All-in-one LED display shipments was exceeded 2,000 pieces in 2020

In 2020, the demand for online office and remote meetings will increase sharply. All-in-one LED display are gradually caused by the advantages of large size, seamless, high brightness, functional ALL IN ONE (wireless projection, video conferencing...), and convenient installation. The market attaches great importance to the market. At the same time, in 2020, many companies have released new LED all-in-one products, such as Leyard, Corrent, Maxhub, Absen, etc. At the same time, the number of new entrants is increasing, such as household appliances companies, LCD interactive flat panel companies, For splicing display companies, the all-in-one LED display market will gradually become a new battlefield for companies to grab.

In 2020, the new crown epidemic has given birth to interactive all-in-ones, and all-in-one LED display are no exception. Sales have exceeded 1,000 pieces, and sales have reached the level of 100 million. According to the statistics of DISCIEN, the overall shipment of the small-pitch all-in-one LED display market in 2020 was reached 2.2K, with sales of 540 million yuan, accounting for 4.5% of the overall LED small-pitch market sales.


The increase in meeting rooms is limited, and the future increase in all-in-one LED display will replace the demand for existing display products.


Looking forward to the future market space of all-in-one LED display, conference applications will be the main source of increase. From the perspective of the number of domestic conference rooms, the future growth space is limited. According to the statistics of CORC, the office building vacancy rate of all first-tier cities in 2020 will be operating above 20%, which is a 10-year high. The national average vacancy rate of office buildings exceeds 30%; the vacancy rate of Grade A office buildings in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen It is also continuing to increase; therefore, if the all-in-one LED display device wants to increase in the conference market in the future, it will replace the demand for existing products. Alternative products will include conference projection, LCD splicing, large-size TV/single display; and DISCIEN It is believed that LCD splicing will be the first alternative product, mainly because the splicing price is higher than that of projectors and TVs; the display area is large and the splicing is bad.