Osram partners with Kyocera Japan to develop Micro LED display drive technology for AR

According to MicroLED-info, Japan’s Kyocera (Kyocera) and Osram announced a collaboration to develop a Micro LED display drive technology. At present, the two parties have completed the design of hybrid PWM drive technology for Micro LED displays.

It is said that this new drive technology can avoid the use of lower pixel currents to pass through the Micro LED chip, thereby reducing brightness deviation and color shift problems at low grayscale levels.


Kyocera demonstrated this driving technology in its 3.9-inch full-color Micro LED display based on an LTPS backplane. This technology also uses the Reflector Cavity Process to improve the brightness of the display.
LEDinside learned from industry insiders that the driving technology jointly developed by Kyocera and Osram can bring high brightness and excellent color performance, so it can be used in Micro LED displays for AR.

Picture from glō

It is reported that Kyocera is already developing wearable applications based on Micro LED displays. In 2019, Kyocera and Micro LED technology manufacturer glō developed and exhibited a 1.8-inch Micro LED display. This Micro LED display based on the LTPS backplane has a resolution of up to 200 PPI and a brightness of up to 1,000,000 nits. It is mainly used for smart wearable applications.