How To Improve The Life Of LED Display In Midsummer?

Improve the life of LED Display in midsummer


Print media has always been there for years but now LED Digital Signage is taking the place. In place of print media, we can see digital signage in places like restaurants, medical facilities, retail stores, college campuses, entertainment venues, and business offices. This is because technology always gives a better experience and provides message much effectively.

It can engage employees and patrons in a better way. This technology is no doubt cost-effective as the information van be updated many times without paying again and again. Like other technologies, these LED video billboards also require regular maintenance and in this article, we will discuss the best ways and problems.


In midsummers, rainy weather, lightning, typhoons, and scorching heat is increasing. Due to such weather conditions in midsummers, outdoor LED displays need high maintenance for the weather conditions. These conditions surely affect the working of LED Digital Signage thus solutions are required that we will discuss further for each condition.



Protection against High Temperature




These LED Displays have a large area thus power consumption is high due to corresponding processes and heat is also produced. The temperature outside is already high, and if the heat problem is not solved, the display will surely short circuit.

Be sure the display board is in good condition. While designing the outer case, don’t forget to design it hollow for heat dissipation. Considering the situation, make sure air is in good condition and equipment for heat dissipation is there. The air conditioner can be used or fans to dissipate heat.


Protection against Typhoons


The process of installation of outdoor LED Display is different and the method of installation is different too. They are of types, column type, hanging type, wall-mounted and, inlaid. In the season of Typhoon, for avoided outdoor LED display from falling, strict measures for load-bearing steel frames should be taken.

Engineers should design and install the resistance measures against the Typhoons. Also, it should contain anti-seismic power to ensure that LED displays do not falls.


Protection against Rainstorm


Rains in the south are in a good number, so LED screens should have high waterproof protection against such weather conditions. In the case of outdoor, LED display should be at the level of IP65 protection. The module should have glue, and the waterproof box should be connected to it with the waterproof rubber ring.


Protection against Lightning Strike


The damage to LED Display by the lightning can be very serious. Thus LED Displays should be well equipped with the lightning protection equipment, grounding, lightning rods, and distribution box equipped in the lightning protection device.

However, the cost of maintaining LED displays is less than the other types of digital media technologies. LED technology can last for a decade if long self-life. This article will be a good guide for the IT management and teams who are always in search of solutions to the problems of LED Digital Signage. Let’s see all the stuff in detail.


The average life of Digital LED Sign


LED digital sign has a longer life compared to other digital signs. They have a lifespan of about 60,000-100,000 hours before the working fades. Screens of LED displays can last for 20 years if the normal usage is 8-10 hours a day. What happens mostly is that many businessmen replace the LED displays before time if their usage is more than 10 hours a day.

Mostly, the screens are running 24/7 thus the time to change them comes quite earlier. The major reason for which screen is changed, it is the slow working and lack of technological advancement or change in the needs of the business.

Sometimes there is no issue in the functioning if hardware but some external factors require to change the LED screen before time. These factors mainly include improved quality of content, introduction of latest technology, need of speed, increase in reliability, new equipment required for content and software incompatibility.

A piece of great news is that the modern LED screens come with external players, so there is no need for replacing external devices if the screen is changed. Most of the media players work until the screens work. If a media player is changed to a screen, you don’t need to change the screen every time.


Preventative Care, Maintenance and Upgrade


led wall



Let’s have a look at useful tips related to preventative care;

  • Dust on LED display should be cleaned.
  • Dust behind the LED display should also be cleaned.
  • Clean the screens too.
  • Wipe down the Media Player.
  • Training the employees for cleaning and using equipment.
  • Power cords and cables should be inspected for wear and tear.





For maintaining the proper functioning of LED Displays, regular inspection of power cords and cable is required. This will help in solving the problem before it gets way too serious.



Maintaining advertising LED Billboards Display


Clean the LED screens to ensure viewing quality. Regular cleaning will not clog the ports and internal components will not be damaged. This will also ensure that displays are not overheated.



Different LED displays require different maintenance procedures


  • Cabinet Display LED


If you are having a cabinet display LED, you will probably need a skilled technician to repair it and diagnose the problem. Only skilled technicians can sort out the issue when it creates problems in functioning as they can configure out the internal issues too.

To maintain the cabinet, drainage has to be cleaned. An air conditioner or fan has to be cleaned to prevent overheating. If you don’t have technical staff, hire digital installer service or remote monitoring service.


  • Cabinet Less Display


Cabinet less display is easy to replace as compared to a display that has an external cabinet. You just need to replace the affected panel with the new one. There is no need to switch off the display, so don’t worry about missing the customers.

Why Display cleaning is important?


Cleaning LED screens is not as easy as cleaning the laptop screen. Cleaning the display is important as dust can harm the display. Dust on screen can make the words blur like, it can look as to. This can be annoying if it happens. Cleaning the screen will ensure that customers are getting the right website address and numbers as text in the displays will not be in blurred vision anymore.



  • Maintenance of Media Player


If you are using wireless connections for downloading content, you will need to connect the network to the media player that will monitor hacks. In case you are using a memory card or USB for transferring data, do check for viruses.

The cleaning media player has equal importance as cleaning the screen, so clean both together. Regular cleaning will ensure that no dust present can damage core components.


  • Maintenance of Software


For a good maintenance, you need to update the software regularly. This means that you should keep tasks simultaneously. For example, if you are planning to switch static content to interactive content, don’t forget to update software or install a required application.

If you want your customers to be engaged, always enhance features to make the content better and attractive through software advancement.

New versions of software enhance the quality of content. The software should be updated after a year but if the new version arrives earlier, there is truly no harm in updating that. Updating software saves the time and cost of major updates.


Issues faced in updating Soft wares


  • Costly
  • Require time
  • Require staff training
  • Time utilized in deploying software
  • Time used in installing software


What time should be Software updated?


It is better to run updates based on cloud or internet and if you want to do it manually, wait for a newer version to complete. When the content of displays requires change, do it manually. At this time, the software is also demanding updates because content wants a change.

Updates depend on the operating system. Mostly the companies update the software when the current vision is not up to the demand of organization or there is some security issue. There is no specific time to update software but you should at least update it annually as a safe side.


Common Issues that come in Summers Directly or Indirectly


Here are some LED screen issues and solutions below that are very useful.

  • Limited Bandwidth
  • Software out of date
  • Failure of Hard Drive
  • Comprised Software
  • Problems in Updating
  • Failure of Central memory
  • Failure in creating Backup

If a good image is not generated on the display, there is an error in the streaming of content.


Malfunctioning Hardware solutions


  • Cables should be properly connected and wires should not be damaged.
  • Check that the power supply is perfect.
  • Scan for checking viruses.
  • Update the software as it might be creating a problem.
  • Check the memory card and make sure it has enough space.
  • If all the above solutions are on point and you still face a problem, try rebooting.
  • If rebooting doesn’t help, call a professional of IT. He will discover problems in internal components like the memory card of the circuit board.
  • Still the issue doesn’t resolve, hardware requires updating.


Malfunctioning Media Payer


Desired results are not generated if the media player is not functioning well. Here are a few tips to solve the issue.

  • Connect another screen to media player if you think the problem is not with it.
  • Check carefully the wires and power cables if they are connecting properly the Led display with media player.
  • Unplug for around 10 secs and restart both, screen and media player to check if it works.

Sometimes the issue is caused by a memory card in LED screens. You should move the data to another drive and delete the unnecessary files from here. Be sure that your drive is safe from viruses.




Keeping the humidity of the environment away from the outdoor LED screen is very important to avoid damage to it. Keep in mind the importance of cleaning the screen and make a routine to clean the LED screen. Cleaning regularly makes sure that the internal components of the screen are not being damaged.

Dust, sun, and wind can badly damage the LED screens, thus cleaning them is required regularly. In tough natural conditions, make sure the power supply is enough stable and LED is having good grounding protection against damages.

The LED screen should not be in contact with water, iron or any other form of the metal conductor. Try to set the outdoor LED display in areas where the dust level is quite low as screens are badly affected by dust.

What matters is that maintenance and care are required for the long life of LED displays. If the hardware is continuously monitored, you will surely not face the issues listed above. This will save your time, money and reputation.

The above-mentioned problems are not all specifically a result of summer but directly or indirectly these are caused mainly in summers. The article gives you a complete guide on the long life of LED screens.

Efforts are always requiring for good results, so start working on the following tips that are given to you in the above content for solving your issues related to LED displays. Try not to ignore any point mentioned above.

Summers not only bring heat waves with them for people but also create problems for their work even if it is technology, so stop worrying and start working to face summers not only for yourself but further for your work.

Grab all the information and start resolving your issues related to your LED digital signage as success is guaranteed on behalf of the information given in this article, Good luck to all who will be acting according to these instructions.