How much do you know about Transparent LED Screen?


Transparent LED screen is a kind of LED display, and it is also made of LED modules, which can be used to display various information such as text, image, video, video signal and live signal. Transparent LED screen has high transparency, which do not affect vision and allow 65%-90% of natural light to enter the indoor. Undoubtedly, it is the preferred digital screen for shop-window advertising.




As a subdivision of LED display screens, LED transparent screens have wide market prospects. With advantages of ultra light and thin cabinets, weight only14kg/㎡and the thickness of the screen board only 10mm, no need steel structure to support installation, very easy to install and and maintain in long-term use, they can be applied to glass curtain walls, stage, large building and commercial space such as airports, high-speed rail stations, glass bridge,subway stations, exhibition centers, hotel theaters etc. and new retail shop windows, to convey message or advertising. It’s available for outdoor use. 

According to the forecast of foreign institutions, the market value of LED transparent screen will be close to 87.2 billion US dollars by 2025. In China alone, the total area of modern glass curtain walls has exceeded 70 million square meters, and most of them are in urban areas, which is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising. In modern countries, I believe transparent LED screen will be widely used in the following years.



PRODUCT FEATURES(Take Dakco P3.91-7.81 Transparent LED Screen for example)

1. High transparency transparency ≥75%

2. Ultra-thin, ultra-light, made of die-casting aluminum, ultra-thin design, weighing only 12kg/m²

3. Brightness can be up to ≥5300cd/m², clearly visible under direct sunlight. Adjustable brightness, wide range of brightness adjustment to meet the needs of various environments

4. High refresh rate ≥3840HZ 

5. High contrast up to 5000:1 

6. High gray level up to16bits 

7. HD High pixel density with resolution up to 1080P

8. Ultra-wide viewing angle, horizontal viewing angle up to 120° and vertical viewing angle up to 120°

9. Energy saving. High integrated circuit design, ultra low power consumption, 50% lower than traditional display.

10. Ultra-quiet power supply, voice can be ignored

11. Modular box splicing installation, easy maintenance, light strip can be taken directly from the front, truly seamless stitching, good flatness

12. Intelligent mobile phone, tablet wireless connection, video, picture text multiple interaction.




Transparent LED screen is ultra-thin, ultra-light, with fast connection lock to build quick connection between cabinets. Easy installation, no need steel structure. Available for hoisting and floor installing, indoor and semi-outdoor environment, also available for curved edge projects.



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