How to Develop Outdoor LED Display in 5G Era?

According to some data analysis, outdoor LED displays occupy a large share in the LED display market, with the epidemic under control and the advancement of urban digital transformation, people’s demand for entertainment has exploded, the emergence of glassesless 3D large screens, and the advancement of cluster release technology have brought new opportunities for outdoor LED displays.



In the past, information dissemination was the only function of outdoor LED displays. Nowadays, with the digital development of outdoor advertising, the number of outdoor LED displays is increasing. With the deepening of people's understanding of LED display, LED display has gradually entered the world's cities, and become an indispensable part of urban beautification. Among them, the form and quality of outdoor LED display is particularly important. In fact, the urban landscape has a significant impact on the development of local tourism. Outdoor LED display can be used as an independent individual to show its artistic charm in various forms and become one of the city's attractions. Therefore, in response to people's demand for improving the quality of life and the development of urban tourism, many governments have included outdoor LED displays in their urban beautification deployment plans, to empower the city to beautify the environment and promote the progress of outdoor LED display technology.


From the perspective of urban culture, after five thousand years of continuous development in China, each city in the land of China has deposited a profound cultural heritage and has different humanistic characteristics. With the rise of the construction of characteristic cities in various parts of our country, outdoor LED displays, as an important component of urban construction, can also combine local historical and cultural heritage, give humane care, build unique outdoor LED displays in various forms, and expand outdoor LED displays Application scenarios in urban landscaping. In this year's large and small exhibitions, in addition to small spacing, we can also see a variety of LED creative display products. Technological iterations, new products are introduced, and the field of outdoor display screens is gradually divided. According to the actual conditions of the installation environment and customer demands, various forms of creative LED displays such as film screens, transparent screens, special-shaped screens, and floor tile screens have been derived. According to market demand, LED display companies have developed more visually impactful LED displays, occupying the high ground of the outdoor display market, and constructing a new focus for companies in outdoor display.



In order to accelerate the construction of smart cities, the government will increase capital investment in smart cities, and a large amount of capital investment directly promotes the mature application of new technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, AR, and VR, make outdoor LED display more diversified use. For example, last year, the glassesless 3D spacecraft in Taikoo Li Chengdu used the combination of LED display and glassesless 3D technology to achieve shocking visual effects, which attracted a lot of attention and was instantly swiped by the circle of friends. With the continuous development and innovation of technology, the good integration of LED display and various new technologies will provide LED display companies with a more diversified development direction. Outdoor LED large-screen advertising can mobilize a variety of on-site expression methods on the premise of making full use of the media scene environment and space to create comprehensive and rich sensory stimulation, combining images, sentences, three-dimensional objects, dynamic sound effects, environment, etc. , can be cleverly integrated. At the same time, using VR interactive glassesless 3D and other technologies, the large-screen media and the mobile Internet terminal are interacted to achieve a seamless connection from offline to online.


At present, the outdoor LED display market is still expanding, but it is also a reality that the industry faces severe challenges. For example, product homogeneity, increasingly complex approval procedures and the current fierce price war cannot be ignored. Outdoor LED display companies are trying to find a way out. Compared with the national policy support, the enterprise's own efforts are more important. The advent of the 5G era will benefit the entire society. Therefore, outdoor LED displays can also be equipped with 5G technology to enable multi-screen networking, functional interaction and the launch of more intelligent products. The era of big data is coming, and many industries are benefiting from data resources. Outdoor LED display can integrate big data resources to realize real-time screen interaction and build a smart outdoor LED display network.


With the advancement of technology, people have higher and higher requirements for visual effects, advertisers began to pursue more realistic and clear advertising picture presentation effect, when people can see the delicate skin texture of models on outdoor skincare advertisements, seeing the whole process of food from production to entrance in outdoor food advertisements, and seeing the exquisite cutting craftsmanship of diamonds in outdoor jewelry advertisements will definitely bring people a novel and exciting visual experience, which will lead to better advertising dissemination effect. Higher grayscale, contrast, and wider color gamut have become new requirements for outdoor LED displays.

In recent years, the people’s awareness of rights protection has greatly increased and they have paid great attention to their own rights. Therefore, the number of rights protection cases has risen sharply, including the protection of rights and interests in a good surrounding environment. In addition, local governments are paying more and more attention to environmental protection issues and constantly improving the environmental protection legal system. It is urgent to solve the light pollution problem of outdoor LED displays. However, the root cause of solving light pollution lies not in advertisers, but in LED display companies. LED display companies can achieve intelligent brightness control through technological innovation, taking into account the need for outdoor LED displays to perfectly present the visual experience during the day and reduce the brightness at night. Fundamentally solve the problem of light pollution and promote the sustainable development of outdoor LED displays.

As one of the important communication carriers, outdoor LED displays are still full of vitality in modern cities. According to market demands, outdoor LED displays with smart high-definition and free brightness control will become a hot product. Therefore, companies need to have a forward-looking vision, keep up with the pace of the times, increase investment in R&D and innovation, and ensure their own healthy development. In 2021, the drive of technology and the realization of creativity, let us look forward to the excitement brought by outdoor LED displays and create infinite possibilities.