Tips For Indoor LED Advertising Sign For Dominating Your Competition

Few Tips : LED advertising sign for dominating your competition


In recent times, digital signage has become the most important part of advertising, mainly because it is effective.

According to a study by Indo Trends, retailers noticed that consumers send about 30 percent more time in browsing the store after they installed LED screen.
Not only this, retailers have seen almost 33 percent increases in the sales after incorporating digital signage in their advertisement campaign.

Both indoor and outdoor LED signage offers a wide variety of benefits. Below are some major differences between the two:


  • Outdoor displays are waterproof, windproof, dustproof and work much better in sunlight as compared to indoor.
  • They differ in brightness characteristics as outdoor has much higher brightness than the indoor one.
  • Viewing distance of outdoor is greater than indoor thus pixel density in outdoor is not higher than indoor.
  • Cost of raw materials is very different in both. Cost of LED screen is different.

Nonetheless, in the course of this article, our main focus would be on tips for indoor LED signage that will help you dominate your competition.


Indoor LED screen: Four most effective tips to dominate your competition



Indoor led signs have been rapidly expanding, they are rich in all areas and market. Both large and small retailers are using indoor digital signage in order to boost branding, enhance brand awareness and improve customer experience.

According to the Digital Signage Future Trends Report, two-third of retailers who were part of the study believed that improved branding is the biggest advantage of an indoor LED sign.

In addition, digital signage improved customer service by 40 percent as well. On a general level, people are able to improve branding, customer service due to better displays.


No more low resolution


In the old days, digital displays were limited to text and numbers, but not anymore. The modern displays offer a wide range of options. They allow you to display pictures, images, animation, video, and that too in high resolution.

Thanks to technological advancements, you can find LED displays that will leave you breathless. Modern LED screens offer a 4k resolution. They are madder to impress and impress they do.

Higher-resolution delivers high-quality pixel pitch. However, the trick is to know the type of resolution you will need. Remember, the higher the pixel pitch, the expensive the display.

Usually, you will need to calculate the minimum viewing distance in order to find the right pixel pitch. A general rule is to have a higher pixel pitch for indoor LED displays and a low pixel pitch for outdoor LED display such as the billboards.

However, if the outdoor LED display has a very small viewing distance, you will need to have a higher pixel pitch for it as well. If the plan is to install outdoor interactive digital signage, you definitely need to have a higher pixel pitch.

After all, you need your consumers to have an outstanding experience with interactive digital signage. A low-resolution display will leave a bad impact, so ensure you have a high-resolution display.

Correct spacing: 5 Smart Tips

Being a retailer, you would know that spacing and placement is an imperative part of the shop. To get the most out of your foot traffic, you need to have complete control of how the consumer will move through your shop.

Since placement is important, there placing an indoor LED sign requires thinking.

What and Where

What matters is the content. Before deciding where your screens will appear, you must know what will be displayed on them. For example, if you plan to broadcast information to students, here is no need to put the screens in the staffroom as students hardly go there.

Likewise, If you are trying to show traffic and weather for a home ride, you will be needing the displays around exits. Just make sure that your content and placement should be right. In the case of interactive digital signage, be sure people can easily touch the screen.

If you were planning to use audio, you would not need speaker displays in silent zones.

Consider all the above factors and then proceed with great planning, which outlines your aims. Your content must make sense when and where it is delivered. Consider the need of audience about the information, then put the LED signs where needed.


led screen

Keep it in access


The screens won’t matter even if they are huge and bright unless they are easily noticeable by the viewers, so make sure that they are not somewhere around the ceilings.

Since it is an indoor LED screen, you should keep the display away from lights and windows. Your efforts will truly be wasted if viewers can’t read the content (QR tags, smartphone snaps, etc.) properly.

The interactive content especially requires accessibility. If you are having interactive touchscreen designs, make sure shorter people and those on a wheelchair can easily use the kiosk. For that, keep the screens a bit lower and make sure the controls are at the bottom for easy access to all. (Visit ADA guidelines for more help.)


Target areas having high traffic


Areas with high traffic are good for digital signage displays. This sounds pretty good but still, people ignore the fact due to network and physical concerns.

It’s helpful if you have a good wall along with network cabling that is already there for the video wall. If it is somewhere down a hallway that is not much used, you would not get much out of your investment thus making it a bad idea.

Set displays in the area where viewers frequently assemble. You will probably have one or two announcements that you need them to see, thus placing screens in areas where they stay will provide them enough time to look everything you need them to see. Best places for these screens are:


  • Lounges
  • Cafes and food courts
  • Lobbies
  • Elevator and waiting area
  • Information Desks


Think of smaller ones


Mostly you are focusing on the big screens. You should not ignore the benefits and attraction of small screens too for the audience.

Use screensavers on computers in offices and campus for delivering digital signage playlists. Playlists can be embedded in websites, and desktop messenger can be used that viewers can press through.

Design the content according to the place where you plan to broadcast it. Make short messages for the small screen that give useful information instead of making viewers bored of it.

Make it simple but significant. Instead of focusing on the quantity of content, try working on quality by using these small screens. This will help in attracting viewers in a good and simple way.

Sometimes, small screens showing short message is an effective option instead of big screens showing more content. Small displays can be mounted in cafes, libraries, and cubicles for sending aimed advertisements or announcements.

The custom sign offers some other digital signage options. With event schedules, your playlist can be delivered to a small screen mounted outside the conference room, thus people attending training and meetings do not miss the everyday announcements. These can help in the presentations as well.


Get quite personal

After getting done with the small and big screens, switch to mobile phone screens. If your viewers are not in front of the screen, it really doesn’t mean that you cannot reach them.

Message playlists can be made accessible for the tablets and smartphones making easy access for viewers. They can grab RSS feed and can go out to Web for viewing your announcements. An application can also be developed for the viewers to get an easy shortcut to the updates.

This is always a good opportunity for reaching the audience that is always available like students who are free from campus and have nothing to do except using their smartphones.

The hardware you choose really doesn’t matter. What matters is that these digital signage displays should be readable, accessible and convenient; the only key for having success and huge output from the investment.

Exclusive Branding



The Indoor LED sign can work well for your brands but poor content never helps best signs.

Most businesses take physical manners and place digital versions on the LED sign. An LED sign is much versatile than the physical banner. You should never miss taking advantage of it thus design exclusive digital content for the LED signs.

LED sign permits to customize or change the message and it totally depends on the customer. Use this to target customer making him feel special enough by the help of content you desire to use.

This indoor LED sign is perfect for displaying dynamic content. Taking advantage of such capabilities, make a customized or animated display that will stand distinct from the other businesses in areas around.

Don’t forget that you are always in a competition with a number of other displays for the customer’s attention. Your content should always be grabbing attention and should be remembered for the viewers.


Communicating Customers

Retail stores can surely confuse customers. There are always a number of choices and information inside the store can be inordinate for many customers.

You can help your customer in navigating all the information by using the indoor LED sign. You can create a clear message and can guide a customer to a place where he needs to go, giving him ease.

LED sign allows to craft customized messages for different sections of the store. This will help the customer to reach the area of their demand without roaming here and there for buying things. It helps customers save their precious time.

Customers definitely look for new things every time they enter a store. They always have a number of options and want to see something special for them that your business brings.

Indoor LED sign should be used for displaying tailored and fresh content that will be remembered and will benefit both, viewer and advertiser.

Why choose indoor LED display: Main Advantages

Apart from advertising, these Indoor LED signs have many other advantages such as;

  • They have a long life and can survive for up to 70,000 hours with half of the brightness.
  • Images are without bands and borders.
  • Improvements in this technology have brought the movie wall project too.
  • Wireless
  • GPRS Communication
  • Readable in Sunlight that enters the windows.
  • These can also show up live content.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and can be adjusted in the desired area.


Factors for demand


  • Low operational cost
  • Application inside restaurants, venues, healthcare, and entertainment.
  • Presentation and indoor purposes.

    LED signs give impactful impressions and show professional competency. These are much more attractive and useful than physical banners.




These can be a point of attraction in smartphones and cannot only attract youth but also everyone as people make use of these gadgets very often.

Those changing colors and audios make viewers attentive and deliver the content to the point. Overall, the benefit rate is much higher than the previous methods of advertisements used to give.

So all of you who are waiting for their content to be spicy among the viewers should grab the idea of using this interactive digital signage for their advertisements and other purposes. This surely increases the number of audiences. Marketing and branding will be benefitted a lot.

Nothing can be more helpful in this modern time of technology than the idea of interactive digital signage. After all, the benefits are endless.

As per initial struggles are over, indoor LED signage, and the interactive digital signage has come of age with the new technological advancement.

Do let us know, what are your experience with an indoor LED signage and if you have any personal tip to further enhance its effectiveness.