How To Improve The Working Stability Of The Outdoor LED

How to improve the working stability of the outdoor LED video wall


LED video wall consists of Direct View LED (called DV) that displays work as a single screen. These screens are incredibly efficient with amazingly attractive quality images. Each component of the screen contributes by emitting its own light. The overall combination makes a magnificent graphics display digitally.


Increasing Popularity of LED video wall





LED video wall is becoming a popular technology in general, and in all business and sports activities in particular. Reason being seamless images delivery in scalable sizes and shapes. Video wall content is displayed with optimal characteristics at a wide range of angles.signage, therefore, has gained worldwide admiration. Partly due to the many advantages over traditional billboards. And partly due to quality of video display, powerful impact, cost-effectiveness, and stability.


Outdoor LED video wall, however, is always subject to external distresses. So how to improve ‘working stability’ of the outdoor LED video wall? This is an important question. LED digital display is a final achievement of professionals. They are people expert in software, hardware, and management. While the attractive display may be attributable to software engineers, hardware selection to computer experts, and financial deals to management. How long it will go, remain the essential concern. This is what we mean by ‘working stability’. A beautiful work of art may very soon lose its effectiveness if left unmanaged. A product put in open for public consumption may simply go waste very soon under unfavorable conditions. Therefore to reap maximum benefits a process of continuous concerns has to be exercised. Only then ‘working’ or flawless operation of the LED digital display will take place. Only this way you can assure durability or ‘stability’ of product earned with so much of hard work.





Working stability. To control the working and to manage durability of any LED digital display, you can follow basically a three-prong strategy. First part is concerning its prefabrication stage. Second is about its periodic checkup or monitoring. The third one is about its regular maintenance. This way the outdoor LED video wall can go a long way to serve the users. We will now explain here all the three parts one by one.

  1. Prefabrication. When you decide to go for LED signage for your business you better be aware of all bits and pieces that make a LED billboard. This is what basically the physical structure of an LED display is. It consists of electrical, mechanical, electronic and all other gadgetries.


In the prefabrication stage, quality of Physical parts that will make your digital display should remain the primary concern. Longer life and stability of outdoor LED video wall display depends on the strength of all the physical components. It is not only the durability to withstand weather conditions but also the power to face stress and strains. Therefore you should make no compromise on the quality of physical parts or ‘material selection’, to the best possible extent.smallest component may be LED itself which do have a considerably longer life. But a few weaker LEDs used in the display may turn the whole show down to zero. Other accessories such as power supply, signal connectors, cables, etc. all the parts, big or small must be best possible. This precaution in prefabrication will certainly ensure the working stability of LED display product.



  1. Constant monitoring. Once a digital display is installed after necessary quality assurance, it will require real-time monitoring. Even if famous brands of various peripherals are connected, the possibility of malfunctioning cannot be ruled out. What are possible factors that may obstruct the comfortable operation of digital LED display? A few, for instance, maybe:
    1. Temperature
    2. Humidity
    3. Dust or smoke/carbon
    4. Wear and tear of cables
    5. Voltage fluctuations / power surge
    6. Climate etc.

All predefined controls that are there to keep working under control are subject to checking and monitoring. Nothing can be left to chances. At times a very small omission may prove to be disastrous. Monitoring system usually is comprising of two parts.

  1. Precautions. Any malfunctioning which requires a system to attend immediately is usually equipped with alarms. Either some built-in processes activate controls or some warning indicators such as glowing lights or blowing whistles remain helpful. This constitutes the precautionary part of the monitoring system.
  2. Range check. Sometimes values of effecting factors go beyond the range of control devices. This can cause short term or long term trouble. Affects may not only be on the working of digital display but also on the life of the LED display screen. A power surge or climatic changes are kinds of such disturbances. This type of issues drastically upset working stability of outdoor LED video wall. One way to settle such problems is to automate a self-diagnostic and recovery system. Beyond that, a team of experts may have to dedicate time and energy to ensure smooth working.
  1. Periodic Maintenance. This requirement is essentially addressing the stability of LED digital display. Even indoor LED display will need a functional check on a periodic base. It’s kind of ‘forget me not’. Passing through all designing, manufacturing and finally installation phases, the digital screen can only live long by periodic maintenance.

One aspect of periodic maintenance relates to ‘operational life’ of various components. There are some components which have a specific operational life. They need replacement at the end of a specified operational lifetime. Even if any component is still working fine, you must replace it at the expiry of operational life, mentioned. Don’t take chance and don’t risk working on the digital display screen

parts of periodic maintenance, may be called as ‘regular maintenance’. Conveniently it is simply a procedure of verifying a ‘checklist’. Experts verify the performance of all important tasks point by point. This includes health check of sturdy parts like a power generator, power cables/connector as well as mechanical jigs and fixes.

Carrying out periodic maintenance religiously and fixing faults is like ‘stitch in time to save the nine’. This significantly reduces ‘downtime’ and ensures smooth working of the display screen. As far stability of outdoor LED video wall is concerned, it has more to do with delicate items. Mechanical parts and hardware are generally tough. Although corrosion due to weather and dust damage them also. But their monitoring from this point of view is comparatively easy, and so is maintenance.

Electronic components, wires, and minute contacts are vital to consider. Many time heating effects damage or burnt contacts. Digital display in such cases goes off some time partially or maybe as a whole. This creates an emergency for technical experts. Now it depends on how quickly they find out and rectify the fault. Bottom line, therefore, is that you will always need a proper team of experts, professionally competent to ensure the flawless flow of digital display.

Important Dos and Don’ts: Now here we are enlisting some very important points to remember. These all hint at how better you can secure your equipment. Most of these points are related to electrical devices and connections. Some others are about carrying out procedures in which we will simply guide you as to how to do. To improve the working stability of outdoor LED video wall:


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  • Check the stability of your power supply. No power surge or voltage fluctuation should arise.
  • Ensure proper grounding which also means protection against currents leakage
  • As a precaution do not open an LED screen in bad weather. Strong thunder or lightning may cause minor to major damages.
  • Follow ON/OFF standard operating procedure i.e. turn off LED video before switching off the computer when you need to close the equipment. Similarly, to put it ON, first turn the computer ON, let it come up normally and then turn on the LED display.
  • In the first place, it is strictly desired that the whole system must be tightly waterproof. But in case of emergencies such as water entering in LED video wall, immediately disconnect the power supply. No one except technical experts should deal with the rest of the situation.
  • Moisture, where large currents are flowing, can cause corrosion of colors to display components. It may lead to permanents damages to display screen.
  • Use of LED screen to display contents in full bright colors will have a bad impact on life span. This will also cause the flow of comparatively high currents. Consequently heating and cable wear and tear will occur. Therefore display in full colors ‘for longer time duration’ is not recommended.
  • From time to time the cleaning of the screen is necessary. Because a lot of dust may deposit on outdoor LED video wall over a long period of use. This effect visibility and may also cause troubles in working. To minimize damage to screen do cleaning very carefully. No wiping with a damp cloth. You may use alcohol, vacuum cleaner or soft brush.
  • Check the cables regularly to ensure that the cables are not damaged. Adopt proper procedure to carry out cables checking and necessary replacements.
  • In case some components are not functioning properly it is better to replace them instead of allowing any minor fault to affect the whole assembly.
  • Regularly check the operational ranges and limits. Any input or output exceeding prescribed value may cause malfunctioning later. For smaller components replacement is the best option. For bigger assemblies, like a power supply or computer hardware, the related professional should rectify it appropriately.
  • Special care is essential while checking, or replacing internal cables or wiring of the LED panel. Non-professional must not handle any technical issues. This is to avoid electric shock or even any short-circuiting.
  • Safety precautions may be listed and displayed on the cabinets and power supply units.
  • Outdoor LED display is prone to weather effects. Damages due to rains may cost heavily. Waterproof measures, therefore, may be improved repeatedly.
  • Any external threats to LED digital display screen may be marked and arrested as and when possible.


Usage Schedule: For safety, stability and longer life of large size outdoor LED digital display usage should follow a schedule. Broad features of usage schedule may include the following guideline.

  • Every day a two hours break is good for the parts to cool down.
  • In the rainy season, use the display to a bare minimum.
  • Open the screen for about a couple of hours every month for cleanliness and general maintenance/checkup.




How to ensure that your Outdoor LED video wall may work without fail and may live long? The answer is, you have to struggle continuously to manage:

  1. Power controls. An electric power supply is a vital consideration because any failure in supply will put the screen off. Any fluctuation in the current’s magnitude will partially or permanently damage the screen. Therefore, from designing of power supply, to supply and connectivity with the screen, every entity should be selected carefully. At the same time, regular checkup of the power supply system including power cables must be given top priority in maintenance.
  2. There are elements that affect power supply system gradually. For example Rain, moisture and humidity. The damaging effects corrode contact points and even screen fixtures. An appropriate check-list to work-on periodically should be a significant part of ‘stability plan’.
  3. Heating is always a major cause of damages to display screen. Every assembly doing a specific job have an operating temperature range. Internal as well as external (environmental) heat-generating factors are always there. To kill the bud an effective cooling scheme is essential. However, the cooling system’s efficient performance checking is necessary.
  4. Manual management for better performance including dust proofing and waterproofing is another important task. It is imperative that adopting proper processes and procedures should be part of safety measures. All technical tasks should be assigned to professionals and experts. Non-professional should be kept away.
  5. Life components replacements and faulty parts repairs are part of a regular check-up. Timely action will always add to performance and durability. Digital screens have semiconductors which are very heat sensitive. A few unserviceable LEDs out of so many lined-up together can destroy the output. Therefore it is always better and, we recommend to follow periodic maintenance. Experts from all concerned departments should have a continuous ‘health check’ of respective areas. Together they can make the Outdoor LED video wall to go a long way performing best.