Items You should Consider Before Renting An Outdoor Video Wall Or Screen

There are Few Items you should consider before renting an outdoor video wall or screen


Planning to arrange a corporate event, a concert, or even a food festival, you would want it to stand out. The only way you can make your event unique, enthralling and engaging is by investing in a rental LED screen. Modern LED screens come in different shapes and sizes and they offer outstanding results. If you opt for a rental outdoor video wall or screen, you are in for a treat.


Rental outdoor video wall or screens come in numerous options and with outstanding accessories. These rental video walls will enhance the overall experience of your event. They will make it an event of a lifetime; however, there are things that you need to consider in order to choose the right screen. If you wondering, what these things are? You don’t have to worry about. In this article, we are going to provide you complete information on the items that you should consider before renting an outdoor video wall or a screen.


These items will help you make the right decision. So, without any further delay, lets’ get to the point.


Renting and outdoor Video Wall or Screen: Things you need to consider


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LED technology might be new in town in comparison to LCD; however, it has made its mark in very little time. Mainly because LED technology is extremely efficient in terms of energy, maintenance cost and now even video quality. The modern LED outdoor video walls tend to produce outstanding image quality. We now even have interactive LED screens, making the entire event more engaging and interesting.


Since LED, video walls and screens have the ability to make your event a success, thus more and more people are using these screens in their events. The more screens you have in your event, the more dynamic it will look. However, purchasing so many screen for a single even isn’t worth the investment. Yes, you can reuse them anywhere and everywhere, yet it will be way out of your league.

So, does this leave you option less? On the contrary, you can opt for the rental screens. They will do the trick and it will not cost you much. All you need to do is consider a couple of things before renting out an LED outdoor video wall or screen.


Nature of your Event


First thing first, you need to consider the nature of your event for instance, are you planning to rent an LED screen for a concert or it is a room conference. In case it is an outdoor event, then you need to rent an LED screen that has an ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. You would hate it, if you LED gives away during a concert just because it drizzled a little.

In case of indoor LED screen, you can make a safe choice, any the screen just needs to offer great image and video quality at a close range.


Screen Size


Next in line, is the size of the screen? You need to think this through before finalizing a size. Rental LED screens are available in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, just picking any random will not work. You need to determine the right size for your event.

The size of the LED screen is directly proportional to the size of the venue, bigger the size, bigger the LED and vice versa. In addition, the size of the venue will you find the perfect resolution as well. If you plan to place the screen in the middle of your event, and it will be displaying the latest product or services, it imperative that the screen should offer outstanding resolution and it should be of the right size.

Below is the chart that will provide you with some information regarding the optimal display size of an LED screen.

Note: Do remember, the optimal display depends on the pixel pitch.


Pixel Pitch

Display Size ft

In Meters

4.0 mm

25.2 x 14.2

7.7m x 4.4m

3.0 mm

18.9 x 11.0

5.8m x 3.3m

2.5 mm

15.8 x 9.5

4.8m x 2.9m


12.6 x 7.9

3.8m x 2.4m



NOTE: This chart is for a display of 1920 x 1080 resolutions.


To calculate the right size, you also need to know the viewing distance. Below are the rules to calculate the viewing distance.


  • Multiple character heights in mm by 0.4 in order to get a readable viewing distance in meters.
  • Multiple character heights in mm by 0.6 in order to get maximum viewing distance in meters


LED Size Calculation


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The table below shows some LED Displays along with Pixel pitch.

P10 LED display module size is 160mm x 160mm

P16 LED display module size is 256mm x 128mm

P20 LED display module size is 320mm x 160mm

P16 LED display module size is 256mm x 128mm

In order to calculate the right size, you need to do some simple math. Let’s take an example, you have want an LED screen with 1m height and 2m width. You should select the P10 LED screen, i.e. 2m/0.16 = 12.5.


It is always better to round off the figure, you can round it off either to 13 or 12, and we in this case are taking 12. Take the width to be 0.16 and you multiply it with 12, the answer is 1.92 m. Likewise, take the height and divide by 0.16, you will get 6.25. Round this off to 6.

To calculate the height, take 0.16 x 6 = 0.96m. The final dimensions are 1.92m x 0.96m. This formula will help you calculate the right size.


Use Small, but more LEDs


Sometimes using one big screen is not something that would really do the trick, you might have to use multiple small screens. Food festivals are always better off with smaller LED screens, as you can easily broadcast food menu, and other event related information. Small screens through the event allow you to display different information at different time to different people.


Type of LED screen


Size and type of an LED outdoor video wall or screen go hand in hand. It is important to know the type of LED screen you plan to use. Is it an a floor LED screen, or a corner LED screen. You can choose an LED display mounted horizontally or vertically in the corner from wall to ceiling. You can also opt for rectangle or square shape LEDs hanging on top of your stage or on a wall.


Permanent or temporary


The answer to this question depends on how long do you plan to use the LED. For instance, if you have an ongoing event for about a week or more, you can always opt for the fixed installation LED. In case, it is just for few hours or a day, go with the LEDs that are easy to install and dismantle.

The key difference between both the LEDs would be in terms of calibration, weight, mechanical elements and toughness.


Ratio and resolution


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Resolution is directly proportional to the pixel pitch. The higher the pixel pitch, the lower the resolutions and vice versa. We would recommend that you first see minimum resolutions both on vertical as well as horizontal axis.

Only the right ratio and resolution will ensure that you content does not look unrealistic or distorted. Aspect ratio defines the proportion between the width and height of the image. Therefore, you need to know the right size in order to make the right digital sign decision. After all, when you squeeze the image or vide on a display, it is bound to generate bad results. The LED will give a cheap, unrealistic and unprofessional look.


Ease of Installation


Most rental outdoor video walls or screen use the same display technology, however, their installation process differs. The installation process depends on the brand and the manufacturer. If you offer for a fully assembled LED screen, it will save you time and effort. Therefore, when you plan to rent an LED screen for your event, it is important to know the installation process.

You might require professional assistance for certain screens and this leads to additional cost. Nonetheless, there are screens that you can easily install on your own. So, next time when you go out renting a screen, we suggest opt for a one that is easy to install and dismantle.


Power Usage


The power usage is another factor that you need to consider before deciding on an LED video wall or screen for your event. The newer LED screens do not consumer as much energy as the previous ones did. Thus, we would recommend that you opt for the latest model. In addition, you need to know how much power load the wiring of the venue can take.

Sometimes, the wires are not that strong and putting a lot of load on them can lead to short-circuiting. So, when you are planning the event power, keep in mind the LED power usage, along with its size, brightness and resolution. All these factors increase or decrease the power usage.


Environmental restrictions


Environment plays a vital role in choosing the right LED screen for your event. It is likely that you LED screen might have some specific features to perform seamless during the event as well as in conjunction with other AV equipment.

The LED screen should have the ability to adapt to any lighting constrains or to special sound limitations. Generally, we recommend you to choose low noise panels as that gives you the low frequency harmonics. However, this also depends on your need. You would need an outstanding sound system if your LED screens were being placed in a concert.


Take an Expert’s Help


Although we do believe that this article provides you with enough information to make the right choice on your own. In case, you are unable to do so, you can always take advice form an expert. We understand that with so many different screen sizes, resolutions and options, choosing the right one can be overwhelming, therefore sit back at let the experts do the work for you.

Collaborating with reputable multimedia firms will provide you with amazing services and guidance throughout the process of renting an outdoor video wall or screen for your event.


Gut Feeling


After considering all the above points, we would recommend that you ask yourself as well. After all, no one can help you more than you can help yourself. Instead of relying on expensive experts, you can always go to the manufacturer’s place and gather information.

Go online check authentic reviews and ask other people who have previously used the particular rental service. Doing this will help you gather the information that will aid you in making the right decision.




Renting an LED is a smarter investment than actually buying one for one-time use. You will come across numerous renting outdoor video walls or screens; however, you need to choose the one that suits your needs to perfection.

There are certain factors that you should consider before renting an LED. For instance, you need to know the venue type i.e. whether your event is outdoor or it is indoor. For indoor, you might not want a high brightness LED screen, but for an outdoor, you will need one. The size of the LED screen is also important. After all, you would not like to overwhelm you conference room crowd with a huge LED, or disappoint your concert crowd with a 42-inch LED screen. The resolution and the pixel pitch of the screen are also important as they help determine the right screen size.

Other factors that require consideration include environment restriction, ease of installation and power capability. In addition, you should thoroughly inquire about the rental service you are planning to hire. Even after thorough consideration, you are unable to make the decision; you can always reach out to experts. They will help you at every step. Nonetheless, you have to make the final decision, so choose wisely.