Branding Your Business With Outdoor LED Signs

Branding your business outdoor LED signs is your secret weapon


Starting a new business or trying to create brand awareness? Whatever the objective is, you need to have something extraordinary to stand out and there is nothing better than an outdoor LED sign.

Over the years, LED screens have become an imperative part of the marketing world. Studies show that about 60 percent of your customers will see an outdoor LED screen. Fact is, Outdoor LED screens are much more interesting than internet campaigns and traditional print media.

The important question to ponder here is, how to use one of the greatest pieces of technology, LED display, to your advantages. We will provide you a detailed answer to this very question.

So, without any further delay, let us get straight to the point. How can an outdoor LED screen be your secret weapon to increase brand awareness and enhance brand image.


Promote business with outdoor LED Signs:13 Effective Ways


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For centuries, people have been using advertisement as a mode to promote their business. However, the technological advancement did enhance and improve the promoting platforms.

Today the modern and sophisticated indoor as well as outdoor LEDs are in charge. They have replaced the traditional print media and the modern internet campaign. Here are the 14 effective ways to use outdoor LED to their full potential and generate effective results.


Bring Attraction to the Area


Of course, outdoor LED signs are going to turn your boring advertising space into something dynamic and exciting. With different sizes of outdoor LED screens everywhere, the area is bound to get attention.

Studies show that almost 89 percent of the people remember the ad they saw on an outdoor LED screen. Reason being, the video image of the screen is able to raise a strong visual effect.

This visual impact has the ability to, not only capture the attention of a passerby but also to retain it. The LED screens do increase the foot traffic by a great margin.


Storefront Promotions


You must be well accustomed to indoor LED screens in retail shops, cafes, and restaurants. However, it is time to upgrade your standards. You need to incorporate outdoor storefront LED displays.

The modern retailers and executives understand the changing trends, thus most of them now incorporate outdoor storefront displays.

You simply should not install a storefront outdoor LED display, just because it’s trending, on the contrary, you should look at the stats. More than 40 percent of the people would like to visit a store that has an attractive LED display installed.

In addition, retailers claim that the foot traffic increased by 50 to 70 percent by installing an LED display. So, there is no denying that outdoor LED screens are doing wonders.

To further enhance the results, we suggest you incorporate graphics, animations, videos, and audio into your content. This will keep the audiences attracted and engaged, thus it will generate better results.


Widens Customer Base


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Since the LED screens are not limited to one type of content, thus they have the ability to target different people at different time.

Businesses houses are able to convey their message in an effective manner to a mass audience. They do not have to reach out to consumers individually; on the contrary, they just need to find the right location for their LED display.

Once they have the prime location, they can target as many people as they like without additional cost.


Massive outdoor LED Signs


Bigger the screen, greater the impact! Aren’t we all in love with time-square huge outdoor displays? Of course, we are fascinated and thrilled by them. Now if we see and ad on them, we are bound to remember that.

Likewise, having huge outdoor LED displays can be greatly effective. The modern large scale LED signage offer outstanding picture quality, therefore, they should be your first choice especially if you are in the entertainment industry.

Despite the time of the event, massive size LED screens are able to attract consumer attention. Business organizations, retailers, and entrepreneurs are using them in concerts, huge social gathering, and sports grounds.

Their crisp image and outstanding screen quality deliver the message in an effective manner. Even in broad daylight, the LED screens can grab and retain the attention of potential consumers.


Low on Maintenance cost


Unlike LCD screens that require periodical maintenance in order to function properly, LED screens to have a very low maintenance cost.

Replacing a single LCD bulb can cost you hundreds of dollars; however, that is not the case with the LED display. Firstly LED displays do not require regular and short period maintenance check, secondly, they have a long ling.

On average an LED can last for about 50,000 hours and some tend to last even longer. In addition, the outdoor LED screens do come with the weather-resistant feature.

Additional protection such as a cabinet further ensures the longevity of the display. We highly recommend a cabinet either inbuilt or separate for an outdoor LED screen. The cabinet keeps the interior of the screen away from the harmful weather.


Reliable Advertising Method


No matter what type of advertising platform you use, the most important feature is its reliability. If the platform is not reliable, it can never generate effective results.

Outdoor LED signs are known for their reliability factor. Businesses around the world understand that an outdoor LED helps increase foot traffic and it helps in identifying your physical location.

Despite working around the clock, LED billboards are cost-effective and have low maintenance. Unlike LCD display that required maintenance on a regular basis, LED screens can go on for years without outside interference.

Outdoor LED displays are reliable because they are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. So, no matter if it is raining, snowing or extreme humidity, the screens will work seamlessly.




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With the world fighting against globalization, the governments are encouraging those businesses that are environmentally friendly.

Even the people would prefer environment-friendly products or services over something that cause damage to mother nature. Since LED screens are extremely energy efficient. They are 80 percent more efficient than traditional fluorescent lights.

Almost 95 percent of the in the LED is turned into Light and only 5 percent turns into heat. Since they use less energy, thus there is a decrease in the greenhouse gas emission and less demand from the power plants.

The composition of the LED digital signage is another ecologically friendly feature. Unlike other bulbs, LEDs are not made up to toxic materials. On the contrary, these bulbs are 100 percent recyclable, thus reducing waste pollution.


Capture Audience Interest


LED screens have the ability to enhance the audience rate of an advertisement. Since you have the option of running the ad multiple times, thus you can convey your message round the clock.

When you are able to convey all your information to the audience, it is bound to attract the potential audience.


Strong Effect Drive


Outdoor LED signs have the ability to deliver a dynamic experience. Modern LED screens come with a high brightness level along with high resolution.

The top-notch video and picture quality attract consumers at a great rate. The dazzling colors and the strong innervations make a strong impact on the consumer.

The outdoor LED screen can convert potential consumers or passerby into loyal consumers. The right timing and the right content with the right screen resolution can do wonders.


Easily Installation


Installing huge billboards require time, energy and money. However, this is not the case with LED signage. Installing an LED screen does not require professional help.

Most companies provide you the facility of installing the screen and even if they don’t, the process is fairly easy. Just ensure that you find a prime location for the screen, install it there and enjoy outstanding results.

Shifting an LED screen is easier in comparison to shifting an LCD screen. In most cases, you simply cannot shift an LCD screen, however, if you have LED titles, you can make them move as much as you want.


Updater advertisement faster


One feature that sets LED displays apart from other advertising platforms, is its ability to provide real-time information. Unlike other mediums, it is extremely easy and to alter, change or remove message on an LED.

The updating or editing process takes seconds and it does not come with a cost. You can make as many changes as you like without paying any additional cost.

The customization ability to have outdoor LED sign makes it dynamic, something that is missing in the standard billboards.

There is denying the fact that information is the key to success and every successful businessperson understands this. Thus, are incorporating more and more outdoor LED signage into their advertising campaign.

If you plan to keep your customers hooked to your advertising campaign, you need to provide them with real-time information and nothing is better than an LED to serve this purpose.


Schedule your Advertising Message


Modern LED signage is designed for the modern era. These state of the art displays come with control of your advertisement feature.

In addition to unlimited content editing option, today’s outdoor LED screens allow you to schedule the time and date of the message to flash. You will not have to, manually change the content; on the contrary, the code will automatically do it.

All you would have to do is feed the schedule once into the system, then sit back and enjoy the seamless functionality. Scheduling your content allows you to target different types of audiences at different times.

Since it does not require your intervention, thus you do not have to worry about updating certain content on a certain day. The software will take care of everything.

Outdoor LED screen becomes a strong tool when you pair it with the right software and the right hardware. Just make sure that you have attractive content and the rest, the signage will do for you.

With outdoor LED display, you have the can promote your product or service in multiple ways. You can improve brand image and create brand awareness in no time.


Adapt to the Changing Market


According to the U.S. Small Businesses Administration, businesses that incorporated LED signage into their advertising campaign instead of the traditional print media saw an increase of about 15-150 percent in their business.

They firmly believe that outdoor signage made a great impact on the potential consumers and there was an impressive increase in foot traffic.

The modern market trends change very quickly, therefore you need to have something that adapts to change at the same speed. The only thing that can live up to your expectation is the outdoor LED sign.

You can update your content as many times as you want and from any part of the world. What makes digital signage stand out is the flexibility to change your content on-demand and without additional cost.

For example, in summers you can talk about an upcoming drink while in winters, flash your coffee flavors.


Over the years, we have seen tremendous growth in the outdoor LED market due to its efficiency and effectiveness. Outdoor LED screens have the ability to increase foot traffic by almost 50 percent.

Understanding that an outdoor LED screen is the secret weapon to promoting your business and increasing brand awareness is important. Ensure that you flash your products on huge-sized LED display to make an impact on the viewer.

Using the right location and the right size along with the right resolution will ensure positive results. In addition, the endless possibilities of updating your content and adapting to the ever-changing market allow you to make a positive brand image.

Outdoor LED screen offers you the facility to promote your product in the best possible manner. It provides you with endless opportunities to engage and retain the attention of your potential clients.

You can target a mass audience, different audience and different times to further increase brand awareness. An outdoor LED sign can make a real change, and if it has helped your business, we would love to hear your story.