The difference between DIP and SMD

In the production process of LED display, packaging is an indispensable process. What is packaging? That is, the LED display chip is packaged with an insulating plastic or ceramic material to isolate the chip from the outside world to prevent impurities in the air from corroding the chip circuit and causing electrical performance degradation. The packaged chip is easier to install and transport. Packaging technology is very important, because only packaged products can become end products and be used by users, and the quality of packaging technology directly affects the performance of the product itself. Good packaging can make LEDs have better luminous efficiency and heat dissipation environment,which will increase the lifespan of LEDs. Reliable packaging technology is the only way for products to become practical and market. In the production process, packaging is a very important solution.


Currently, there are two common packaging methods on the market: DIP packing and SMD packaging. What is the difference between these two packages? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


1.DIP package


DIP package is the abbreviation of dual inline-pin package, commonly known as plug-in type. It was the first to develop. The LED lamp beads are produced by the manufacturer, and then the LED module and LED display manufacturer insert it into the LED PCB lamp board, and after wave soldering, the semi-outdoor module and outdoor waterproof module of DIP are produced.

However, due to the influence of the diameter of the lamp bead, the narrowest pixel pitch can only be achieved is P6 at present. Other P5, P4 and even higher density outdoor LED displays cannot be made. The DIP protection performance is good, but the viewing angle is not easy to fix accurately, generally between 100°-110°, and high energy consumption, not environmentally friendly, so it is only suitable for outdoor use, currently there is a larger market for outdoor P10-P20. At present, it is mainly composed of DIP 346,DIP546, and DIP 146. It is mainly used in single and dual-color LED modules, outdoor full-color P8 (dip146), outdoor full-color P10 (346), outdoor full-color P16 ( 346), outdoor full-color P20 (346).


2.SMD package



When we talk about the SMD, sometimes may be confused about the SMD and SMT, SMD,it is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices, is one of SMT components. In the initial stage of electronic circuit board production, the via assembly is completely operated manually.SMD is a kind of component, SMT is a kind of technology and craft, one is an object, the other is a non-object.The role is different,SMD is used in the first batch of automated machines, they can be placed some simple pin components, while SMT is a circuit assembly technology that mounts leadless or short lead surface mount components on the surface of a printed circuit board.

SMD package means: surface mount device, which is one of SMT components. Surface mount components were introduced about twenty years ago, and this opened a new era. For a long time, people believed that all pin components could eventually be packaged in SMD. SMD technology is widely used in LED outdoor displays. The three-in-one surface mount technology we often say is actually a type of SMD technology, which means that the SMT lamps packaged with three different colors of RGB LED chips are packaged in the same gel at a certain interval. The main models are indoor SMD1515, SMD1010, SMD2020, SMD2121, SMD 3528, etc., outdoor 3535, SMD 2727, SMD 1921, etc.

The advantages of the surface mount three-in-one outdoor full-color LED display are as follows: the viewing angle of the whole screen is larger than that of DIP screen, and the surface can be treated with diffuse reflection, the result is not granular, the color saturation is high, and the color uniformity is good. . Three-in-one overall flatness is easier to control, and it has always been the standard technology used in high-definition outdoor LED displays.

With the continuous improvement of technology and production process in recent years, SMD has developed rapidly, and its production cost has been reduced a lot. It is currently the mainstream product of indoor LED displays. And it has developed rapidly to the outdoor market, but brightness and waterproof and moisture-proof have always been difficult to overcome. I believe that the entire industry continues to develop, and outdoor SMD will become the mainstream outdoor led display product .

In order to meet the different needs of customers, we developed outdoor Genesis led display, provide customers with DIP and SMD optimization solutions, both of which adopt a common cathode energy-saving design, mainly outdoor SMDP6.67, outdoor SMDP8, outdoor SMDP10, and the brightness reaches more than 6500CD/. Outdoor DIPP10, DIP P13.3, DIP P16,the brightness can reach more than 10000CD/.

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