Importance Of Indoor And Outdoor Led Display Screen In Public Places?

What is the Importance of Indoor and outdoor Led Display screen in public places?


LED display screen in public places to play a vital role in today’s world in terms of advertisement, informing people and spreading general awareness. Public places are perhaps one of the best locations to put up a digital LED screen. Public places have several uses of outdoor as well as indoor led screens; however, every digital sign requires a slightly different environment for it to work to its full potential.


For example, a big billboard might not be the right thing for a place like a library; the billboard would look outstanding at a roadside. Likewise, a flash LED screen would work great in a shopping mall, but it will not suit a nice quiet reading club. In the course of this article, we will focus on features of every location as well as the features useful for optimal functionality of them.


Importance of indoor and outdoor LED Display screen in Public Places


Finding the Way


Wayfinding is perhaps an important feature in public places, especially when you plan to cater to a huge crowd. It is not possible for you to show the way to different places such as toilet, food court, seat to individuals. So, the better option is to install an LED and let that direct people. Besides offering wayfinding facilities in larger areas, the LED screen can make the general public familiar with the surroundings as well. Wayfinding is among the main uses of digital signage and it comes in different ways, for instance, you can install an interactive digital screen at your event. People will input details on the screen and get the desired result.

LEDs for wayfinding are generally found on university or college campus. You might see them in public places such as libraries, museums, zoos, stadiums, musical events and much more. Installing a LED screen in a library is like having to replicate the process of photosynthesis or Harry Potter’s goblet of fire, where you can gather direction information without asking the information desk every time. The LED reduces the number of queues in front of the information desk, thus giving a solution without the hassle.


Managing an Event


                                led outdoor


LEDs are extremely helpful when it comes to managing an event. They provide a great opportunity to seamlessly manage the crowd and enhance the event experience. Besides offering a wayfinding facility, LED has the ability to provide the audience with up to date information in real time. Event managers can showcase event news, updates along with any changes in the schedule.




A museum is a place of great importance, you learn history’s biggest secrets there. Therefore, having a proper guide in a museum is imperative. A good guide who can take you right through things without any trouble and provide you with the background information. What if, there are no guides available? Simply install a series of digital screens and assist your visitors in the best possible manner. These LED screens will not only nudge the visitors in the right direction, but they can also provide them with information regarding the art piece.

To enhance the effectiveness of the LED screen, you can make it interactive. An interactive screen ensures that visitor will be able to get what they are looking for in minimum time possible.


Shopping Malls Digital Signage


There is no doubt that digital signage has played an effective role in increasing business for retailers. Likewise, placing them in the shopping malls are going to further enhance the retail business. A shopping mall is a place where people gather casually. Even if your shop is on the top floor, you yet can advertise it on the bottom floor via LED and attract potential customers.

Studies have shown that the combination of digital signage with shopping malls provide engagement opportunities that no other location can match. Below are some effective ways of using an LED screen in a shopping mall.




The digital signage shines brightly at a shopping mall. They have the ability to engage potential customers. High-resolution LED screens have attention drawing effects, thus they increase foot traffic. Both indoor and outdoor LED display screen in public places such as shopping malls are bound to generate results.


Advertise and Educate


Educating and advertising go hand in hand, mainly because today’s consumers are aware of their surroundings. They would like to know the product details before investing their money in it. A digital network is perhaps one of the best ways to educate customers regarding your product and service. You can easily present them with all sorts of information including unique offers, locations of interest, local events. A good digital network should be an effective emergency system.

The shopping mall is an outstanding platform for a digital sign; however, you might still have your doubts especially regarding the expense. Will the digital signage cover its expenses? This applies only to the advertising aspect of digital signage and not the announcement and directional aspect. Mostly mall relay on the store rent then on the advertising money, thus they try to create a nice ambiance for the audience as well as great advertising opportunities for the retail. An LED display serves both purposes to perfection.

Shopping malls are high traffic areas, thus every display installed in them offers an increased number of potential views. This then affects the viewer’s decision of purchasing; a well-developed and running around the clock is bound to get you the desired results.


Indoor and outdoor displays in libraries


                                    led display


Enjoying a perfect library environment is not like enjoying a live slow music concert, on the contrary, it is the perfect place to sleep. There is no doubt that most of us have tried of a perfect library environment and ended up sleeping instead of being productive. The hard fact is that sleeping on your book is not going to help you learn it, you need to actually stay alert while reading it. Sometimes, the opposite of calm and quite is the solution to this problem. An LED screen is exactly what you need.


An LED is an attention-grabbing display; however, you can tone it down to match a library environment. In addition, an LED screen provides noteworthy benefits to a library that are thriving to enter the 21st century. Unlike the traditional digital screen where the viewers are drawn in, people will reach out to the library’s digital display with clear intentions.

A good example of digital signage in a library is seen at the University of California. The library becomes more productive for students due to the right placement and the right type of digital signage.

Below are some of the main benefits of having digital signage in a library


Digital Information Desk


Having a digital information desk can really enhance an environment that is rich with information like authors, languages, fictional data, charts, and lists. These things usually take a lot of time, as the student has to do a lot of research. However, with an interactive LED display screen, you can have all this information within seconds. It will appeal to a broad demographic.


Event information


You can easily broadcast upcoming events such as discussions, book club meetings, author readings, and similar other events. This majorly depends on the environment, if permissible, you can even indicate local events in order to appeal to the readers.


Roadside Digital Signage


Roadside digital signage is famous for generating outstanding results. Putting up a billboard on a highway is bound to attract the driver; it has a high reach with a mass audience. Due to their effectiveness, more and more people are becoming pro the idea of advertising their products and services via digital signage.


Below are the key benefits of installing a digital sign at a roadside.


Greatly impacts the path of purchase


 Having a billboard to advertise your product and services is a great way to increase not only foot traffic, but also business in general.  About 70 percent of purchases are taking place outside the retail centers and main shopping areas, according to APN outdoor.

Having your billboard at the right location is imperative as it has a great impact across all stages of path-to-purchase. According to studies, outdoor digital advertises especially billboards are the last window purchasers saw before actually making the purchase.


Reach out to the mass audience


A digital LED billboard at a roadside provides you access to a mass audience. It is an effective platform for brands that are trying to reach a broader audience. Digital LED provides busy businessperson, young users the opportunity to advertise their products at lower income instead of the traditional print media.


Digital Signs at Airports


You will find both indoor as well as outdoor LED display screen in public places like airports. A digital screen offers several benefits to not only airport staff but also to the passengers there. For instance, when you land at London Heathrow airport, you will come across several digital screens playing the same video on loop. The video provides complete information regarding the electronic passport gates, such as how to use them, where to use them, when to use them, etc.


Assist and inform


This means that when the person gets to the end of the queue, he or she would know exactly how where to place their passport and how to go through the entire process. The benefit of an LED screen is that the passenger knows how to use the machine and go through the process in a relatively quick manner, instead of being confused. In addition, the electronic gates work quickly which keeps the flow of queue intact and saves the staff time.

This is just one use of the LED screen, there are several other ways you can assist the passengers including showing them ways to exist, emergency exist, toilet, food court and much more.


Hotels and Parks


                                     led sign


We often see the LED screen placed at hotels and now even in parks. Hotel management usually has an LED to advertise their upcoming promotions, sales, and feature. They provide their customers with information via the LED display as well. For instance, the world health conference is going on in hall number 5, or the study abroad seminar is taking place in hall number 3.

In addition, these LED can be used to in time of emergency for displaying one message consistently, for instance, in 2012, New York had a Hurricane Sandy, and hotels across the city were keeping the people up to date by board casting one consistent message. Instead of people relying on information via social media, this was more effective and accurate. The information was coming directly from authorize and authentic news channels.


Near Traffic Signals


Placing an LED screen near traffic signals are bound to generate results. The moment the driver stops the car at a signal, he or she is bound to look for entertainment. What better way to capture their attention besides using an LED screen.

To make an impact on the consumer, show outstanding ad campaign and provide them with real-time information. Instead of using stale information, update it regularly. Doing this will keep the audience engaged and thus, eventually turn them into loyal consumers.




Both indoor and outdoor LED displays screen in public places are of great importance. Studies show that people, who invest in digital screens and signs, see tremendous growth in their business. LED screens are vibrant and have the ability to capture audience attention. Besides being effective, they are also efficient in terms of energy,

You can advertise your brand or you can help a cause by advertising theirs events on your LED screens. For instance, you can advertise regarding a fundraiser and be a good citizen. LED screens and signs provide numerous opportunities for the brands to create brand awareness and enhance brand image.  LED placed in the public places has the most effective results, as the footfall in these places is high. Places like shopping malls, hospitals, roadside, etc. are most suitable for LED placement.