Cons , Pros For LED Video Screen Display To Replace Traditional Billboards Advertising?

What Are The Cons And Pros?



Most of us are familiar with the print advertising world, however, the times are changing. Today, we tend to see more and more of LED video screen displays instead of the traditional static advertising boards. Mainly because the cons of LED display are more in comparison to the traditional print advertisement. Despite the fact that LED screens are becoming increasingly popular, yet they have their pros and cons. We are going to provide you with a detailed review of the cons and pros for the LED video screen display.

LED displays essentially are different sizes of Television that plays videos, animations, and graphics by a roadside. Over the years and technological advancement has led to increased use of LED screens throughout the world. The effectiveness and efficiency of these screens make them popular among business owners, retailers, community services, NGOs and much more.


The important question here is which advertising medium to choose. Should you opt for LED video displays or should you choose the print advertisement? To answer these questions, we are going to talk about the merits and demerits of replacing traditional billboards advertising with modern LED screens. However, the important thing to remember here is that the type of advertising mode you choose mostly depends on your business needs.


Cons and Pros for the LED video screen display


                                 LED video display


With so many brands transitioning over to the digital signage, should you as a businessperson make the shift as well? Is it time for you to embrace the digital change and roll up the posters.

Different researches show that digital displays generate effective results instead of the traditional printed posters. Digital signage is more engaging and eye-catching. They have the ability to not only attract potential consumer’s attention but also retain it for a longer period.


Efficiency: Traditional Signs vs. Digital Signage


Time is money, and there is no denying this fact. LED displays to come with the ability to be seamlessly updated with new content anytime the advertisers want without causing any extra money to time. This smooth updating with a press of button ensures saving and efficiency.

Static print, on the other hand, is fixed. It can show only a single advertisement per location. Thus, you can communicate only one message within the desired area. In order to make changes to the static posters, you will have to change the entire poster. You do not have the option of updating your content if it is printed incorrectly or it becomes stale. The editing process of print media is time-consuming and energy inefficient. You will have to send the posters back to the printing company. The company will then go through the entire printing process.

This idea is unlike the digital signage solutions, where you can add new content with just a few clicks. You can efficiently update your campaign material at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world. With a few clicks, you can tailor your message according to the specific audience demographic or you can display information according to the geo-location.


Effectiveness: Traditional Signs vs. Digital Signs


                                     LED video display


The visuals have a strong impact on a consumer’s decision-making. Successful brands understand the importance of visual, thus they LED incorporated not only inside the stores but also outside on highways and roadsides.

The first impression is generally the most important impression. It is hard to change the first impression; therefore having digital signs on your side will make a mark difference. Good digital content will make it possible for you to engage your target audience and improve the way you communicate your brand.

The society as a whole is now prone towards receiving information via the digital formats. They find it more appealing and entertaining. According to recent studies out of 1.6 million shoppers, about seventy-seven percent of them were engaged via animated content.

Another study shows that almost 76 percent of American consumers would enter a shop without even knowing about it only due to outstanding digital content.

Good marketers understand that it is imperative to grab the attention of your potential client before you could actually sell anything to them. Thus, they would exploit the moving nature of the digital signage in order to generate effective results and increase return on investment. Digital signs moving nature elicit the emotional response of the consumers towards your brand.

Print can never be able to grab and retain attention, as motions are able to do so. Having indoor digital signs ensure a life in sales.


Cloud-Based Digital Signage


So far, we understand that digital signs have become the core of any effective advertising campaign. However, what makes these digital signs more effective? The answer is simple, cloud-based digital signage. With cloud-based digital signs, you can firmly keep your campaigns up to date and it helps you put them firmly in place.

Up to date content have the ability to enhance customer engagement, it can yield better results by timely information delivery and by inspiring the potential audience. If your sign is not up to date, it can have an entire adverse effect on your brand image.

However, centrally managed cloud solutions give complete control to the brand. It allows them to display targeted content at the time and place of their own choice. Brands can communicate numerous promotions without actually overcrowding or losing any of the messages.


Collaboration of Digital Signs with Social Media


The collaboration of social media and digital technology adds to its appeal. The marketers are able to integrate hyper-targeted content based on weather conditions, audience interests, world events and much more.

For instance, a Coffee bar can promote their beverages according to the weather. In case, the weather is dry, they can promote cold coffee and for chill weather, they can promote hot chocolate or hot coffee. In addition, marketers can use the digital signs to offer ongoing and upcoming promotions. A free drink every now and then will generate foot traffic.

About 72 percent of consumers are likely to buy an item via social media referrals. In other words, we can say that social media is a peer influencer. Incorporating social media referrals into your advertising campaign will maximize the exposure of positive service or product endorsement. This increases the change of product sale as it is directly connecting the brand to the point of purchase.

Let’s take an example. A father takes his 14 years old daughter to Nike to buy a pair of soccer boots. On an indoor LED display, the father sees a 25 percent off promotion on a certain item. He will refer those items to his daughter. While the daughter is trying those boots on, she sees a tweet in which Ronaldo is wearing those same pair of boots on the in-door LED. This social proof from her role model and positive endorsement will certainly engage the client. Hence, the boots are sold.


Digital Signage improves the environmental footprint


                                  LED video display


The merits of LED signs are not limited only to enhanced brand recognition and improved efficiency. Digital signage is much more environmentally friendly in comparison to print-based advertising. Large corporations are having an adverse effect on the environment and this has become an issue among world leaders. Opting for eco-friendly processes not only keeps the money in your pocket, but it also helps you save the earth.

There is no doubt that the print method raises environmental concerns as a large number are trees are cut in order to make paper. In addition, the transportation logistics of every sign’s location contributes to the carbon footprint. Since the poster communication has a short shelf life, thus a lot of waste is generated. The more print we use, the more trees are eradicated and greater the waste.

However, Digital signs can resolve all these issues. You might think that if digital signs are light on paper, they are heavy on energy. Old Digital signs were heavy on energy, but the modern LED signs are energy-efficient. They contribute very less to your business’s carbon footprint.

Modern LED signs are eco-friendly as they use less electricity and have a longer lifespan. In addition, to further save energy, most of today’s LED screens come with auto brightness feature. These LED signs can adjust their brightness in accord with the ambiance light around them.


Digital Signs are more profitable


Digital signage allows you to schedule multiple promotional messages via a single signage location, thus outperforming the traditional print signage. You can indirectly increase revenue via sales of advertising space or directly generate company product sales using digital signs.

After all, the main objective of digital signage is to allow your consumers to see what they need to see at the right time and place. Displaying the content at the right time is bound to increase sales. For instance, displaying lunch in the afternoon, high tea in the noon and dinner at night is using the most valuable space in an effective manner.

Using digital space efficiently and effectively improves brand awareness and generates better results. Almost 80 percent of brands claim that they saw a significant increase of about 33 percent in their sales after they were able to manage their digital space effectively.


Disadvantages of LED Video Screen Display


Unlike traditional billboards where one owner owns the advertising space at one time for a specific period, digital billboards sell ad space. Several brands are competing with one another at the same time in the same place.

Your ad might not have enough taken to grab the attention of the potential customers as the ads are shifting within seconds. In addition, there is always a possibility that a future client might miss the ad, as there was an ad shift by the time he or she paid attention to the LED video screen display.

If you plan to buy your own billboard ad, it can be extremely expensive in comparison to the print signage. Price perhaps is the biggest advantage that a traditional print advertisement has to offer.

There are several cities where digital billboards or signage is not allowed due to their potential to distract the drivers and cause serious accidents.

Placement of LED signs is important for its effectiveness; however, certain LED signs are located near dangerous intersections. The location of these can lead to serious issues for the drivers and onlookers.

The brightness of LED signs is another issue. Large LED signs can be seen from miles away, thus they are extremely vibrant and bright. This might not be troublesome for a person who is miles away, however, the nearby residents do tend to face some challenges.


Are LED signs the right choice?


There is no doubt that LED signs require investment. Nonetheless, if the company is able to execute it properly, then the investment is much less in comparison to future opportunities. LED signs are the form of promotion that clients expect now.

Digital signs may have their cons, but one thing that they do effectively is engage clients. Large LED screens are hard to miss or forget, despite all the information overload. Running your ad on these signs is bound to generate effective results. After all, the ability to play back unlimited promotions within one wall-space offers numerous opportunities to increase brand awareness and sales.

In addition, the modern LED signs are more environmentally friendly in comparison to the traditional print signs. No longer do you have to cut down trees, transport and process them in order to generate paper. Now everything is done using digital technology. Also, LED video screens are extremely energy efficient. You can keep them on day in, day out, yet they will have an edge of the traditional print signs.

Therefore, there is no doubt that digital signage has an edge over the traditional signage. It is better for both the environment as well as for your business. So, choose a digital sign today for your business and see the mark difference it will make.