Factors In Considering The Cost Of A Digital Church Sign

Cost of a digital Church Sign - FACTS


Whether your church is in a small town to accommodate small gatherings or in a big city where bigger congregation may have some Tech-oriented youngsters also, you need to care. Orthodox traditional church sign may still be there but for a church growing rapidly digital LED signage is becoming popular. Not only digital church signs but also for church management, software are prevalent now a days.


Do you need a digital church sign?


led wall

answer this pertinent question what will you consider? First the growth rate, perhaps. Which means the need to find out how to reach out more meaningfully to more and more people? This will certainly require more frequently changing the display content instead of leaving the sign for so long that people hardly pay attention. Its manual management, in this case, will be difficult. To change the sign will also be a challenging job as it will involve time and money as well. Accordingly, no one will be able to afford a frequent change of church sign, as per requirements.

The second consideration is the location or situation. This is indirectly related to the type of audiences too. Where only a few hundred people matters, the frequent change may not matter. Where life is still slow in terms of offering for service or other events, you perhaps won’t have to worry about church sign. But in areas where there are many more churches displaying messages in more logical and attractive means in bright colors, the need to go digital wake up automatically. So consideration of situation is relevant.

Third and the most significant concern is of course ‘affordability’. To choose for the church to go digital or not, the cost involved is definitely the decisive factor. Apparent benefits of digital church sign may be appealing but with a modest budget, one has to stay back. So whatever be the situation cost of digital church sign need to be worked out. To calculate the price and cost benefits let us see the cost of a digital church sign. Also the factors it depends on and how you may feel comfortable going for it.


How much a Digital church sign cost?


Typically the price of digital church sign is somewhere about $20,000 to $30,000. Though it depends on many variables. The size of digital Signboard is on big factor, as the signboard may be small, medium or large. Some other price determinants include content, quality of material used, installation charges and location or place as well.

In fact, this is not enough to determine the cost of church sign one may have to pay. For better understanding, you may need to explore cost benefits. This is one of the biggest factors in considering the cost price of digital display for the church.

That may demand you to learn about features impacting price. To understand cost benefits let us first see working of the church sign.


Working of the digital church sign.


Its first usual comparison may be made with the traditional sign. The old boards, as may be called now, have manually changeable letters. But the variety and flexibility in terms of colors and frequency is certainly limited. For changing a message manually you may take an hour or so. The digital sign will take a few minutes to change any message. The reason being that digital signboards are software-driven.

means that digital church sign needs computers and associated accessories and peripherals also. Additionally, the source of electricity, weather-resistant cables or wires, cellular networks (to upload messages, etc.) will also be required.

Moving on to digital church sign, you will need to have church ‘management software’ for daily operations. It will also require ‘content management’ software to help you manage sign contents. While the cost of software is clearly adding to the payable price, it is significantly contributing toward the quick uploading of changes. You get rid of manual working and slow procedures. Operations become easy and error-free.

Consider an overwhelming demand for a second Christmas Day Service. With a digital church sign, you really don’t have to worry about the announcement. A few seconds you may take to key-in the announcement and the message will go on display immediately. That’s all. This kind of advantages cannot be compared with the traditional sign. The cost alone, therefore, should not be seen. Cost benefits may be a more logical deciding factor.


of digital church sign has another excellent feature. It allows you to schedule different messages. Think of spiritual quips, psalms or several diverse messages appearing on sign periodically. Rotating messages is possible easily and that’s the beauty of digital signage. Traditional sign, on the other hand, keep you stuck with one message at a time for some days, weeks or months.



Traditional Church Sign


of messages for the church thus, means that you may advertise in the morning, for weekly service. In the night you can change the message to ‘small group events’. This is how the church sign can be used in a more dynamic way. This is where the cost of church sign pays you back.


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Digital Church Sign


Now talking of paying-back, digital church sign are comfortably manageable to harness more benefits. If you want to know as to how most you can get from a digital church sign, the answer is to use it as a communication tool.

Festivities announcements with powerful versatile characteristics of the digital sign are always eye-catching.


Festive Display


Factors directly or indirectly affecting the cost of digital church sign if manipulated wisely can make a significant difference. Related statistics and changing trends greatly help in understanding this reason.


statistics reveal that more than 80% of Americans do not regularly attend Sunday service at church. Their priorities are different. Accordingly very soon 8000 to 10,000 churches will possibly close down. Baptist researchers are fully in agreement with this situation.

Two possible reasons for this change arising fast are, churches not adapting technologies to reach out to people, and different other events are planned on weekends. So people are losing interest and awareness concerning the church. The Holy place is becoming irrelevant, particularly to the new generation. Digital church signage can play a very effective role to undo this trend.



Bad advertising is another and overlooked reason. Use of technology can prevent this decline. Cost consideration of digital church sign should include its impact to improve the attendance of congregations.


Effectively advertise your Church.


Following are a few ways suggested to improve church advertising potential.


  1. Find out realistically the group’s church can be reached out easily. Pick those groups that are somehow attracted to your church. However, it largely depends on the image of your church. If it needs improvement, implement it first without compromising your belief.


  1. Identify interests these communities are passionate about. Learn about their miseries and agonies that need addressing. Find how to motivate them to succeed. This will require the church to emotionally involve with each individual group.



  1. Emotional advertising is next to do. Based on interests of community groups you can have sufficient information how to attract them now. Trying to persuade people to attend your church to advertise emotionally to establish connectivity. Here make appropriate use of technology. Advertise how the church will be invariably helpful to resolve their issues.




  1. Inculcate in the target community groups a sense of belonging to your church. Keep in mind the limitations of display. But the benefit of uninterrupted messaging with comprehensive words can do the magic.



A few more tips:


There are a few tips that can help using digital church sign more effectively.


  1. Display latest information. An outdated message advertising event occurred weeks ago undermines usefulness. With the digital sign, you can always display the latest and fresh messages.
  2. Time-Based Messages. Schedule display of messages according to the time of the day. For Youngers groups, activities may be scheduled for after school. For seniors schedule it to be, like early afternoon.
  3. Colors and animations. That’s possible only with digital signage. Make the best use of these features to gain maximum response.
  4. Check out. Once in a while check your sign critically. Occasional look to make sure that no malfunctioning, no hackers or no anything wrong with the display.
  5. Digital signage is more of machine-dependent but messages being displayed are yours. Be reasonably humorous. There is no extra cost of allowing a passerby a smile.


All we could discuss so far is about day to day working with digital church sign. From here it is understandable that church will need something more than simply a digital sign. To meet the challenging and quickly changing needs additionally, a church will need computerized setup. Church will need software products for church management, and digital sign to reach out to the public effectively. We also discussed some ways to make digital sign usage to better benefit the church and community.


considerations for digital church sign may have to take into account these essential elements. Does it mean church moving towards unaffordability or a costly business? No, it only means that more you pay for digitalization more beneficial it is. It also means that now the digital sign is an unavoidable necessity. It is not the cost but the cost-benefits that are important to weigh. To understand this point, the following associated paybacks come up as an active factor.



  1. Stock Signs. Additional stock signs, like No smoking signs, fire safety signs, reserved parking, etc. can be conveniently displayed.
  2. Limitation of material. Finally, the cost of custom signs depends on the material, ranging from vinyl to steel. That also refers to the element of durability. The cost of digital church sign is by and largely independent of materials. Any additional cost, however, contributes towards elegance and attraction.
  3. Videos. This unique feature is only possible with digital church sign. Custom church sign is silent with least to demonstrate. But with videos church can draw attention most effectively, that too just within a minute or so. So this is kind of built-in additional feature.
  4. Operating cost. Programmable LED sign gives you a lot of time and efforts savings. Digital church signs can display pre-designed and thought-provoking messages without constant manual intervention.
  5. Ancillary cost. Unforeseen and unplanned expenses are avoidable with digital signs. All church has to do is wisely choosing a service provider or sign manufacturing company. Assurances and guarantee for defects etc. can minimize worries and ancillary costs.





Among several factors that matter in considering the cost of the digital church sign, its significance is most important. A church sign, traditional or digital, is basically a tool. It provides means to communicate between church and communities. More and more effective communication is essentially needed for every church. More than 80% of younger people are not attending Sunday services regularly. They are in search of God elsewhere. To guide them and making them keen to be part of the church congregation, the church sign plays a substantial role.

As such, therefore, a church sign is an asset of a church which needs to be integrated with technology. Digital sign is LED-based most attractive display with multiple advantages. The cost incurred in a digital church sign creates a very fast, dynamic, secure, and automation centered source of announcements.

How much will it cost? This generally depends on the requirements of the church. Use of the latest technology, which is essential, with varying embedded features adds to the total cost. But how much will the paid cost return to achieve the target, is the decision making consideration.

All the times and everywhere, people are in search of optimism and faith. Church has a role to play in this context. Without effective announcements reaching out to the congregation is difficult. The desire to involve congregations and outside community needs churches to use Led signage.

Digital church sign completely converts a church into a considerably more sophisticated place of worship. Because multi-dimensional facilities, like quickly rotating messages, videos, high-quality graphics, concert-grade sound system, and digital communication plate forms let church enhance the overall atmosphere for religious services and related events.

All associated advantages ultimately payback in terms of time and usefulness. Digital church sign offers a detailed yet cost-effective means of linkage with the public in modern themes. Custom signs and printed posters have no comparison as church growths and goals cannot be achieved with them anymore.