Why The Outdoor LED Signs Are a Secret Weapon To Buildings Your Restaurant’s Presence

LED signs are a secret weapon to buildings your restaurant’s presence

In today’s competitive world, business especially the restaurants need to come up with something outstanding to get their message through. There is nothing better than an outdoor LED sign to generate effective results.

After all, studies have shown that 19 percent of the people watching an LED sign make an unplanned purchase. The number jumps of 80 percent when it comes to restaurants business.

So, you can imagine the outcome if you have all the tricks in your book to use and outdoor LED sign effectively. We are not wrong if we say that digital marketing is the real weapon for building your restaurants image in the digital world.

Here are some effective tips to increase your return on investment using the outdoor LED signs.

LED Sign: 5 effective tips to build your restaurants presence

Presentations using visuals aid are 43 percent more effective in comparison to one without the visual effect.

When you add digital signage, it promises better results, however, everything takes time. You need to choose a marketing technique wisely and then stick to it. Work on it and it will surely generate effective results.


Invest time and wait for results


As we did mention earlier, everything takes time. We understand you might feel that yours is the only restaurant that does not have an online presence, but the truth is otherwise.

There are several restaurants that are just starting to build their digital presence. They are still struggling to make themselves noticed..

Usually, it takes around 6 to 12 months for a digital strategy to show results. In addition, you need to incorporate social media profiles, mobile apps and other online sources to increase leads.

One step at a time


led video wall


The idea to do multiple things at one time can be fascinating, but it not feasible. You need to understand that doing everything at once will not generate results.

Do not rush the process and deploy one-step at one time. Just ensure that the particular step is working before you head to the second phase of your technique.

When you spend, time working on an LED screen makes sure you get it right. The content should be attractive and smart.


Content update


Statistics prove that regularly updating outdoor LED content generates better leads in comparison to using the same content for days.

Outdoor LED does have the ability to capture and engage people, but when you will use the same content on and on will eventually bore them.

The idea of an LED sign is to add excitement, an element of something extraordinary into your advertisement. If you do not update content regularly, you simply are not using LED display to its full potential.


Choose one theme, but different words


Another effective marketing technique is using the same theme, but sending out message in different words. You can successfully execute via outdoor LED screens.

When engaging your consumers via a series of advertisement. The most important thing is to choose a certain theme and then stick to it.

Since outdoor LED signs allow unlimited updating, thus you can add a little suspense element to your marketing campaign. However, the background theme and the message should be consistent in all the parts of the story.

Once you finalize a strategy, focus on it at one time. This will help you understand the effectiveness of a particular strategy. Deploying all your strategies together will never let you know what is working and what not.

Choose the right digital marketing strategy


Choose a digital strategy wisely as you will be sticking to it for a long time. You will be spending a lot of time on it in order to generate results.

To establish the digital presence of your restaurants, you need to have a clear plan. With so many businesses running online, you might feel suffocated or disheartened especially when you do not see immediate results.

Do not, and we repeat do not, let go off your plan. Stick to it and eventually you will see results. Just because one strategy is doing great for a certain restaurant, it might work for you as well.

We do not believe this might be the case; the particular restaurant opted for that specific strategy because it is according to the restaurants marketing needs.

Collect customer data

Customer data plays a vital role in deciding the course of action you will take for your restaurant's digital presence.

We believe that reviews and feedback are an important part of customer data. According to the national restaurant association, 57 percent of people read reviews before going to a certain place.

So, when you take feedback or reviews, you would exactly know what your strengths and weakness are. You then can flaunt your strengths using an outdoor LED sign and work on your weakness in private.

For example, if your beef burger is a super hit, advertise it especially on a huge big outdoor LED sign. You can even show off pictures of people’s review of the burger.

Doing this will not only enhance your restaurant's image, but it will also tempt people to try out the burger. Since many people make unprepared food purchase, there is a high probability that they simply drop by to try out the tasty and amazing looking beef burger.

Focus on customer trends


led sign


Like fashion, there is a trend for everything in the food industry. At one moment, people will be going crazy after a certain Nutella dessert. So, one would want to try that out, however, after a certain very few will still be eating it.

Therefore, when you know what is trending, you can always add that to your menu and advertise it via the outdoor LED screen for the world to know. Of course, people are already looking for it to find and when they see the ad, they will walk-in straight away.

Remember, customer data is important but do not get too involved with it. Just stick to the basics.

Interconnect advertisement mediums

To make your online presence, you need to use more than one medium for advertisement. Connecting your digital signage with your social media would be a wise decision.

When you scroll Facebook or Twitter, you would understand that people love to talk about everything including brands and businesses.

If you want people to talk about your restaurant on social media, you should add a call to action on your digital signage. Either put the ‘call to action’ as a transitional visual among your main content or you can put it at the end.

Better yet, put it in the corner of the digital screen so that people can see it throughout the advertisement. The important thing is to keep it simple. Come up with something like let us know your thoughts, or add some cool hash tag.

Indirect relevance


Sometimes, indirect marketing gets you the job done. Use a social message or event information to advertise your business.

For instance, educate people on the value of organic food, and then tell them that you serve only organic food. Likewise, talk about an upcoming food event and about your stall in it.

The indirect marketing campaign such as the service message links a positive image to your business. It makes people believe that you care more than just your business.

The emotional attachment promises to generate better results. So, broadcast service messages and community message via outdoor LED sign to enhance brand awareness and build brand image.

Boost retention


led screen wall


I am sure you might be well aware of the fact that digital signage has a recall date of 83 percent.

Digital signage comes with numerous options. It provides you with the opportunity to update your content as many times as you like.

Regular update of the content will keep new as well as the old audience engaged and attracted. The regular update of content allows your business to enjoy an upswing in total sales volume.
Use the signs to inform dinners about an upcoming deal, or any new thing introduced in your menu.

You can even broadcast the untried menu options. Take attractive pictures, show them on the digital signage and let people want them.

The pictures will drive the audience to your doorstep. Serve them right and let them enjoy.

Better satisfaction

Digital signage gives the consumer a satisfactory feeling. How? Simple, digital signs provide consumers with all kind of information, ranging from a new dish to the chiefs best choice.

When a consumer knows all, he or she feels reassured and valued. They would like to spend money on your business.

Deliver what you promise

The role of outdoor LED sign is to get people at your doorstep. It is your responsibility to turn the potential customer into a loyal consumer. Show them what you were offering them via the digital signage. Give them the unique experience they came looking for.

If you could not hold this part of the bargain, you have just lost the game. Digital sign creates a vision. Turning the vision into reality is your job. So, pay very close heed to how your customers are treated. Ensure they are having a great time.

Outdoor LED signage can help develop your restaurant's digital presence. You will have to come over some key challenges. We have listed the challenges below.

Key Challenges


Among multiple challenges of digital signage deployment, the most obvious one is the cost of entry.

The digital display does not come cheap, especially when you are planning for a huge outdoor LED display.

However, since 63 percent of the people believe that digital signage caught their attention and thus, they went shopping. There is no harm in paying the upfront cost to enjoy the benefits in the coming years.

The second concern customers usually have is correlating to all demographics. In some cases, the people are able to overcome the problem, but in other, they just don’t invest in digital signage.

Since people are able to retain 65 percent of the visual information even after 30 days, thus investing in digital signage is the key to success.

The best ways to go about this slowly introduce new platforms. Take one-step at a time as this will help you and appease your consumers as well.

Lastly finding the right LED Deployment Company is a bit of a challenge. In 2016, the global market for outdoor LED signage was $4million, and it will reach $14 million by 2023.

Due to tremendous growth, there are many companies claiming to be the best source for LED deployment. However, not all these companies are worth your time and energy.

You need to invest wisely. When choosing an outdoor LED company, consider the following things:

  1. Warranty time
  2. Reputation
  3. Experience
  4. Sourcing
  5. Manpower quality
  6. Processes
  7. Market value
  8. Customer service
  9. Turnaround time

To conclude

Digital signage has come a long way to what they are now. Today, we see high resolution displays broadcasting video, images, and animations. Incorporating digital displayed especially outdoor LED sign is a smart move for both new as well as old restaurants owners.

Digital signage will provide you the opportunity of localized marketing, retention boosting, greater menu exposure and increased customer loyalty. In addition, it allows social media integration, offer better customer satisfaction and draws customer attention via crisp and clear videos.

Allow the LED display to increase brand awareness and enhance brand image. Just make sure that your content is creative and attractive enough for people to pay attention to.

If you have any other idea in mind, we would love to hear from you. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.