Things To Choose An Outdoor LED Video Display Provider For Your Project

What to consider when choosing an outdoor LED Video display provider for your project


Over the years, the demand for LED displays has increased tremendously. There has been an increase in commercial use as well as the industries. Organizations are using LED displays to direct, inform and educate their employees and visitors. LED are very common in conference rooms, concerts and on the roadside.

Since LED displays are making a great impact on the potential customers, thus you see them everywhere. You see them in shops, in stores, in malls, hospitals, health centers, doctor’s clinics among others. However, it is important that you choose the right kind of LED screen, and for that, you need to buy it from the right kind of provider.

The important question here is, what are the things that you need to consider before you decide on a particular LED video display provider for your project. Choosing the right provider requires a little search, especially when there are numerous LED manufacturers available in the market. However, many of these suppliers are tending to have unsubstantiated marketing claims, general misconceptions regarding the quality of LED they are offering and the phantom features.

We are going to provide you with some useful tips that will help you cut the clutter and make the right decision when choosing an LED display. These tips will allow you to make a confident decision, a decision that will have a positive impact on your future advertisement.


Manufacturers and substandard LED screens


According to experts, there are about 1,000 direct-view LED suppliers in China alone. There are several others in other parts of the world. However, not all of these suppliers are investing to create a quality LED screen as they are spending their budget on the advertisement. They are creating a fake aura for their substandard LED screens.

These companies are creating confusion in the market place via their outstanding market techniques. They are able to lure people into investing in their LED displays. Whoever will invest in their LED screens is bound to get disappointed in the future. As these screens, do not have the capacity and the quality to meet the endless demands of the consumers. These screens will not be able to perform well after a certain period.


To ensure that you are able to make the right decision, we have come up with some effective tips.


Tips of what to Choose with Selecting an LED Supplier


History Matters


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When making the decision of purchasing an LED screen from a certain buyer, it is important to dig in its history. A company that has a history is a better choice than a company that came into existence in less than a year. Ensure that the LED provider you plan to opt for has been around the corner for some time.

It should have a good history and reading the reviews never hurt. However, make sure that the reviews are authentic as there are many companies having false testimonials on their websites. Look for other websites that offer authentic reviews. Better yet, check with someone who has already made a purchase from them. He/she would be able to better guide you on the quality of the LED screen the company offers.


The long-term vision of the LED provider


Many integrators tend to overlook this aspect; however, they need to understand that it is an important element. Every company has a growth plan, therefore ensure that your LED has the ability to grow with you. After all, you are making a big investment, and you would it to serve you in the company for five or ten years.

For instance, if you have installed an LED screen from an XYZ company, and after 2 years, your business needs have changed and you are in search of an upgrade. Now, if the XYZ 24Company had upgraded their software and technologies to the latest updates, you will not have any issue updating your LED screen. However, if the company does not have a growth plan, you will be stuck with something you do not want.


U.S. presence


We are asking this not because of patriotism, in fact, it is due to customer support. Go to the website of the particular company and see if they have a history in the United States of America. In case, they do, we believe they are good to go. However, if they do not then it is a problem. There are many LED companies that have a history in the U.S.

If a company has significant support in the country, purchasing from them will ensure that there are no installations or post-purchase issues. Even if there are post purchases issues, the supplier will be able to resolve them effectively and efficiently.


Previous Clients and People, they have worked with


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Despite their outstanding advertisement, we suggest you check out the people they have worked with. Make sure that the company has previously manufacturing LED screens for other companies as well. Check if they have worked with large fortune 500 companies.

In addition, ask them for quality references from their clients. Get information regarding the type of work they are doing primarily. Educate yourself regarding the potential LED provider in every way possible. When you have complete knowledge about the buyer, you will be able to make a better and confident decision.


The manufacturing Standards


Yes, we do believe that there are no set manufacturing standards; however, there are some that exist. Before you decide on a provider, it is important to ensure that they meet those manufacturing standards.

Experts believe that if an LED screen is inexpensive, there has to be a reason. Its manufacturer is using substandard quality components, thus the decrease in the price. As if it was possible to generate high-quality LEDs within a low budget, many major companies would have done to compete with their competitors. Therefore, make sure that you look closely at the direct-view LED manufacturers to ensure that they are meeting the mandated quality standards.


Are you getting, what you really need


This is an important thing and you need to consider it. You need to look at it very hard. Pay close attention to it, in order to make the right decision. After all, you are investing a lot of money in it. Even though every project has a product that tends to meet the basic requirements in order to create an optimal video design, yet the client is always in search of better options.

Therefore, ensure that your LED supplier is giving you all possible product options, as this will allow you to make the best possible decision. To have a good idea of what you are getting, it is always a good idea to ask your suppliers for a product demo.

A product demo will give you a clear picture of what you are getting. Thus, you will be able to identify if what you are getting is what you really need. In addition, this will make you feel a hundred percent regarding your decision of buying a particular LED sign for your company.


Quality of the LED components


Once you are done with a thorough check of an LED screen manufacturer, the next step is to look into its components. The famous adage, “you get what you pay for” holds true in case of LED video provider. As an integrator or a decision maker, you need to ensure that the manufacturer’s partner is using high-quality components and parts.

After all, these components are eventually going to make your LED screen. If the components are substandard, it means your LED screen will turn out to be substandard. A low quality LED screen is going to give you post-purchase issues, it means you will spend more than what you have saved by purchasing a low quality LED screen.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you buy from only the best suppliers and have the best quality LED screen.


Serviceability and Feasibility


LED screen offers so many benefits, yet it seems that the market has the ability to limit your mind's creativity. Mainly because it overwhelms you, thus you are not able to make the right decision. With so many manufacturers and different types of LED screen available, choosing an LED screen that is feasible both financially and physically can be troublesome.

Even if the final install looks stunning, but the inability to service the display in case of any problem would lead to additional cost. This will get worse if the LED video wall supplier does not have its presence in your country. To avoid a lot of hassle and issues, we recommend that your design your LED sign in such a way that it works from the service and support standpoint.


R&D is important


LED suppliers are trying to come up with better quality LED screens every passing day. However, among these manufacturers, some of them tend to avoid important things like R&D. Ensure that the supplier you opt for should be pushing the envelope especially when it comes to important pieces of your future video walls.


Sales of the manufacturer



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Being an integrator, you would know that the manufacturers should respect the AV integration channel. They should avoid selling direct to the customers, as these customers might not have the ability to effectively integrate the product into their current systems.

Many suppliers do not respect the AV integration approach. So, when choosing a supplier make sure that they have the right sales channels. Buy an LED video wall from them only if their sales channel is solid. A solid sale channel would ensure high quality LED screens.


Post-installation Services


Sometimes the integrators focus on the end goal, without looking at the bigger picture. However, what they fail to understand is that overlooking the bigger picture will cause them more trouble in the end. Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Before you decide on a supplier, check out whether they have post-sale technical support, technical sales reps, and project managers. These people are going to help you in case you face any post-purchase issues. After all, it is important to be comfortable with your suppliers especially after they have taken your money. Confidence in your supplier is also important for the longevity of your LED video wall display. A good supplier always has good customer service. After all, the customer is always right.


Choosing the Right Company


When choosing an LED supplier, make sure they have outstanding customer service. Their support staff should have the ability to guide you throughout the purchase as well as the installation process. They should also provide you routine maintenance and service facility.

An experienced LED sign company is your best shot as these companies would know how to do their business in the best possible manner. They will offer installation as well as other services. In addition, it is always better to know about the history of the company before deciding on it. You should also check with the references. Ask the company to provide you references and check out authentic reviews.

In case the company offers facility tour, we strongly recommend that you take it. This will give you a clear insight into how the company operates and whether or not it is meeting the basic LED production standards.

Despite the fact that the decision-making factors are self-evident, yet people often get lazy and they avoid them. They are attracted to shiny things. To save yourself from future disaster, we suggest you be diligent and do proper research before finalizing any LED supplier. We have given you a proper guideline, now it is upon you to act on it or not.