Focus On The Basics To Maximize Your Digital Billboard Results

Maximize your digital billboard results


Billboards are supper effective may they be static or digital. Studies show that every year over 3.7 billion pounds are spent on outdoor advertisement and 62 percent of the ads are billboards.

Since a huge number amount of money is invested in billboards, thus it is important for you to learn how to maximize revenue using these digital billboards.

Remember, a successful business remains successful only because it has the ability to innovate. I believe that the innovation should not be limited to products and services but it should also take the marketing campaign under its wing.

Among different marketing methods, we will be focusing on digital billboards. After all, 71 percent of the customers believe that digital billboard stood out in comparison to an online advertisement.

Yes, there are numerous benefits of the digital billboard, but you can only take its full advantage if you know the basics to maximize reviews.

In the course of this article, we are going to focus on the basics of maximizing results generated by digital billboards. Different techniques and tips are used that will further enhance the effectiveness of the digital billboard and increase return on investment.




What is a digital billboard?


In comparison to the traditional billboard that displays static images, a digital billboard showcases digital images.

The images are monitored via a computer and you can update or edit them as many times as possible. The modern digital billboards offer high resolution and crisp images. You can broadcast videos, animations, photos and much more on a digital billboard.

Choosing the right location: 4 things to consider


For a billboard to be effective, you need to have the best possible allocation. Below are the 4 factors that need consideration:


  • Billboard visibility
  • Rush hour traffic
  • Residential or commercial area
  • Audience Demographics

Billboard visibility


The visibility of your digital billboard is going to, directly affect the number of leads it generates.
According to a study, 74 percent of billboards are noted if they are within the sight of the driver. Out of this 74 percent, 48 percent are read.

You need to make sure that it is front facing. Do not ruin your billboard with poor sign face alignments. After all, people are not going to go out of their way to read your artwork. It is your job to ensure that it is readable within a short period.

In addition, focus on the height of the billboard as well. Installing it on top of the highest building is only going to attract seagulls. Ensure that your billboard is within the driver's height of vision.
Install your billboard in an area with no visible interface. There should be no trees or other digital signs blocking the visibility line.

Rush hour traffic

Installing a billboard is places where traffic gets slow during rush hours to ensure results. When the traffic is moving slow, the driver is bound to explore his or her surroundings.
Thus, it provides you a great opportunity to engage the driver and turn him into a loyal customer.


Residential or commercial areas


If your target audience is within the desired commercial area, then there is nothing better than placing a digital billboard in that area. However, if you plan to aim for a mass audience, it is better to stay away from these places.


Audience demographic


You need to understand the type of people you are going to target and then place the billboard accordingly. It is important to send out the right kind of message to the right kind of people.




Try to connect with your customers


There are six human needs that require fulfillment for you to feel whole. Among these six, one is variety. Humans are always in search of the unknown. After all, it is human nature to crave for change and stimuli regularly.

The modern digital signage acts as stimuli. It allows you to attract and engage your consumers. Thus, make sure that your digital signage has the right kind of content. Add moving images, flashy photos, and clear animations to leave an impression on people’s mind.

Moving images have the ability to provoke emotions in people and when people are able to connect to your ad at an emotional level, they are more likely to remember it.

Engage people, but do not become a huge distraction


Digital billboard with their high quality images tending to accuracy consumer more than static boards. A study using anonymous video analytics logged people seeing both digitals as well as static billboards.

On the first day, the number off the impression for a static board was on its peak, however, it dropped considerably the next day. It remained low the remaining time of the study as well.

In the case of the digital billboard, the number of impressions remained consistently high throughout the study. This shows that billboards attract attention consistently. After all, you do have the option of constantly updating your digital sign even while sitting 1000 miles away.

To ensure that people never get bored, regularly update your content. Stale content is going to get boring after a while and people will stop looking.

The idea is to engage the audience in a subtle way without causing a lot of distraction.

Digital billboards are not a place for direct response




Yes, I do not deny the fact that digital signs are effective. In fact, a digital sign can grow sales by almost 12 percent. However, digital billboards are not the best place for direct response. Use the billboards to increase brand awareness and enhance brand image.

Covering your billboard with telephone numbers and websites is the worst thing you can do. I can assure you that 99 percent of the people who actually read that billboard are never going to call you.

Likewise, people are not going to pay much heed to your billboard. To engage consumers, you need to come up with attractive and smart content. Use your billboard for brand building, as it cannot do the heavy lifting.

To have contact that is more personal with your audience, try using other mediums such as email, phone calls, etc.

Using billboards for anything other than a quick message is simply misusing a billboard.

Smart billboard


Since we see billboard every day and everywhere thus your billboard needs to stand out.
No one is going to pay heed to a boring billboard. You need to come up with something smart. However, make sure that the general public is able to understand the smartness.

An extremely clever board is also going to get lost as the audience will not be able to understand it. Thus, they will not spend much time wondering about it.

The billboard should make people think but not make them scratch their head and wonder what is going on. A smart, attractive billboard should be your objective.


Targeted advertising


The best way to increase leads using digital billboard is to ensure you are showing the right kind of information at the right time.

Remember, it’s a digital billboard thus, it does not need to display the same content throughout the day. On the contrary, you can update your content depending on the time of the day.For example, if you are running a fast food chain, you can advertise your breakfast deals in the morning, lunch deals in the afternoon and finally dinner deals at night.

This allows you to provide the right kind of information to the right kind of people at the right time. An electronic billboard allows you to send your message to the intended audience for maximum impact.

A chain of billboards


Digital billboards do not come cheap, however, to really generate results you need to have a chain of billboards.

A single billboard is not going to be as effective as a chain of billboards will be. Every billboard comes with gross rating points. These points are based on traffic, size, location, and visibility. The rating is between 1 and 50, and 50 here means at least 50 percent of the people in that area will see your billboard.

There is no doubt that having more than one billboard will generate better and far more effective results. The idea is to have more billboards but not annoy people. Make sure the repetition of your advertisement does not make it annoying.

The right logo size


One of the most common complains clients have is about the size of the logo on a billboard. They believe that the company needs to make their logo big enough for people to easily read.

When you as a client are spending a lot of money on a digital billboard, you would want your client to walk away with your business logo implanted in their head.

However, if your logo is too small on a clever ad, the people will work away with knowing which company is giving away such an amazing product or service.

Likewise, a very big logo can be irritating. Thus, you need to have the perfect size of the logo to ensure that it leaves an impact on people without becoming the center of your ad.

Be creative


Who says you have to switch to a certain type of content for your billboard. Unlike a static billboard, a digital billboard offers numerous opportunities. With a digital billboard, the sky is the limit.
Since you have the option of endless updates, why not come up with something extraordinary for your billboard.

Make sure your content is smart, but not too clever. It should stand out among your competitors. Add imagines, animations, and even videos to be creative.

People are always in search of something unique and if your billboard provides that, they will fall in love with it.


Gain long-term savings


Many of us do not want to buy a big-ticket item mainly because it is a big ticket item. I understand that you might fear the initial cost, as you are not ready to spend that kind of amount upfront.

However, do understand that the upfront cost of digital signage is almost the same as to the amount we spend on print media throughout the year.

Investment in digital signage is one time, once you invest you no longer have to print your ads, getting the manpower to deploy or distribute them and much more. With digital signage, you can do all that by sitting home.

You can update the digital sign as many times as you like and without additional manpower. In addition, the billboards have a longer shelf life and they last for years to come.

By paying your one-year print amount upfront, you can save thousands of dollars in the coming years. Not a bad bargain right!



There is no doubt that digital billboards are effective and they generate outstanding results. However, in the end, digital billboards are a medium of advertisement. It depends on your creativity.

You can maximize leads from the digital billboards using the above tips and techniques. Just make sure that you are using them in the right away. To ensure the impact of a digital billboard, it needs to be visible.

Location plays a vital role, always choose a place that does not have hurdles, it is within the driver's visions and has a lot of traffic. Billboards need to be smart, but at the same time do not make them very clever.

You want to engage people, but make them confused. A confused person is not going to pursue much; he or she will simply ignore your message. The content of the billboard is imperative and make sure you keep it up to date regularly.

Come up with something different in terms of content. The billboard backend tools will assist you in delivering a unique message to the consumers. Just make sure you have your thought process in the right direction.

LED billboards are going to change the way you advertise things. People around the globe are fully enjoying the benefits they offer. If you are using a digital billboard, do let us know what we have missed in the article. What does your experience say and what is the best way to manage them.