What are the advantages of LED Digital Billboard in school applications

The school corridor is a classic place for hanging posters. The posters have advertisements for school dances, ball games and other special events. But posters take a lot of time to make, they waste paper, and they are easily torn off. On the contrary, if you replace these with Dakco-stage LED Digital Billboard, not only can they be reused but also not easily destroyed. What are the benefits of using LED Digital Billboard in schools?

1. From a competitive point of view, the appearance of LED Digital Billboard is more dazzling than the chaotic and quaint school bulletin boards, which are boring, lifeless, and often display outdated information. In fact, Dakco LED Digital Billboard means an increase in enrollment and an increase in school evaluation, because the first impression is very important. Just like phasing out blackboards to make way for interactive whiteboards, the Dakco deployment of LED Digital Billboard marked the beginning of a new era in the education sector.


2. Cut costs. The installation of LED Digital Billboard immediately reduces costs. Reduce paper and printer usage. During the service life of Dakco LED Digital Billboard equipment, your educational institution can save tens of thousands of dollars in paper and printer toner. In addition, you will no longer need to rely on third-party advertising methods to recruit students. No need to advertise in local newspapers, reducing advertising expenditures.


3. The LED display screen enhances the learning experience. Introducing the LED Digital Billboard of Dakco Technology into your facility will help stimulate their enthusiasm in the classroom or lecture hall environment. The appeal of visual stimuli is much more than a class or a lecture that is limited to textbooks. All you need is a morning LED screen, media player and other peripherals.

Information release and display The application of LED Digital Billboard in schools is mainly in information release, school publicity, notifications, and live games. The LED Digital Billboard is flexible and changeable. It can display different content arbitrarily according to the situation, allowing students to more intuitively and deeply feel the changes in electronic products. The most important thing is to be able to timely and accurately disseminate the required content, which plays a very important role in campus information release.


4. The LED Digital Billboard improves the dissemination of information. For large organizations, a special benefit is that you can quickly distribute targeted information. In an all-encompassing event, you reach out to employees, students, and visitors, eliminating the hassle of gathering an army to distribute information. Everything from the restaurant menu to the promotion of university dances can be displayed on the Dakco LED Digital Billboard.

The campus bulletin board uses the school bulletin LED display to mainly display campus news, school memorabilia, publicity of school celebrations and activities, various notices, etc., which are used to replace traditional posting notices, banner notices, etc. The role of LED display in the bulletin board on campus is very obvious, and the advantages are also very prominent, replacing the traditional posted notice. Dakco's brilliant LED display can achieve smooth playback, and information display is more convenient. The publicity method with pictures and texts also impresses students, and its publicity effect is obvious.

5. The LED display enhances the image of the school. Imagine that a parent enters the reception area of your school and greets them with a compelling LED electronic display that shows students' learning and proudly displays your teaching achievements . Dont try to persuade parents to send students to your school, or persuade students to enroll in your college or university. A strong image can also inspire your current students, boost morale and self-esteem. Students feel a sense of identity. After all, what kind of students dont want to take center stage?

Publicity application at the school gate Dakco LED Digital Billboard are used in campuses. The display at the school gate is the most intuitive and an important window that directly reflects the spirit of the school and its image. In campus applications, the requirements for this type of display are relatively high. High precision and high color rendering index are required. This type of display screen is generally set at the most conspicuous position at the school gate, and it broadcasts the latest developments of the school in real time, as well as the school's philosophy, purpose, and school motto. This has played a very important role in building the corporate image.