Main Points To Choose The Right Outdoor Billboard LED Display?

Do you know the main points to choose the right outdoor billboard LED display?


If you are a social bug then surely you have come across numerous outdoor billboard LED displays on a daily basis. Along with creative installation, size and shape there are other differences as well. But have you wondered what makes each of the outdoor LED display different from another? The digital display manufacturer is, of course, the right answer but there are other things too!


Outdoor billboard LED displays are growing exponentially. Thanks a million to the evolving modes of advertisement. The amazing benefits are compelling majority of the businesses to adopt this popular strategy. If you are advertising outdoors it’s a guarantee that more than half of the population will view it. LED billboards and LED displays are, however, purpose specific. Why? Because each product demands different scale of viewership and LED requirements.


Knowledge is power


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If you are naïve to LED sign business you may feel completely lost while dealing for the outdoor LED sign for the first time. It’s a matter of thousand dollars or even more. So it is very essential to gain knowledge about all the aspects of outdoor digital signs prior to going for the adventure. Remember knowledge is power and is a great blessing. So the more knowledgeable you are the more confident you will be.

In case you are an employee in a firm and the company appoints you to head the LED display purchase. If you are competent enough you can make the right decision and improve company sales. Thus, you might expect a bonus or a promotion. So, always do your best.

We thought to guide you about the main points on choosing the right outdoor billboard LED display. Trust us you will feel more confident than ever before.


Purpose of billboard


Define the purpose of the LED billboard first. Is it for the daily advertisement, or for upcoming sports contest, concert, rally or what? Obviously LED screen size will need to be adjusted accordingly. Purpose of the billboard will identify whether you need fixed LED displays, surface mount displays, or rental LED billboards.




We can never forget the finance part. The Outdoor LED billboard industry is offering every day a new thing. The killing features are hard to resist. But as the famous economic concept says means are limited but wants are unlimited. So, the budget is also another key consideration. You should always look for the best option of outdoor LED billboard you can afford. You can try bargaining as well. Some digital display manufacturers, however, offer special customer discounts too.


Businesses normally keep a sizeable chunk of finances for advertising and marketing. So, it is really skeptical if you allocate funds for LED signs purchase from this head rather than capital investment. LED signs offer an immense return on investment as compared to a traditional advertisement. Think from this perspective: when you are investing in LED displays you can easily control the publication of your message. Your money is completely safe and secure. How? Because you are not losing money and time while getting an advertisement in circulation. Instead, you are reaching the audience as per your terms and conditions.



Weather and proper insulation


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A feasibility analysis is a prerequisite for any heavy investment. Buying an LED billboard is also critical. It is not like you thought one night and bought in the early morning. First chalk out the place of outdoor advertisement. If the place remains sunny most of the days ensure that LED offers optimum brightness on full sunny days. On the other hand, if the place is windy or experience heavy rainfall rest assure the operational efficiency.


The LED billboard should be immensely water resistant and non-corrosive to stand for years. Penetrating water from the external environment and dampness within the enclosure may result in display malfunctioning or absolute display failure. While picking the right outdoor LED billboard to ensure that the waterproofing of display unit is flawlessly done by employing closed loop air circulation mechanism. This refined close loop air circulation system keeps contaminants and moisture at bay thereby preventing critical parts from corrupting.


Similarly, other sophisticated components should be sturdy enough to withstand immense heat. Amateur digital display manufacturers sometimes compromise on quality to keep the cost low. They employ substandard chips and components that malfunction in weather adversities. So, beware of hoax and always contact reliable digital display manufacturers like DAKCO.


Viewing distance


Estimate the viewing distance between the audience and the outdoor billboard LED display. If the distance is greater than higher resolution should be considered. Small screens are really unsuitable for long distance viewership as they could easily strain the eyes. While for closer distances resolution should be low. If the resolution is too high it could distort the image. Similarly, screens should be accordingly. The viewer may feel lost if the screens are mismatched with the viewing distance.


For displaying simple logos and text smaller LED signs are reasonable. But larger LED signs to give more room to creativity and flexibility. You can experiment with different formats, layouts, product images, and text with larger LED signs. Big signs are the best option to deliver product image in detail.


Pitch and resolution


Resolution of the LED display is basically characterized by the pixel pitch. Dense pixel pitch refers to the high resolution. Normally for close viewing 8mm and 10mm resolution models are preferable. However, for destined displays that are placed at a distance from the traffic at a height from the ground 16mm and 19mm are good options. A simple way to estimate the viewing distance is to adjust the pixel pitch in mm to meters.




Be precise about what content will run on the LED billboards or digital signs. If it includes video content, animation, graphics or motion pictures then full color LED displays are perfect. Also, please note LED displays for video playing function should have the aspect ratio (width to height) that closely resembles the video format. By doing this compatibility issues will be greatly reduced.


However, you may openly communicate with the digital display manufacturer about the graphics and images that will be a part of your advertisement package. Quality manufacturers like DAKCO can provide you customized LED displays to serve the purpose well.


The billboard LED display should be eye friendly


Please note that LED display billboards should be as much eye-friendly as they can. People today are facing down neck syndrome. It simply means that they are so much over obsessed with their smartphones. So, if they find anything hurting their eyes or neck they will simply ignore it. Take extra caution in finding the right level of placing LED signs. People hardly bother to roll their eyes to watch the content. Therefore, a perfect balance of screen size, height from the ground and sharpness level is required. The more eye-friendly your LED display is the more human traffic it will gather.


Right pixel matrix

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You should carefully figure it out what text size you want. It is necessary to have a close estimate of the right pixel matrix. Since the pixel matrix is the combination of rows and columns of pixels it will help in assessing the approximate screen size. Always pick the LED display that can showcase the maximum arrangement of text size and lines.


The latest model is always preferable


Technology today is developing at a phenomenal rate. Investing in an older version of LED signage is not a good idea. Old versions and technologies do not help in standing out the competitors. Always try your level best to get the most recent model. Firstly it will not outdate shortly and secondly, you can save up gradation cost. Don’t practice cost-cutting techniques while buying Outdoor LED billboard display?

User-friendly software

Automation is the key operation for any system. Since LED signs today are software operated some time it’s really frustrating. While purchasing LED display to take immense care that software should be user-friendly and offers hassle-free video playing function.


Appropriate hardware


Global warming has exposed the world to severe weather adversities. Outdoor LED billboards may really fail in chilly regions where the temperature is extremely below freezing point. However, full outdoor-rated displays from reliable digital display manufacturers like DAKCO is the real solution. Such displays can bear extreme weather conditions well along with condensation and humidity. Therefore, DAKCO displays are best for the regions that experience drastic weather fluctuations around the year.


Maintenance requirement


You are at complete liberty whether to buy a brand new LED billboard, an older LED sign or to hire rental LED displays. However, remember that wear and tear are very common for digital signage. Always assess the maintenance cost linked with LED signs. Carefully inspect foundation, display seals, timing clock, wiring, and repair requirement that can evolve over time. Repair and maintenance of LED displays are really critical because if not carried timely they can literally turn into nightmares. So nib the evil in the bud.


Power consumption and electricity cost


No doubt LED displays are much power efficient than traditional signs. They conserve 95% of electric current as compared to incandescent signs. But that does not mean that they run on zero cost. Both power consumption and electricity cost are important considerations while choosing the LED signage. Primarily when the matter relates to big outdoor LED displays with high brightness, the electricity bill is surely a major concern. Always inquire the manufacturer about true power and electricity consumption. You should also ask about the no. of pixels in each screen and power rating of each pixel.


The mechanism for temperature regulation


LED billboards and LED signs are sophisticated devices. These are designed to work in controlled temperatures and environment. The temperature should remain between 5° F and 77° F. However, you should never forget that the operational life of LED displays is usually 100,000 hours. There is a huge possibility that continuous operation of LEDs may result in overheating. The overheating can be disastrous for the health of LED displays. Not that it may cause permanent yellow damage, it could also degrade the component completely. Don’t neglect the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) mechanism. This mechanism ensures the reliability of LED displays even in severe weather conditions.


Remote monitoring


Remote monitoring is another worth noting point while choosing the right outdoor billboard LED display. It allows you to manage the LED device remotely and act promptly as soon as the first sign of malfunctioning appears. Quick remedial actions save the device from further damage and thus precautionary measure can be adopted. Also, huge repair and maintenance cost can be saved by reacting timely. Always go for the LED solutions that give you the full range of distant operations. Through this, you can monitor screen performance as well as you can update the screen content.


Always account for the statutory restrictions


Every country in the world has predefined policies regarding LED displays. Even within America the statutory laws and regulations vary from region to region. So, be very careful in your approach. You should be specific about the region where the LED displays will be installed. And then carefully understand the legal terms and conditions relating to the billboards. For instance, there is no need for motion LED displays for the regions that restrict dynamic content. You might require permits and licenses in some regions to place the LED billboards. Carefully work on the technical side.


One very common mistake


Our prestigious readers are very important to us. So we really want to guide them about one very common problem most businesses do. They unintentionally sacrifice quality when influenced by enticing price. Thus, they buy an inferior quality product. The initial discounted price may cost you much more when the product starts malfunctioning. LED sign investment is undoubtedly a huge investment. So, never put the success of your business at stake for the sake of a cut-rate product.