Outdoor LED Video Wall Helps Create A immersive experience

Outdoor LED video wall helps create a memorable immersive experience

Outdoor LED displays are revolutionizing the way companies did advertisement. They are adding spice, color, and life to the boring static print media. The market of the LED video wall is expected to grow from $1,795 million to $4,285.96 million by 2026. It will have a CAGR of 9.0 percent.

This leap in the industry shows that led video walls are effective and people are seeing positive results after deploying them in their business. Of course, there are different types of LED video walls, and each type has its own benefits. However, in the course of this article, we are going to focus on outdoor LED video walls and how they help organizations create a memorable immersive experience.

Let’s start with a formal definition of an outdoor LED Video wall.


What is an outdoor LED video wall?




In lame man terms, we can call a multi-monitor setup consisting of television sets, video projectors or computer monitors tiled together, a video wall. However, in the case of an LED video wall, the only screens that are grouped together are LED screens.

An outdoor LED Video wall means that the several LED screen grouped together are placed outside. The screens that the industry uses for a video wall have narrow bezels. This allows them to minimize the gap between active display areas.

Now that we have an idea of what an outdoor LED video wall is, it is time to talk about creating an immersive experience using video walls.


Wall-to-Wall Coverage


The way people respond to a video wall will make you fall in love with it. There are many things to like about a video wall, it has a high picture quality which is hard to miss. Organizations and businesses have been using outdoor video walls to attract consumers for a long time now. In addition, the video walls allow them to convey their message effectively.


No resolution limitation


The concept of resolution is very easy to understand as it is all about density and pixel count. Higher then number of pixels, the better and refined the image will be and vice versa. So, you can make out why video walls offer high-quality pictures.

Even the screens that become part of a video wall come with narrow bezels to ensure high-quality images. All you have to do is stack several high definitions screens together and enjoy limitless resolution.

The only thing that can hold you back is a bad processor, just make sure that you have a formidable digital processor and you can enjoy a massive screen without compromising on the quality.

You can use outdoor LED walls anywhere and everywhere. The will generate outstanding results. For instance, place an outdoor LED wall near the entrance. Besides promoting your products and services, you can even provide information to the coming visitor. In addition, an outstanding outdoor video wall is bound to impress the newcomer.


Clear and bright image




People claim that front projectors are the best alternative for video wall displays, but I strongly disagree; although this is my personal opinion, but I will try to back it up with facts.

The Front projects are not able to work well in a bright area, thus they are not suited for venues that rely on natural light. Outdoor LED displays, on the other hand, have the capability to remain visible even in broad daylight. The video wall offers much greater contrast values and brightness in comparison to projectors.

So, when the sunlight is going to fall on a projected image, it is going to be washed out. However, this will not be the case with an outdoor video wall. This is a big advantage especially when you plan to install the digital sign outside.


Amazing layout options


The Regular Square or rectangle display shape becomes boring. However, you can add spice it but designing it in a different shape. Projectors might not give you this option, but with the outdoor LED screen, you have flexible hardware layout options.

Since video walls are grids, thus it is purely up to your imagination on how you mount them. You can arrange them in almost every kind of pattern, including curved layouts, geometric patterns or abstract.

The options are endless; you can either enjoy a freestanding video wall or go with a three-dimensional one. You want to opt for something that will create a lasting impression, you should use the cube shape display.

In short, you have several options of hardware layouts that are you can use to create something truly memorable. In addition, you might not need many displays to make something unique. This saves you additional cost as well.




Excellent processing power

You might need additional power to drive the video wall displays; however, this additional punch offers several benefits. For starters, you have enough power to run high-quality images and videos without lagging.

In addition, the professional video wall controllers are much better in comparison to a single display. Reason being, the video walls cannot only drive content at a large scale but at the same time, it can run more content at a smoother rate.


Content manipulation options


Remember with a static sign, there was no place for mistakes. If an ad is wrongly printed, the only other option was to reprint it. However, in the case of LED video walls, you can edit and update your content multiple times.

At the backend of a video wall, you will have access to multiple tools that will allow you to create outstanding and amazing content. You can present content on video walls in different ways using the tools. The software allows you to turn multiple displays into a single canvas, or you can even divide them as per your need. The tool will also take care of image or text arranging, resizing and layering.

The best part of this video controller software is that it is user-friendly. It is designed keeping in mind the skill level of a lame man. As long as you can operate a computer, you can manage the software to its full potential.

You can set up a schedule for your content. For instant, the LED display should broadcast breakfast menu details in the morning between 6 am to 10 am. After then it should display the brunch menu and so on. You just need to feed this information once and schedule it. After that, the video controller will take care of everything without your intervention.


Signal Versatility


Video walls offer signal versatility in comparison to a projector or single display. Both projectors and single displays are limited in their ability to capture numerous sources at one time. However, this is not the case with a video wall display.

A video wall is strong enough to grab several signals at one time and display them at one time as well. It does not matter if the signals coming from multiple locations have different formats or resolutions.

The video wall will display them seamlessly. You can access each signal individually via the video wall controller. In addition, the video wall controller offers individual manipulation of the signs and they turn up quickly as well.


Gives a Contemporary Look


This time I am not talking about the image quality, on the contrary, my focus is how the installation itself looks. There is no doubt that video wall gives a sleek and modern look. I can assure you that every video wall will look like something out of a science fiction movie. You will love its results and outcome.

Unlike the single displays that use big bezels, LED video walls have narrow bezels. This is the reason that they look streamlined and impossibly clean. You will not even have an ugly piece of metal hanging from the wall, which is the case with projectors.

Yes, you can seal the projector, but that is simply additional cost, but with LED video wall, everything is neat and clean.

The video wall will add an aesthetic look to your workplace. It will impress your clients and let them know that you are ready to deal with them in every possible manner.


Install Video wall outside your Lobby


When a visitor comes for the first time to your office, you would want to impress him or her. Having a video wall just outside the lobby will give them a heads up. They would know that they are not entering some random company; on the contrary, they are going to a company that is ready to compete with 21st-century challenges.

Use that video wall to highlight your company’s strengths. Flaunt your amazing conference room, outstanding refreshment rooms and much more.

With Video walls, you can even engage your employees. Display the name of your top employee on the video wall and let the world see it. Studies have shown that people prefer reorganization to cash. So, take full advantage of an LED display and enjoy its numerous benefits.


Outdoor LED video Wall works round the clock


Of course, repetition to a certain extent is important in order to drill your message in the consumer’s head. A static print may stay there long, but it does not have the same impact as that of a digital one. Use a LED display to create a mesmerizing experience.

You do not have to one content; on the contrary, you can change it every passing minute. Variation in the content is bound to attract more consumers than stale and same content. Send out your message in different ways, and the best part is that you do not have to worry about its maintenance or working.

LED video walls work round the clock and they have very low maintenance requirements. The outdoor LED Video walls have the ability to withstand hard weather condition, thus they operate may it be rain or snow.

Every diode lamp has a lifeline of at least 50,000 hours and there is very little loss in terms of quality. Therefore, I can say that you might have to change an LED display because the technology is getting old. Otherwise, the display will last for years to come.




LED video walls are the future of advertisement. With these LED displays, you can create a memorable experience. They offer you the chance of coming up with something extraordinary.

  1. is no limitation of shape, size and the type of data that you display using the LED video walls. Come up with a unique shape to engage your consumers. For instance, make a cube of a video wall; people are for sure going to fall in love with it.

With an outdoor video, wall LED displays, you can really achieve anything you want. Unlike the traditional single screen display, the video wall is capable of capturing signals from multiple locations. You can display different videos or the same video on a big widescreen.

No matter what you install a LED video wall, it is bound to attract consumers. After all, it does give a smart and modern look. It is as if an entire wall comes to live, you will surely love the impact it will have on people. Due to their flexibility, video walls are becoming common among industries and business.

Organizations are using video walls for other purposes as well such as way finding, employee reorganization and much more. They are able to achieve tremendous results with their LED displays.

This is all from us, if you have been using video wall displays, we really would like to hear from you. Do share your amazing tips and tricks to create a memorable immersive experience with a video wall. I am looking forward for your expert opinion in the comment section below.