Benefits Of Investing In An Outdoor LED Signage In Roadside

Benefits of investing in an Outdoor LED signage in Roadside


Technology is advancing at a greater speed. With this innovation, everything is turning towards the digital world. Signage and billboards are here for many years but they have gained more popularity in the past few years especially the outdoor LED signage.

All small and big companies have turned to outdoor LED signs instead of traditional methods. After all, LED signage has many more benefits to offer in comparison to the traditional print media.

Statistics show there is a constant decrease in the print industry; it has will come down to $27 billion in 2020, from $33.59 billion. The main reason behind the downfall is the rise of digital advertisement.

An outdoor LED signage generates effective results, and in the course of this article, we will be focusing on the benefits that an outdoor LED sign has to offer.


How can Outdoor LED sign in Roadside be Effective?


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The benefits of outdoor LED signage are useful to all business owners investing in the LED Sign. Using outdoor digital display, the business owner gets new customers and a massive return from their investment. Outdoor LED signage captures 400% more audience. 32.8% of growth is expected.

The outdoor LED is expected to reach $12 billion near 2022. The USA and Europe will have the greatest market for these in several upcoming years and India and China has increased its economy with the help of this.

Outdoor LED signage is a massive global industry. No matter if, it is roadside digital signage or high city, both are increasing in parts of different cities.

It is an effective way of advertising and always returns a profit to your investment. It delivers fast and is less time-consuming. The LED sign has the potential to provide more revenue. Advertising through this is never a bad idea.

There are many benefits of investment in outdoor LED signage in roadsides. These are specially designed for outdoor use. They can bear all the weather conditions.

Outdoor LED Sign easily store and deliver messages in different formats. Here are the benefits of investing in outdoor LED signage;


Educate People regarding Real Problems


By now, people have become a fan of outdoor LED signs, mainly because they have the power to attract and engage consumers.

Allow the LED signs to educate people regarding the problems around your area, For instance, if there is a charity event going on in your city, broadcast the event information for the people to see.

Put of attractive and compelling content and people will come around to enjoy the event. Likewise, if there is a heavy traffic jam in the city; use the outdoor digital signage to prevent people from taking that particular route.

With an LED sign, you can educate people regarding upcoming events, the real problem of the city and the solutions you are looking for.

Higher visibility Rate


We understand that traditional print media came with limitations; however, that is not the case with LED signage. With time, digital signage has become something extraordinary.

It has evolved into a technology that changes the ways companies have been advertising their products and services. The modern LED screens have higher visibility rate due to their outstanding quality.

Initial, the digital signage was of low quality and were not very visible in the broad sunlight. The modern outdoor LED displays are the ability to shine even under the brightest sun.

People are able to see the screen even from miles away just because of their outstanding screen quality. A good rule of thumb is to have an LED screen with 2,000 nits or above if you plan to put it directly under the sun.

Something lesser nits might not be as visible and prominent as you would like it to be. Thus, it will not generate the results you want it to.



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For years, we have been hearing that outdoor LED screens are extremely expensive to buy. However, what you do not realize is the upfront cost is what you generally would play for the media print throughout the year.

Once you pay the upfront cost, you will not have to pay any additional cost for many years to come. They can live up to 100,000 hours i.e. around 11 years. It means, if you divide the price with its life, it comes down to about $200 per month.

Not a bad bargain right? In addition, you will not need additional help in terms of updating the content on the display as the process is automated.

You can make as many changes to the content and the display settings as you like, without actually calling in an expert. Sit anywhere in the world and make all the changes you like.


Stay green with the outdoor LED Signs


Printing consumes enough energy than the outdoor LED sign. Paper ads fade with the weather conditions thus printing is the frequent process. Along with these problems, it is less effective to attract an audience and gives less to the investment in return.

On the other hand, digital media helps you go green. It saves up to 95% energy and wastes only 5%. It is 80 times power efficient and can run on low voltage too. Countries like UK, USA, Malaysia, and Japan have started developing LED signage to conserve energy and boost the return of investments.


LED Signs are engaging


Outdoor Digital Signage is highly appealing. Brands easily communicate to the audience through their content. Outdoor LED signage works best at the public level and gets the feedback too.

A good example of an engaging outdoor LED sign is an interactive digital sign for wayfinding. People would input information, and the sign would direct them where to go.

This piece of technology promises results and it boosts people’s confidence in it.


Customizable Outdoor LED Signs


In terms of LED signage display’s, the options are endless. The modern LED offers a wide variety of size, design, density, pixel, etc. The numerous options give flexibility to the investors to choose an LED screen according to their business needs.

Different manufacturers provide different options, some even offer up to 5000 different solutions in more than 80 countries. For instance, if you are looking for something cool but not flashy for your roadside, 5 monochromes LED display is your best shot.

In case, you want to enjoy the full-color spectrum, go with Dual-Color or Full color LED displays.


Interactive outdoor LED Signs


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An outdoor LED display allows you to make changes to the content as per your need. You can adjust content at any time of the day without additional hassle.

Advertise the products or services according to the weather. For example, broadcast the new and sleek sunglasses design, when the sun is out and about. Likewise, display ads regarding umbrellas if it is raining or the rain is on its way.

In short, display content as per your need and the surroundings.


Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition


In the past, people used to remember face for selling their products as per the interests of the person. Now artificial intelligence analyses the customer's appearance and shows content accordingly.

The modern LED screens are coming with artificial intelligence, thus they are better able to target people in comparison to print media as well as their ancestors.


Outdoor LED signs, Attract and Engage


More than 80 percent of the information a human brain intake is via visuals. So, when you have the right kind of graphics and color schemes, you are bound to attract attention.

Your outdoor LED sign is a great platform to increases brand visibility and creates more awareness among viewers.

With the LED screen, you can turn your business first into gossip and later into a hot topic among the potential and loyal consumers.

The more people talk about your business, the more consumers you will have. The gossip has a direct impact on foot traffic. So, make sure you add all the right spices to make the gossip livelong.




Modern outdoor LED screens have the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. These screens are highly water and heat resistant.

To ensure that outdoor LED displays can stand the sun, the snow and water manufactures use rust-free materials. Besides having a long life, screens consume less energy.

Thus, it will help you save the constant cost of print media or regular maintenance cost of other outdoor sign technologies.


Target a Mass Audience


Among the numerous benefits of an outdoor LED sign, the most prominent one is the ability to target a mass audience at one time.

Outdoor LED signage reaches up to 70% public compared to 45% of Facebook. The volume can be heard by all passing by to a greater distance.


Multiple contents


To ensure that people do not get bored looking at your digital signage, offer them a variety of content. For example, display content regarding a restaurant to a person heading in that particular direction, whereas; show him content regarding shoes while he is coming back.

Now, if you are wondering, how to show content to the same person, on the opposite side. Simple, use a double-sided outdoor LED display.

A double-sided LED signage will allow you to target the different as well as the same flow of audience at the same time.


Program Your outdoor LED Displays


The modern LED screens are coming with inbuilt AI systems as well as the latest software that allow you to schedule the screen timings.

Instead of manually updating the content every, you can program it and it will happen at the exact moment without your intervention.

For example, you can tell people going to the office regarding the new office chairs, while they are on their way back to home, display ads regarding foods and beverages.

Just program your software and it will change the content 7 days a week, for many years to come without asking you again and again. You can even attach a deadline to your schedule. This and much more can be achieved via programmable LED displays.




The outdoor LED Signs create a strong impression on the audience. Among Americans, 70% recall the content of LED Display and 47% remember the ad they see.

A study in Sweden showed that the drivers do spend much time on the outdoor digital display. 15% growth has increased to 150% on the use of LED Display.

Since there is no doubt in terms of engagement, then allow the outdoor LED screen to advertise your products and generate effective results.


Waiting at the roadside becomes easier


Waiting at the roadside or for the signal to open can be really irritating. However, if you have something pleasant to look at, your time will pass by quickly and it will be enjoyable.

Studies show that about 56 percent of the people enjoying looking at dynamic billboards while they are waiting at the roadside or for the signal to open.

This means, the outdoor LED signs provide you with a great opportunity to advertise your products and services.

Just ensure you have the right content to make a lasting impression. The rest, the digital signage will do for you.


To Sum it up


Investing in outdoor LED roadside signs promises results. You will surely benefit from it as it has the ability to enhance brand image and increase foot traffic.

The versatility of outdoor LED displays offers a great platform to increase brand awareness. Unlike print media, digital signage lasts long, offers unlimited customization options and generates better results.

The low maintenance cost and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions make the outdoor LED signage more appealing. Although, the initial investment cost is high, however, the benefits it offers are endless.

So, install an LED screen and enjoy the outstanding perks that it has to offer. Engage your audience, allow them to see and experience something unique and increase your foot traffic.