XR technology + LED display, leading the new trend

In the last two years, the XR technology has begun to enter the public consciousness, More and more scenes such as concerts, press conferences, movie shooting scenes and TV shows are beginning to use high-tech and realistic XR technology to realize more possibilities for creation. With the blessing of 5G, the popularization of extended reality (XR) technology is the general trend. By constructing a virtual world and interacting with the real world, it finally realizes the perfect integration of virtual and reality.



XR (Extended Reality) is a term used to describe an environment or interactive behavior that combines virtual and real elements. In addition to what people usually think of XR as including AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and MR (mixed reality), it also has special meaning in film, television, broadcasting, and live entertainment production. At present, XR has become the mainstream of the virtual studio industry. In the industry description a few years ago, XR is more like an overall description of AR and VR technology. It can be used to refer to an integrated system that includes the virtual and real world, and can even be equivalent to a specific motion capture technology, AR application or VR game. In the field of content production, it is specifically referred to as a workflow that includes an LED display, a camera tracking system, and a powerful graphics engine. It is a virtual production method that places performers in a virtual world in real time without the need for a green screen and post-production process.

With the rapid development of the LED display industry, innovative elements continue to emerge, and there are many new opportunities for development, application areas are also increasing day by day. Among them, XR technology, as a hot topic this year, will soon shine in the professional audio-visual field.

The reason why the LED display is widely used in virtual production is not only because it is more compatible with XR technology, but also because it has a better boost to the performance of actors' acting skills and the post-production of videos. XR video production with LED display screen as the background, first of all uses real-time rendering technology to restore the photo-level dynamic digital scene on the LED display screen, build the shooting scene, output the composite through the media server, and use the camera tracking system to locate the space and location Information, real-time mapping of the spatial relationship between the characters and the scene, real-time presentation and output of a virtual scene without blind spots, and in this real-time rendering of the shooting scene, actors can directly interact with the virtual and visible scene, this kind of physical reference Compared with the traditional performance without physical objects, the scene allows the actors to experience a more realistic sensory performance environment, allowing the actors to quickly enter the play.

In the traditional green screen shooting environment, it often takes a lot of time to carry out fine image cutting processing and fix the color overflow problem. Compared with the traditional green screen, the LED display solves this problem well. The shooting team can interact with the LED display in the created 3D environment. During this process, the shooting team can not only edit the content in real time, but also accurately track the pixels, and perform perspective correction on the high-resolution rendered 3D image. After the precise camera tracking system was added, the camera began to move around the seamlessly integrated real and virtual elements in the LED environment, giving the viewer the illusion of fusion and immersion through the camera’s perspective; Secondly, because the shooting scene is generated by the LED display screen, it supports importing conventional pictures, 360°panoramic pictures and videos, 3D models, and external camera signals into the studio, so that the scene can be freely switched at any time, LED display stage technology and playback technology have greatly reduced the time and difficulty of post-production for the visual special effects department, and the time cost and shooting cost of video production have also been greatly reduced; Furthermore, the LED stage combined with XR technology shows more precise highlights, reflections and bounces on film reflective suits, therefore, the use of LED display combined with XR technology for shooting can make the director directly feel the real-time picture on the spot, shorten the work flow, and greatly reduce the workload of the post, while improving production efficiency, it can also create more magical scenes according to the director's needs. In addition, virtual production solves the cost of crew transportation and environmental waiting costs for location shooting. Simply put, the crew can produce and modify the required environment at any time without waiting for the rain or sunset.



The LED display combined with the virtual film and television production technology of XR technology has changed the traditional film production method and brought more possibilities and innovations to the film production. With the rapid development of China's film industrialization, it will be an inevitable thing that the virtual space expansion work system will be popularized in the film industry production line. By then, the market demand for LED displays in this field will increase significantly.

The applications of XR technology are limitless. According to data, the consumer market is the largest market for AR/VR spending. In the next two years, the XR market is expected to grow 8 times, and the market size will exceed 209 billion US dollars by 2022. Manufacturing, retail and service industries, etc. The market is also an important direction for this expenditure. This shows that XR has great potential for development in entertainment, marketing, training, real estate, remote collaboration, etc. As the 5G network matures, XR's response speed and data processing capabilities will be greatly improved, which is conducive to its technology The application quickly landed and widely popularized. The virtual production technology of LED display combined with XR technology has many advantages compared with green screen, but the xR technology itself also has limitations. Can XR completely replace the green screen? It has been about 5 years since the birth of XR technology, and the related software and hardware devices still have huge room for optimization. The green screen shooting has developed to a very mature stage in the nearly 90 years from 1933 to the present, so in some cases the use of green screen can achieve more ideal results.



The development of XR technology has driven the development of related LED displays and opened up a new application market for LED displays. The bright future of LED+XR virtual production has come to us in great strides. How to promote the progress of the virtual production industry with more sophisticated display technology and XR solutions, contributing to a better audiovisual life for people is also one of the important measures for LED screen companies to improve their core competitiveness.