Digital LED Billboards - Welcoming Symbol For Communities

LED billboards - welcoming symbol for communities


Over the recent years, digital signage has become an imperative part of the advertisement campaign. Industries and organisations are using digital sign for multiple things including advertisement, way finding and serving the community.

People around the globe are heavily influenced by digital displays. Studies have shown that about 57 percent of the people have seen digital signage in the last week. Among this 57, almost 47 percent remember the specific ad they have seen.

Since digital sign including billboards generate outstanding results, thus installing them can be beneficial for the community as well. You can use them to promote community messages and events.

Allow billboards to reach out to your audience in an effective and efficient manner. To make sure that you use the digital billboard to its full potential, we have come up with detailed articles.

In this article, we will provide you with complete information on how to use digital billboard for the community’s advantages.


How does a community benefit from a digital billboard


Digital billboard has the ability to turn potential customers into consumers. If you use them right, you can turn the billboards into a city landmark. Here are some effective ways to turn a digital billboard into a city's assert.


led sign


Welcome the visitors


Its human nature to feel, welcomed. Studies show that people prefer communities that have a welcoming feel. Installing a dynamite welcoming sign just outside the community is bound to create a positive era.

Unlike static print media, use digital billboards to edit and update your content as per need. For instance, display a “Good Morning, Welcome To Our Community” message during the day. In the evening you can edit the message to “Good evening, Welcome To Our Community"

When you send out different messages at different times, they will leave a better impact in comparison to a monotonous message throughout the day.

When you have the option of updating and editing your welcoming message, why not make it interesting and appealing.


Weather forecast


If visitors were coming to your city, they would like to know regarding the current weather of the city as well as weather in the coming days.

There is no better way to broadcast weather forecast then to display them on a billboard installed at the entry point of the city. This will allow them to gear up, before actually entering your city.

For instance, if there is rain in the evening, warn the visitors before hand. Providing them with helpful information will allow them to take the precautionary measures. If they do not have umbrella, they might just get one, before things get really messy.


Digital billboard ads to the aesthetic sense of city


led screen


Of course, the city is all about people. Since around 55 percent of the world's population is living in the cities, we are seeing tech industries collaborating with the government to turn urban spaces into smart cities.

The first step to a smart city is to add digital billboards and interactive LED signs. Doing this will allow you to add a dynamic look to the entire place.

The billboard will brighten up the space; they will make it seem livelier. After all, we all cannot deny the fact, that huge digital billboard at Time Square’s has fascinated us for years.

The best part is that these billboards are getting better in terms of resolution, pixel pitch and quality. In addition, you can even get your hands on billboards way bigger than some installed at the Time Squares.


Electronic Billboards and smart cities: 3 unique tips


A city can only be truly SMART, when it is fully interconnected like an internet. The important question here is how a digital billboard help turn city into a smart city does.

Here are three unique tips for you to turn any city into a smart city.

First, understand that connectivity is the key to make random pieces of technology into something exciting and smart. To turn the entire technology into a bustling network, the best shot is to incorporate digital signage.

Once you install the digital signage, you have taken the first step. Next, ensure that the city’s LED displays are interconnected.

This will ensure smooth and seamlessly transmission of information throughout the city. The last tip is to connect these screens with into piece of technology.

You can flawlessly share data by incorporating interactive digital displays, such as facial recognition technology, mobile phones, and other similar Input Output devices.

A smart network will allow the cities to deliver personalized and contextual information to its inhabitants as well as to the visitors.


Fuels Smart Cities


We understand that installing and maintaining a smart infrastructure can be costly, however, if you know all the right ways you can generate enough income to support your project.

The best way to go about is sell your digital billboard’s ad space to fund current and future project. You will save users hefty fees, taxpayers and generate a good amount of money for the city.

You will be surprised to know that LinkNYC network that provides free telephony and Wi-Fi services to the citizens is fully funded via ad revenue. They have setup multiple digital displays and are able to generate about $500 million for the New York City.

If this statistics is not enough to impress you, we wonder what is!

In addition, you can use the digital displays to add charm to the city. Just Ensure that your content is eye catching and interesting. Your bright and beautiful campaign will get you the results you are looking for.


LED Digital Billboards: Live Wayfinders


What is a better way to ensure smooth traffic, then to direct people in the right direction?

For a visitor, finding ways in the new city might be troublesome. For that matter, for the citizens going to a new place in their city can be difficult. However, if you allow your billboards to direct way, you will make their live easy.

Let us take an example of a newly open restaurant. Many people are excited to visit the place, however, finding the way to the restaurant is a tricky thing.

Instead of allowing people to go in circles, provide the information via the nearest and most prominent billboard. We can assure you, that people will love it.

It will save them time and the city traffic hassle.


Broadcast Bus and Train Schedules


Digital signage is the new way of doing this. Whenever, we think of broadcasting buses or train schedules via digital signage, the image that comes to mind is of a static electronic board.

The evolution of technology has done wonders in terms of digital signage as well. The modern LED billboards offer the facility of broadcasting buses and train schedules in a smart and attractive manner.

In addition, since the billboards are huge, you can display the arrival and departure time in the corner, while playing the ad on the rest of the screen.

This benefits the city, as people are aware of the train and bus schedules, all the while they can enjoy the dynamic content of the display.

If you are looking for more, you should add the station’s name with schedule as well.


Improve image of Public works


Digital billboard is a great platform, and you should use it to its full potential. Since, it has the ability to make a difference, why not make a positive difference.

About 75 percent of the people remember seeing a digital signage in the past month. Imagine the impact you can make by promoting public work such as libraries, parks and schools.

You can make public places more welcoming and warm via these digital signs. In addition, it allows you to make a statement and engage people.

A digital billboard is a perfect way to show people what they are missing. For instance, if you believe that the public library is not getting the attention it deserves.

Use your city’s digital billboards to attract and engage people. Come up with a library event and broadcast that in an effective manner using the digital signage.

Put up messages for club meetings, along with exciting pictures of how people are enjoying themselves. This will change the generic boring and studious image of the library.

Once people get excited, they are bound to engage. The moment the engage, LED display signage has made its mark.


led screen


Highlight City’s Best Attractions


If you visit a city, what is that you want to do first? Of course, you would want to try the city’s speciality.

In some cases, the speciality is a place and in other’s it is food. Finding the local speciality is sometimes troublesome. Even the best trip advisors do not provide you with the right information.

Only the city government or the people of the city have the 100 percent accurate information. Here is where the digital billboard comes in handy.

Broadcast your cities top places using the billboard. Let the world know what your city has to offer and what its specialities are.

Put up great piece of photography and attract visitors to heritage of your city, or to Food Street. No matter what you want them to see, just flaunt it in a unique and attractive manner.


Promote Community Events


What better way to promote community events then via digital signage . Allow the sign to involve your community.

Use the amazing billboard to flaunt your community’s achievements, or provide information regarding upcoming events.

Let people know how happening your community is and they would love to be a part of it. In addition, you can collect revenue by engaging people into charity events.

To ensure the success of other upcoming events, you can highlight the pictures of your previous event. This will give people the idea regarding the event, and thus they would like to contribute in the next event.


 A greener Community


With global warming at its peak and the world is buzzing about planting trees. The important thing to consider is why waste the trees that are already planted.

Unlike print media, they uses a lot of paper, a digital sign allows a community to go green. Instead of increasing paper waster, advertise and promote events using digital signage to significantly reduce paper pollution.

You can spread news within your community by installing digital billboards places with most visibilities such as school and administrative buildings.

A greener community is the goal of every future government.


Bring Awareness


With a digital display, sky is the limit. So, why should you restrict your billboard to just promoting the community.

You can  use digital signage to spread awareness as well. Use this amazing platform for simple reminders and emergency announcements.

For example, if the fire or police department of your community is located at a busy road, you can always warn people and install signs like

  • Emergency information
  • Public service announcements
  • Friendly reminders

In addition, when you have a huge digital billboard in front of your emergency service, it will become easy for people to remember.

The digital sign will bring notice to that particular place and people will also remember where to find the emergency service.




Digital signage is more than just a way to advertise your products and services. On the contrary, it has become a staple in cities for people to access information.

Installing an LED billboard in your community will ensure its seamless working. Besides generating revenue by selling ads space, you can provide public information as well.

Use digital board to provide ways to people, make them aware of an upcoming event and even spread awareness.

To ensure that information is readily available, broadcast local community information, bus or train schedules, and emergency notifications via outdoor LED billboards.

Digital display  is changing the city’s visual landscape. In addition, it has the power to reshape the relationship of people with their community. Why not use the power in an effective way and generate positive results.

Make your community a better place to live in. If you are using a digital signage in some other unique way to help your community, we would love to hear about it.