involves an extensive number of LEDs which act as a light source. Outdoor LED signs can easily store and display several messages in multiple formats. The interval time between each advertisement can be adjusted accordingly.


A glimpse of LED billboard evolution


We can easily trace the roots of modern outdoor LED billboards originating from the Egyptian era. Earlier the main motive was to communicate the local laws to the public at large. Later billboards become even more popular due to the diversity of application. They served the educational purpose to a greater extent educating people about health care issues and solutions, methods of raising good crops and the importance of vaccination. Obviously, the advertising medium, composition of billboards and style was entirely different in earlier times than what we have now. Since then the industry started growing and still, it has a great future. The invention of paper or print advertising took the world by storm. Besides showcasing town policies conventional posters and billboards were essential to communicate upcoming carnivals and the most wanted criminals.


Largest printed poster






It was the early 1900’s when the western world saw the first largest poster stretching to about 50 feet long. Jared Bell was the person who printed such huge posters for the circus event.


Modern Advertisement


Advertisement today has taken a giant leap. The accidental invention of LED has opened new avenues for digital sign displays and LED billboards. LED basically stands for a light emitting diode. It is basically a semiconductor source of light. When the electric current passes through it, the semiconductor emits light in the form of a photon. The entire effect is known as electroluminescence. The evolution of LED display signs is really transforming our spaces into city sight and highway spectacle. Our cities are more enticing and illuminating. Thanks a million to LED signs. The amazing invention of LEDs has taken outdoor advertising to an entirely new level.


Reasons to choose outdoor LED sign over traditional signs


LEDs have given outdoor advertisement a boost the public has been looking for years. It is highly impacting with numerous other advantages over traditional billboards. We will be discussing them one by one.


  1. Outdoor LED sign have higher visibility


Traditional neon signs served the advertisement industry for a long period. However, they have their own limitations. Neon signs powered by incandescent bulbs used to emit light in every direction indiscriminately. The result was a faint glow. Therefore traditional signs lack the visibility LED signs to offer today. Amazingly LEDs are a directional light source. It simply means that just like we observe in the spotlight, LEDs produce angled forward light. This tremendous feature of LED retain the brightness of LED displays and LED signs.


Outdoor LED signs and LED billboards are also known as destines devices. Why? Because of their remarkable visibility from larger distances. You can spot an illuminating LED sign miles away from the actual place. The credit goes to the outstanding luminance and size of the digital signs. Outdoor LED billboards range between 5000-8000nits. Remember nits is the measuring unit for the complete brightness that radiates over a sq. meter of an LED sign. Do you know that an ordinary television possesses a brightness rating of only 500nits? The total brightness of outdoor LED signs is sufficient enough to make it visible from the roadside even under the blazing sun. The visibility remains the same even on cloudy or hazy days.


  1. Outdoor LED signs are definitely cost effective


You may argue that LED signs cost a hefty upfront amount than traditional printed signage then how it’s cost-effective? The cost incurred on digital signs is not an expenditure rather a long term investment. The average life of LED signs is estimated to be 100,000 hours approximately or you can say 11 years. Now allocate the upfront cost to the entire useful life and you will see the results. It is also cost effective because maintenance cost is almost negligible. Only routine cleaning is required. LEDs can survive years without malfunctioning. However, traditional signs involving incandescent bulbs used to have recurring bulb replacement expenditure. According to a fair estimate, traditional signs required almost $200 for monthly maintenance.


Also, if you wish to change the display content it’s pretty simple and easy. There is no printing requirement or any urge to rush to signage provider. Since mostly digital signs today are automated and computerized, content can be changed easily. In this way, you can simply avoid installation expenditures too.


  1. Go Green with outdoor LED sign


                     outdoor led



Both printed and incandescent billboards consume more energy resources than outdoor LED signs. Paper advertisement through flyers, leaflets, or vinyl billboards eventually fade with heavy rainfall and scorching sun. Thus, reprinting is a frequent procedure in this regard. Additionally, if the advertiser wants to change the display content it again requires laborious printing procedure. Incandescent billboards, on the other hand, are not power efficient. Since filament bulbs were the lighting source in such billboards, much energy was wasted as heat. Outdoor LED signage can conserve up to 95% energy with minimum wastage of 5% only. They are 80 times more power efficient than traditional incandescent billboards. LED signs can luckily operate on very low power and voltage. Therefore the ongoing operational cost of outdoor LED billboards remains low.

Many countries took vigorous steps regarding energy conservation. Countries like the USA, UK, Japan, and Malaysia are also developing their local LED industry to boost LED displays and products.


  1. Outdoor LED signs are more engaging


Digital signs today are definitely more appealing than traditional billboards. People show interest in these signs because they are more engaging. Since brands communicate their message at the public level, they get equal feedback. Regular updates along with the main ads like weather patterns or temperature forecast are something everybody wants to know.


Targeted marketing like special offers at Christmas and Thanksgiving always push the customer to purchase. Advertisers make customers feel more special by adopting a very warm and loving tone. Indeed the “YOU” attitude matters. Interactive screens used for outdoor marketing and navigation is much popular among masses. People really enjoy how artificial intelligence is there to help them in way finding. You can easily spot such screens in theme parks and shopping malls.


  1. Don’t forget the looks


Outdoor LED signs never fail to aspire the audience with their killer looks. The small size of LEDs and sophisticated hardware make LED billboards sleek and slim. They are space savvy. The overall appearance of LED signs is really charismatic. The high resolution, high definition and the right pixel density deliver flawless crisp images and content. The bright colors of LED signs usually retain the appeal. Outdoor LED signs unlike traditional billboards can display animated content. It is true that animated and dynamic content is much more captivating than static content.


Double-Sided LED signs give additional benefit


Make the best use of resources. Why not address both traffic ways with double-sided LED signs. Such outdoor advertising billboards are gaining popularity because of their multiple effects. Advertisers pay the same amount for the location yet businesses may get double viewership.


  1. Outdoor LED signs are customizable


Outdoor LED signs are customizable. Great digital display manufacturers like DAKCO offers supreme flexibility to their clients. Whatever size, design, pixel density and other specs you choose, DAKCO delivers accordingly. Because of the excellent outdoor LED sign quality DAKCO has delivered more than 5000 LED solutions in more than 80 countries.


Besides LED billboards, outdoor LED signs have extensive application. They are purpose specific. We can easily see the variation of LED signs at different spots. For instance:


                                      led sign



Monochrome LED sign: Single or monochrome displays employ only a single color LED. At present we have 5 basic single color or monochrome LEDs that include red, white, blue, yellow and green color. However, the red LED is the most preferable choice because of its luminance. Monochrome red LED screens are brighter than any other color. Monochrome LEDs are mostly used in text screens.


Dual-color LED sign: Such LED signs have green and red LEDs in every pixel. Double color LEDs are usually present in graphic displays.


Full color LED sign: All three base color LEDs i.e. red, blue, and green are used in such displays. Full color LED signs are largely used in video LED walls.


Outdoor LED signs are durable too. The frame mostly comprises of non-corrosive material to avoid rusting. The screen and other components are durable enough to endure humidity, rainfall and grilling temperatures. Traditional printed signs have a fading problem when exposed to scorching sunlight. However, outdoor LED signs are free from such issues.


  1. Effective ad campaign through Programmatic ad buying


Have you noticed in earlier times that billboards continue displaying Christmas sale even weeks after the occasion? That’s so weird, isn’t it? Well, that is the problem with traditional signage. Efficiency level is not up to the mark when it comes to conventional signage. The same stuff hangs for months despite outdated. Why? Because reprinting of latest billboards require finances. Additionally, installation and removing the previous signage requires finances, time and energy.


Traditional signage offers no real-time advertising. However, digital LED signage of the modern world is purely targeted. Real-time advertising is largely possible due to programmatic ad buying. We are living in an era of programmatic advertising. Now, what is that actually?


Well, in simple words programmatic ad purchase or ad buying means an automated system governed by the software to buy digital advertising space. It is entirely different from the traditional process that requires human negotiations, RFPs, and insertion of orders manually.


Benefits of programmatic advertising


Programmatic ad buying is quick, efficient, and cost-effective. Advertisers can now perform in-depth analysis of their ad campaigns by monitoring individual impressions and managing them strategically. Data networks sold public data to data seekers without revealing their identity. Geo location is one such primary tool. Advertisers make their campaigns highly effective by targeting the right audience at the right time at the right place. Weather comes the second tool for targeted market and the list goes on.


Successful programmatic campaign


A food delivery company successfully ran a promotion to highlight the pickup location. The programmatic DOOH was relying on certain external data feeds and weather was one of them. The programmatic advertising always keeps the content highly relevant. When the weather was sunny and clear restaurant ad campaign urges the travelers to pick the food from a nearby location. However, during rainy days they prompted for home delivery instead. Besides this, the campaign offered different suggestions of restaurants depending on the location of the LED sign running the campaign. The campaign was a mega hit. It was a wonderful example of targeted marketing through data-driven DOOH programmatic advertising.


Triggers for programmatic DOOH


There is no particular count for programmatic DOOH triggers. They are actually limitless. The timing of the day, the day of the week, ongoing sports leagues or facial recognition anything could be a trigger. You can incorporate as much creativity as possible to stand out the competitors. Uniqueness always compels call to action.

Traditional signage was an effective advertising medium in the past. But the modern world has modern needs. We can’t deny the importance of outdoor LED signs in today’s world. They are highly impacting and influencing on the public. However, always bear in mind that LED signs are reliable only if purchased from the right digital display manufacturer. Else your entire investment could sink. So, always contact the trusted companies like DAKCO who possess faultless track record. Even if you are unsure about the right LED solution you can discuss it anytime with the congenial staff at DAKCO.