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What factors do you think are important to led screen when you play ad pictures or video at random?


Electronic billboards are no doubt the most happening invention of modern LED display market. They are extremely effective in transferring message and information to the passersby. The electronic billboards are powered by LEDs. Unlike LCD, these LED electronic displays employ sufficient number of LEDs to display a true color or full color imagery. Depending upon personal discretion there can be an enormous variation in displaying content. Electronic billboards are ideal for all sort of content. Be it static slides, graphics, animations or dynamic content electronic billboards cater each category perfectly well. Displaying content on LED billboards is a wholesome process. It really don’t happen with the blink of an eye. A proper working mechanism demand continuous effort.


Since we are living in a smart world so smart working is the key ingredient to successful electronic billboard advertisement. We can multiply the marketing benefits from electrical billboards if we rightly address the factors important enough while playing any content at random. Without wasting a second lets jump to the sea of knowledge.


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Commercial grade Display


Commercial grade displays are always reliable as compare to consumer grade LED displays. They offer more stable screens and hardware than non-commercial ones. Additionally you can easily find multiple input options for external devices and interoperability.

The sturdy glass, housing and consoles augment the durability of the display along with the strong hardware. All this powerful assembly is the basic need of operable LED displays because need to run content 12-15 hours a day normally. The time may stretch even more. LED displays can normally survive up to 11 years without any interruption. However, for power conservation purposes the operational time may remain restricted to rush hours.


An electronic billboard media player


An electronic billboard media player also known as ‘’media player’’ is actually a mini computer that is employed to broadcast the given content on any electronic billboard system. The term digital billboard is often interchangeably used with electronic LED billboards. Since technology today is evolving at a rocket speed operators must ensure to regularly update their electronic media payers. It is really the need of the hour because updated media players are performance efficient with expanded functionality. They also offer new ways to interact and reach out the target audience.


User friendly software


Not every advertiser is proficient is computer software. Especially when the operability involves multiple screens and electronic billboards. This task literally require a technical hand. However, easy to use software is the main consideration of modern users.  Electronic billboard software is required to produce, edit and finally publish the content for the end viewer. The prime motive is to engage and retain the audience while passing the information. User friendly software is the key feature of all electronic billboards and digital signage. Nowadays it is an integral part of any business’s success.


Flawless playback


The playback need to be flawless without losing resolution, no matter what. Besides liberty to create anything you desire, individual pixel control is another key consideration.




You can never figure out solution if software, hardware, and media players do not work in line. All the above said components should be highly compatible with each other. This is to ensure that whatever video or content you play at random runs smoothly without any breakdown. Operators should seek the reliable and platforms that perfectly cater the components of their digital displays.


Network and component health & reporting


Assessing the network health of your digital signage is utterly important. It gives you an idea that while you play any content or video at random how the content management systems, given media players and software will perform. It is really helpful for the user as he can see which content is performing best at what time. This greatly enhance the effectiveness of the message advertiser want to convey. It is a best refining tool for content schedule.


For instance at a very basic level network reporting can easily tell digital billboard operators how many times a random video has been played over a certain period. Network reporting also give an in depth analysis of content assets & playback, user management and playback media players.


Updating content in real time


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Dynamic content integration is an essential ingredient when you are addressing public. It is extremely effective in conveying the relevant content in an engaging and timely manner. The best part is that the dynamic content integration can be implemented across multiple screens as well. Also, the operator can execute integration when and where required to upgrade the on screen content. There is no intervention from user side.


You may easily set integration protocols for digital billboards. Normally the LED display content is updated either by an automatic programming interface API) or from a web feed. The demand for refreshing content is gaining pace in today’s advertising world. It is in fact deemed as necessary part. Why? Because dynamic content integration offer immense flexibility for continuous refreshing updates of the content.


Some real time advertisement examples


For, instance if a business holds a diversified portfolio and sells both ice cream and umbrellas. Integration of the content with external factors like weather will make your ad campaign a hit. On sunny days the electronic billboards showcase ice-cream ads. While on rainy days advertisement is all about umbrellas.


Similarly if a restaurant business offer different lunch and dinner discount deals. If you simply integrate electronic billboard with daylight. It will automatically play lunch deal ads in day time and dinner time deals when there is no light. People like relevancy. The more relevant you will remain to your customer’s choices the more business you will get.


Supporting multiple screens


Electronic billboards or LED signs are purpose specific. In other words it’s a shoe that does not fit to everyone. Normally big businesses employ more than a single LED billboard to enhance their outdoor presence. To do so they have different LED billboards in various sizes, layouts and formats.


Multi-screen support system is another key feature you should look for while playing video or content at random. The multi-screen support is largely dependent on the combination of software and hardware. You can control multiple screens simultaneously from one hub. In this way you can control how different content and messages can be displayed at different locations and at different times.


Multiple user access


This factor remains the primary concern while advertising on digital billboard. It actually depends how many users are granted access and permission for digital content display. If the operator wants to upscale the electronic billboard network it is really essential to have different access level to different individuals.




While playing ad pictures and videos at random on LED billboards always consider how flexible your display is. We agree that electronic billboard advertising should not be limited to large businesses only. But it is also a fact that small to medium businesses lack finances. Therefore flexibility is the sole solution to this big problem. You can still display multiple messages without paying for multiple billboards. Even you can wipe out the ineffectiveness of 1 cluttered message. But the question is how? Well, to run your content simply book multiple 10 seconds slots at various point of times. Or else you can run them throughout the day with specified intervals.


Electronic billboards should be responsive


The interactive displays are the most popular of the league. People expect the same responsiveness as they expect from normal humans. So, rest assure that your LED displays that play ad pictures and video content at random promptly respond to prevailing market conditions. That too within minutes! But this is possible. As long as you have competitive IT team, a digital ad can be created in lesser time. Once it’s uploaded on computer system your electronic billboard becomes again relevant to public. Fortunately the automation of entire process is the basic secret to electronic billboard responsiveness. The traditional printed billboards immensely lack this feature. It would have taken days or even weeks to tweak the message or design of the billboard.


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Affordability remains the chief consideration while playing any content on electronic billboard. It is important to consider what amount you will be paying to run your campaign and how much you will be recovering. If frequent ads are stripping your pocket, you can reduce the running time of ad. Additionally you can maintain the frequency but reduce the ad length. To do so you may consider strategies to effectively squeeze the content in lesser time.


Remote Control Feature



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Electronic billboards are taking the world by storm. Emerging billboards are expected to have lower cost and improved visual impact. Therefore, chances are bright that these digital billboards will effortlessly take over majority of static signs and traditional billboards. Since they will be geographically occupying different location remote scheduling will be very important. While playing ad pictures or video content at random confirm whether the LED display screen had remote scheduling software. Keep in mind that we have two types of monitoring controls for LED displays.


Synchronous system display: your electronic billboard will display exactly whatever your computer displays. The system display comprises of sending & receiving cards besides the operating software. A connection is formed as soon as you insert sending card in the system and receiving card in the display screen. It is really simple to edit or alter the data with the help of the operating software. If you feel that data is good to go with remit it through sending card. Receiving card on the other hand will receive the instructions. It will then display the content on the screen automatically. Hence the audience can enjoy screen telecast. Please note that a functioning computer is the lifeblood of synchronous display system. If due to any reason computer fail to operate LED billboards and display screen could not show anything.


Asynchronous system display: the control of tis display system is independent of any computer system. An asynchronous display has storage as well as auto play function. There is no such computer requirement as sending card possess memory function by default. Do you know where the sending card is present? The answer is in the cabinet. Data transfer to sending card occurs through computer. Cables are optional for data transfer purpose. Why? Because data transfer can even take place over Wi-Fi, 3G, SD card or even USB drive. As soon as you upload the program screen will automatically show the content. Unfortunately even if system crashes there is no delay in displaying content. One of the wonderful features of asynchronous system display is that it can support multi -screen network.


Reliability of LED billboards


The peace of mind holds significant importance in digital billboard advertising. Suppose soon after installation the electronic displays fail to operate. Or the screen quality is not up to the mark and lack image crispiness. Sometimes LEDs goes dead or experience dead spot. Resistance to weather and proper installation are other issues. After sale service is another important chapter. However, as long as you have chosen right digital display manufacturer like DAKCO you can enjoy unlimited benefits of electronic billboard advertising. Surely, picking the right digital display manufacturer is a tedious task. Why? Because market is flooded with so many suppliers. At once you may really feel overwhelmed with the stated specs and discounted price. However the deteriorated quality may simply bore you tears in future. You might also curse yourself for making wrong choices.


DAKCO, undoubtedly is a unique exception. Leading the LED display industry for more than a decade the company is the name of trust. With 100% customer satisfaction the company provides excellent products. Up till now DAKCO has successfully established 5000+ clients in more than 80 countries.