Significance Of Outdoor LED Walls In The Shopping Mall

Importance of Outdoor LED Walls In the Shopping Mall

Life has all to do with linkage among masses. Within a small community or in a country or even across continents, every human activity grows only through information dissemination. Means of spreading information has always been there. The tendency to address more and more people made its way. This led to the creation of more effective and efficient methods. Electronics played a pivotal role in bringing unprecedented solutions to this requirement. Use of LCD and subsequent switching over to LED displays is affecting positively. Today all over the world, businesses, big or small, are investing in LED signage for business promotion.

There are simple reasons for LCDs and LEDs replacing traditional billboards and other modes of advertising. Effectiveness and versatility embedded in digital displays have no comparison. Incredible power contained in visual impact is an integral and dominant feature of LED displays. This component is simply missing in, so to say, orthodox techniques of publicizing business or events broadcast.

Apparently, it should cost immensely high. The advent of latest technologies always brings a lot of ease. Nevertheless, affordability is usually a big question. So how come LED digital displays are gaining popularity and installations are increasing in number? Let’s have a brief look at statistical data available about LED displays usage.


  • If we categorize LED displays on the basis of their applications, a few prominent ones are of this type.
    • LED Video walls: This type is capturing more clientage and has seen 14.5% in 2014. At now it is expected to see an increase at the rate of 16.8% of the market share.
    • LED billboards: This segment is expected to go around a 46% share of the installed LED global market by 2021. Also, it is expected to increase by 16.7% in the coming years.
    • LED mobile screens: For displaying LED screens mounted on mobiles such as trucks or vans is in use. Some reasonably vital data though is not available but this type is gaining considerable acceptance.
    • Other LED matrix displays: To include LED traffic displays etc.


led wall


  • On the basis of colors, LED displays are available in followings preferences:
    • Monochrome display. Simple displays in a single color, usually Red or green provides the most economical solution. These are in use mostly for informational and stock signs.
    • Tri-color display. Another decent and very popular digital display is marketed in the combination of three colors. This has a considerable percentage of display market shares. LED billboards displaying frequently changing events and messages demand such displays. These are equally good for indoor and outdoor signage.
    • Full-color display. Extremely impressive and close to real reflections digital LED display in full colors is another option. It has around 60% of global market share. More dynamic activities which need large size displays usually make use of such LED signage.


Compelling reasons.


What really are the compelling reasons associated with the popularity of LED signage? Outdoor displays are primarily growing globally due to enriched special characteristics of LED. Compared to conventional means LED displays to have notable features such as:


  • Energy economy
  • Durability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Inexpensive Maintenance

Some other reasons for rising demands of LED display products are due to its ability to meet a variety of promotional activities.

High resolution LED displays are exceedingly in demand. They are used for outdoor installation at shopping malls, stadiums, casinos, exhibitions, entertainment events, and retail stores. This is basically due to extraordinary abilities contributing to ease of use. Some popular types of LED signage are as follows.



led wall



  • LED walls, in particular, are extremely useful in event management. Large size displays mostly required at casinos, stadiums and also for shopping malls.
  • They provide excessive prospect to manage the crowd and improve the event experience with least efforts.
  • The LED display has the ability to provide the audience with up to date information in real-time.
  • Frequent changes, you can make seamlessly, and swiftly convey it to the audience comfortably.
  • Automated periodic display of multiple messages is easily manageable.
  • Videos add life to continuous display making it effective in highest terms


LED Walls. They are also called LED video walls. Before talking about the significance of outdoor LED Walls, here we feel to give some introductory knowledge about LED Walls.

LED Video walls are made using a very large number of ‘Light Emitting Diodes’ (LEDs), like any other LED display. LED are special types of semiconductor which emit light. So it is sort of a very small bulb. Special LED emits all the basic colors which can be placed in combinations of a different matrix to have full color (or all colors). Therefore LED walls are unlike other screens which are backlit.

Another advantage of using LEDs is that they are long-lasting and durable. The brightness of attractive colors is another quality of LED. Even in the sun LED displays are clearly visible. At night they become cool and more attractive to the audience.

LED Video walls are comprised of ‘Direct View’ displays, termed as DV displays. Large screens consisting of such displays which work together as a single unit are amazingly efficient. These characteristics of LED walls significantly address communication requirement among all businesses and the public.


led video wall


  1. Applications. To reach out people in efficient, effective and impressively faster means is the basic need of all businesses. LED Video walls incredibly deliver all and much more within affordable considerations. About a decade ago LED video walls were accessible to a few businesses. It was as if glowing LED walls are associated only with stadiums, malls, and casinos. But amazing magic of electronics and technology expanded fast to facilitate almost all walks of life.

Today it is like ‘who won’t go for LED video walls?’ The shopping mall is an outstanding platform for a digital sign. Based on simple technology it is easy to install and maintain. It offers significant advantages. Accordingly, Shopping Malls are massively loaded today with digital signage.


Shopping Malls Digital Signage


There is no doubt that in general, digital signage has played an effective role in business promotion. Similarly, employing LED displays in the shopping malls is extensively useful to enhance the retail business. In shopping malls, large numbers of people walk in daily and, view displays even unwillingly. The messages displayed in videos are thus conveyed seamlessly.

Combination of LED signage and shopping malls make available engagement opportunities more than any other location. Even if a shop on the top floor can advertise its sales on shopping mall entrance using LED and attract customers. Likewise, many other advantages of LED Video Walls installation in a shopping mall have significant effects.


Significance of LED Walls In The Shopping Malls.


Basically, any business owner is always concerned about cost-effectiveness. In a shopping mall, large-size LED walls are digital signage. But will it cover the expenses? The question is showing concern about the cost of advertising only. Look at the other aspect which is regarding announcements and opinion building. That is the force embedded in this kind of LED signage. Now, look at how it transforms customer’s wishes into investor’s profits.


  • Engagement


LED walls are an incredible means of enhancing customer’s engagement. Visible in bright and attractive color combinations LED walls are naturally striking. This way they can draw attention and engage potential customers. High-resolution LED Walls shining brightly have an incredible power of attention-drawing effects. In public places, like, shopping malls where foot traffic is usually high, Videos walls ensure the best outcome. The messages so delivered are bound to help expand business activities. Public engagement achieved this way is a great payback of investment in LED displays.


  • Awareness


Customer’s awareness of products is a concern of primary importance. Educating customers through effective advertising go hand in hand. This is because today’s consumers are usually aware of ongoing trends and surroundings. Therefore before investing money customers will always choose to know product details.

Through glowing large size digital displays business managers can conveniently spread product awareness. Videos can further make the task easily achievable. LED video walls provide great opportunity to inform the customers about special offers, events locations and point of interest. Visual effects have long-lasting impacts. People of all ages and gender unknowingly absorb in their memory what the product manufacturers or sellers want to convey. Awareness created using outdoor LED walls in places like shopping malls also become word of mouth. A few seconds video makes such powerful information dissemination which has no parallel. This is simply amazing and so versatile technique that worldwide LED walls have become most demanded.


  • Nice ambiance.


Most business managers rely on store rent than on cost-effectiveness of advertising. LED walls significantly help achieve both purposes. One can create a nice ambiance for customers as well as effective advertising opportunities.

A shopping mall is practically an exceptional platform for best utilization of digital signage. Any shopping mall is a high foot traffic area for many hours of the day. Therefore reaching out to more and more potential viewers becomes an easy job. This generates the most lucrative atmosphere for the business. As a result decision making of customers can be greatly influenced by LED walls.


  • Greatly impacts the purchase


According to market studies, digital advertisements greatly impact purchases. Outdoor LED walls displaying products and services not only increase foot traffic but also enhance purchases. It is a fact that about 70% of purchases in main shopping areas are the result of outdoor LED walls.


  • Reach out to the masses.


Outdoor LED walls in the shopping mall are like warmly welcoming hosts. To reach out to a considerably large number of customers by the fastest way is no better than this strategy. Videos displayed get a quick response from viewers. LED-wall is an effective platform for brands that are trying to reach a broader audience. Digital signage provides businessperson opportunity to talk to masses without giving out their own business hours.




Studies indicate that businesses, which invest in digital signage, see remarkable growth. In shopping malls LED walls to serve the same purpose. The significant impacts are due to LED screens being vibrant and have the great ability to draw the attention of the audience. LED walls are large screens formed with combinations of a different segment which work efficiently consuming least energy.

Announcements of events, brands details, services available, etc. all can be communicated at one location. Messages can go one after the other o video walls. In this way it can keep the audience abreast of latest updates, and engaged.

Places like shopping mall are most suitable for placement of LED walls. They are useful not only for businesses but also for all necessary announcements concerning public awareness. LED walls therefore significantly move and control our daily life. They are in fact, quickest to help audience to make suitable decisions in and out of markets.invariably constitute a good percentage of shopping mall customers. LED walls displaying products and specific brands of their interests can catch this large audience seamlessly. In fact digital signage is the only solution for the customers as well because traditional billboards or printed handbills cannot provide so much of information. So LED walls are not gaining acceptance for their bright colors only but also because of unmatched communication.


Another interesting factor about the growing needs of the digital environment is a psychological reason. Life of every individual is greatly dependent on digital devices. It may be a media player, notebooks, computers, and the internet. This is the norm of modern living. Therefore people naturally pay more attention to any digital mode of communication. Psychologically this happens to be more comfortably understandable communication.

In fact, LED walls are important part of every advertising campaign. With the help of Outdoor LED Display, the size of the audience grows. The shopping mall with LED wall can attract more consumers every day. Traditional methods of advertising campaign are impracticable now. Therefore more and more businesses are accepting the idea of installing video walls in the shopping mall. Outdoor LED video walls installation in the shopping mall is most significant today. However, issues such as higher initial investments for fixed installations, and the rising trend towards online advertising, may restrict its potential growth.