Application areas of LED digital signage

Due to the shift in supply and demand patterns between digital signage manufacturers and various industries in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, the market growth rate in these regions will slow down. Emerging markets, such as Africa and Arab countries, will become the focus of manufacturers. Become the main force to promote the further growth of the digital signage market. So in what areas can digital signage be applied?

First of all, as an important information tool in the fields of finance and energy, electricity, logistics, transportation, and flights, digital signage is conducive to the efficient management of cities. Digital signage in the transportation field combines information transmission with entertainment, audio and video, and can realize real-time and broad information. Digital signage can provide passengers with service information such as subway route maps, passenger instructions, civilized passenger travel, and health information. Provide TV programs and broadcasts; daily notifications and announcements; emergency notifications, such as extreme weather information, train delay notifications, sudden major accidents, etc. In order to provide passengers with travel convenience and a rich travel life.

As an important part of modern transportation facilities, digital signage is widely used in airports and is an important part of airport information construction. Digital signage can display changing information and update the information at any time. For example, the flight information display system at the airport is used to display the route, flight number, gate number, arrival and departure time of the aircraft, return flight and departure flight status . Compared with traditional information dissemination tools, the outstanding advantage of the digital signage system is to make full use of the trivial time of the audience. As a concentrated bus station for passengers, it is undoubtedly a scattered time concentration camp. Because of its powerful display function, intuitive information transmission function, vivid and exquisite advertising pictures and colorful content, digital signage brings different audiovisual sensory experiences to the audience, and makes it easier for the audience to accept, thus making the information transmission more effective . This level of synergy between "supply" and "demand" has contributed to the widespread application of airport digital signage.