8 Essential Accessories for Rental Outdoor Display Solution

Rental Outdoor Display Solution Essential Accessories


Widely used outdoor LED displays nowadays have brought a worldwide change in business development and information distribution. A lot of advantages of digital display screens over traditional billboards have surpassed still displays. Video playing facility has made LED display incredible. As a result, traditional boards are going to be outdated soon. Consequently, indoor, as well as outdoor digital display requirements, have overloaded Led display manufacturing market.


Digital billboards have a unique ability to display video messages. They can be controlled, changed and repeated easily. Accordingly, digital billboards have become the best and only choice, particularly in advertising. But cost-benefit due to the addition of Rental LED display has given it a big plus in terms of affordability.

Since various vendors are producing LED screens with different features, one has to choose a suitable solution. Comparison of pixel pitch, brightness, refresh rate, cabinet size, and cabinet weight, etc. will determine the fitness of LED display. This means the associated accessories also hold significant consideration.


Basic Essential Accessories.


For indoor signage, like led church, led school, stock markets, etc. the requirements are simple. But for outdoor LED signage, eight basic accessories are essential. Their requirement is consistently applicable for every outdoor rental LED display solution.

A piece of good knowledge about these eight essential accessory products for rental digital display can be of great help for DOOH businesses. What are the basic essential accessories? Find below brief about each necessary accessory.





  1. Rental LED Display Panel. In LED digital screen displays, it is a big facility that in several cabinets LEDs can be addressed differently. Therefore, many users can use the same screen. Different businesses can advertise on the same screen. In this way, users can share all resources. This may be more economical also. This is the idea behind rental products. In the rental market, therefore this is the leading solution that has come to benefit users and LED screens manufacturers.


However, it is still important for the advertiser to consider technical features of the particular rental digital display. These are not about only the quality of the image which enhances the worth of advertised product, on outdoor led display. But also concerned with ensuring high refreshing rate or power back up support etc. which should match the rental value. The money invested in even a rental outdoor led display should be ensuring best returns.


Outdoor LED digital displays are open to physical wear and tear. Weather effects can affect them negatively. Accessories can also have operational problems due to the atmosphere. Environments may reduce performance or visibility. Therefore, rental LED display solutions must be checked for from this point of view. Factors like waterproofing etc. should be ensured. Assemblies of cabinets are frequently readjusted in rental display screens. Due to these damages or heating, effects start taking place. LED digital displays perform better within certain temperature ranges. This calls for some temperature controlling technique. Therefore rental solutions for LED digital screens must have cooling systems. Similarly, all possible physical damages should also be catered for.


Tireless and timely maintenance of outdoor digital display screens is another important part of rental led screens. Although the best quality LED have a longer life. But a single or a few LEDs may become unserviceable. This can badly affect image quality. In HD LED screens it is rather more important. ‘No compromise and active efforts can defeat this possible disadvantage. Therefore, users must look at it as an essential part of rent deals.


  1. Rental LED Display Controller. Another accessory that has a central role in regular excellent image processing and display is, display controller. Functionally, it is a core device that processes video and computer signals. The controller performs decoding of signals, processing & calculations, essential encoding. It also carries out digital transmission to the final display output on the screen.


Main functions of the control system are full synchronization of colors and full color asynchronous. It also performs video and audio synchronization etc. Therefore, it is this accessory that ensures smooth display of screen and play back content. The major function of this device is to reduce phase difference. It can control audio and video signals to go together. In a rental LED display solution, evaluation of this accessory is primarily important. Among various components of a full control system are video controller, video processor, and synchronous, and asynchronous color control. It is Video processor, which have advantages and disadvantages affecting the LED display.


In the latest designed display controllers, colors and brightness calibration data, and operation time have been recorded. On changing any module auto synchronization makes the run go smooth without extra efforts.


  1. Control Computer. The control computer is a very important matching device. In outdoor rental LED display applications, we implement methods of synchronous control. The output of the control computer is a computer signal. Digital signal on the LED display corresponds to a display on the computer. Pixels on computer display map directly with LED on the digital display. Control computer runs a software application to adjust parameters of LED display. It takes place through the control port.


  1. Power Distribution Box. Another basic necessity is the power supply. Outdoor rental LED display, has to connect it with the power distribution box for continuous power supply. This device uses three-phase AC as input and output.


Power distribution device, as well as LED display and other performances, may be controlled from the control room with remote control. According to given specs, power distribution box can be designed.


  1. Optical Fiber. Optical fiber is the most preferred mode of LED signals transmission in use. It is an essential part of outdoor LED signage because of the following advantages:


  • Optical fiber transmission is faster
  • Environmental effects do not disturb signals on optical fiber.
  • OF minimizes front and rear stages interaction
  • It ensures a higher degree of being reliable
  • Signal to noise; ratio improves with OF
  • Anti-interference (electromagnetic effects) is strong
  • Provides ease of use and maintenance
  • Dimensionally reduced OF make entire transmission and control system concise.


There are no significant drawbacks in the use of Optical fiber. It has a benefit of lesser cost. Also, long operational life is also possible.






  1. Audio Equipment. In all business applications which are using outdoor LED signage to communicate with the public, audio signaling is a basic requirement. In order to have an effective result of sound synchronized with video signals, a piece of reliable audio equipment is a vital accessory.


Various components that establish an audio system include usual input and output devices, like:


  • Different amplifiers
  • DVDs
  • Stereo system
  • Mixers controllers


The overall function of all these audio systems components is to manage controlled and edited audio signals to LED digital display screens. All the above-mentioned parts constituting Audio equipment system are very common. Numerous manufacturers are selling these products with varying features. Therefore, considering requirements, specific to outdoor rental LED display, must be considered. One may decide to use the most suitable set of components. Blending audio and video with speed and image formation can only be maintained by a suitable selection of audio equipment.


Apart from the quality of audio equipment, life expectancy or operational life must also be considered. Any LED display usually is a long term project. If audio equipment fails to remain alive for the long term, outdoor rental LED display won’t withstand overall performance.


Another important consideration relates to quick and frequent technological improvements in audio equipment. Therefore at times, audio equipment in use may require change. Either upgrade it performance or replace it by an entirely new set.


  1. Lighting System. Soul of the entire screen display technology is ‘Lighting system’. The real impact of an LED display designed solely depends on what is also called ‘stage illumination’. In bright sunlight the screen needs to be visible, this is one big reason to have a Lighting system. Electronic control systems maintain brightness according to environment changes. You can get the best results by working out minute details of lighting systems. Poor stage lighting can flop the whole show.


Various components of the lighting system in rental LED display are just common lighting fixtures, control systems, slides, etc. It also includes technical means to achieve lighting effects such as clouds, winds or rain, etc.


In outdoor billboards, products are advertised through a video display. In such digital display sense of space and time is maintained by using an appropriate lighting system. But the most effective role of the lighting system is connected to stage performance and signifies the shape of the image.


Again one has to be careful in selecting the lighting system. LED display and its lighting system go together. Therefore, top quality lighting components with premium quality and performance should be included in outdoor rental LED display. Secondly, the lighting system needs continuous monitoring and maintenance. Any temporary failure in either of its components is not affordable. Because it will leave a bad impression. Ultimately, the advertising content will suffer miserably.


  1. System Software. The LED display is an electronics based advertising business. All its major functions are computerized and controlled by specific software applications. The set of computer programs performing some or all functions according to user’s requirements is system software.


This system software is in addition to the computer operating system (Windows XP/Windows 7/ Windows 10 etc.).

In general, there are two parts of the system software. One part is ‘control software’ and the other one is ‘play software’. The function of ‘control software’ is to link the computer with the main controller of an LED display. Physically it is connected with the computer through RS232 port. It is control software which regulates LED display parameters.

On the other hand, 'Play software' controls the display of all images, graphics, texts, videos, and forms. Animations, two-dimensional or three-dimensional, are also initiated and controlled by this software.


Other important aspects


LED display in the business advertising or information dissipation has acquired a new face in terms of Outdoor Rental LED display. There are manufacturers producing economical and lighter screens but still strong enough to withstand long term best performance. This LED digital signage also ensure appropriate brightness, high-level visibility, fast refreshing rate, faster locker design, and cabinets with swift connectivity. On maintenance and cooling/ temperature control, excellent LED displays are present. These outdoor digital displays have a high-grade capability and advantage in terms of prices. The rental outdoor display weighing up to 2 tons. All essential accessories are present, they are excellent to use. In fact, these screens are suitable for floor display. They are perfectly suitable for all temporary usages.



led screen


Finally, when looking for Outdoor rental LED display solutions, considerations for most economical LED digital display is one aspect. Importance must be given to the other side of the rental project which involves essential accessories. These eight accessories are basic for any rental outdoor LED display. We have discussed most of the main features regarding each accessory. Still some characteristics and technical issues may also need attention. But overall major concerns have been addressed here. So now it may be easy to work out long term, most economical solution according to individual’s needs.



Pairing devices: The pairing of devices used in the input to output also requires attention. The perfect neck to neck technical combination or marriage of accessories with the display screen is the only solution to achieve the goal. Any component mismatched in terms of speed, quality or any other significant parameter will disturb the performance and the end result.


Expert Advice: Essential accessories, as discussed above, are more of technical concerns. Therefore, the selection of most suitable devices and their performance parameters may be decided first by technically sound experts. The financial or economizing considerations may then be brought in later. However, the objective of achieving excellent performance in terms of reaching out to masses most effectively must not be compromised.



Installation point: The geographical location for installing a LED display is another important consideration. The essential accessory will remain crucial. Some specific accessory may not be usable. Then we need to look for the alternative. The features and capabilities of every accessory always vary. For example, a cabinet is available in different size or capacity. Similarly, maintenance requirements can be different. It is true for other accessories like rental display panel, rental display controller, etc. as well. For example, a distant location still may not have optical fiber facility available. The rental LED display still require a solution. Some way signal transmission is essential. So one will use some alternate accessory, in this kind of situation also. Therefore, the emphasis remains on the use of essential accessories in the rental outdoor LED display.