Why is the market for all-in-ones LED screen growing rapidly?

Catalyzed by the COVID-19, the demand for remote office and cloud video conferencing has increased sharply, accelerating the development process of screen equipment in conference scenarios. At the same time, it also pays more attention to the quality of conference development, such as convenience and1 efficiency, so it is more suitable for the integration of conference scenarios. The all-in-one LED screen also further emerged.

From a specific market perspective: the COVID-19 catalyzed and accelerated development. Take the all-in-one LED screen of LED screen leader Leyard as an example, the current size has covered 108~220 inches, and the dot pitch is between P0.7-P2.5, and the P0.7 Micro LED all-in-one LED screen is mentioned above. Typical works driven by the micro-screen technology.


From the perspective of the overall market share: more than 50% of the all-in-one LED screen are sold for 2K P1.5135/136/138 inches. Under the 4K trend, the corresponding P0.7 135 inches (Leyard has taken the lead in mass production in 2020) . The former is a cost-effective choice, and the latter is a representative of technology benchmarks.


From the perspective of technological trends: the current size of conference all-in-one LED screen is mainly applied to larger than 108 inches. However, as the Mini/Micro LED technology continues to mature and the cost decreases, the conference all-in-one LED screen will move to 82 inches, 75 inches and even smaller sizes, and will have the opportunity to enter conference scenes below 110 inches. As a result, the entire conference scene covers more numbers, the market space is larger, and the prospects are broader.


So in the medium and long term: with meeting upgrades and demand upgrades, meeting room applications are a huge potential market. With the help of IoT, artificial intelligence, 5G, 8K, and Mini/Micro LED technology, the conference all-in-one LED screen will become the new favorite of the conference room and the high ground for major manufacturers.