The rise of outdoor LED signs

Urban modernization is the inevitable pursuit of all urban development, Driven by the tide of social informatization, an important sign of a modern city is the construction of urban informatization. Relying on the development of computer technology systems based on computer networks, including modern high-tech, mainly using various information technologies, to develop, manage, and apply various information resources in the city. It is also under this social background that digital display screens with a unified management platform have become more and more important in modern cities, and our country's outdoor digital signage has developed rapidly.



The human environment is an indispensable part of the urban environment, and humans and commercial activities are accompanied, especially in modern cities, the more active commercial activities, the more prosperous the city. Therefore, outdoor advertising is naturally essential to balance economic and environmental demands. The rise of outdoor digital signage applications is a product of the times. With the implementation of the lighting project and the night economy, the role of outdoor digital signage has become more prominent, the market recognition has increased year by year, and the expansion rate of the outdoor digital signage market has also increased, deriving a variety of outdoor LED displays Screen, and has become the most mature and extensive field of industry applications. Because it can be based on a unified management platform, the outdoor LED display can not only ensure the standardization and organization of information, but also realize the timing and fixed-point promotion of information, which not only prevents advertisements from disturbing the people, but also improves the efficiency of information dissemination. The more critical point is that the outdoor LED display can realize the update of information through software operation, which makes up for the shortcomings of posters, billboards, etc. that require replacement of hardware to achieve information update, facilitating the update of information also reduces operation and maintenance costs, and is more in line with the green and environmental development concept advocated by modern cities.



With the continuous improvement of technology and the continuous maturity of market applications, digital signage has become diversified in form and application form, and has become an information dissemination platform in a broad sense. This will be reflected in the application of modern cities. More vividly. If the outdoor advertising is properly designed, it can not only add color to the urban environment, highlight the humanistic charm of the city, but also improve the efficiency of advertising information itself. Compared with traditional static billboards, today's outdoor digital signage is dominated by LED large-screen display products, incorporating trendy elements such as special-shaped splicing, touch interaction, etc., which can carry more creative elements and create a more shocking vision Effect. Especially in the display of large-scale buildings, large-scale digital signs mostly use LED screens that can be infinitely spliced and seamless. Compared with LCD walls, they have high brightness, strong corrosion resistance, and have more advantages in large-area construction costs. The super large LED display is separately classified as a class of application scenarios. Compared with traditional outdoor billboards, LED outdoor display large screens have stronger dynamic picture visual impact, and the conversion rate of brand advertising is also higher. Therefore, in recent years, LED displays have been additionally favored by outdoor end users.



Due to the rapid economic growth and the improvement of living facilities, the density of urban population is getting higher and higher, and the denser the population, the more complicated and interrelated information is involved. Therefore, I want to create a stable and harmonious urban living environment. The smooth flow of urban public information has become a rigid demand. With the help of a large LED display and unified operation, relevant departments can promptly push specific information to the general public in a timely manner, including temporary notifications, traffic accidents, extreme weather, hazardous events and other emergencies, so that people can understand things at any time. Make progress and avoid unnecessary panic and injury. Especially with the rise of the mobile Internet, the urban digital signage network can use personal smart phones as push terminals. The public platform and private platform work together to ensure the specific push of important information and avoid the omission of important information. In addition to the promotion of public interest, digital signage can also bring tangible commercial benefits. Relevant departments can set up special digital areas in central urban areas or business districts, and lease large LED display screens to advertisers in time intervals to bring real capital income to the city. At the same time, these large LED display screens that integrate art, architecture and advertising design elements will directly reflect the city's commercial and cultural heritage and become the best interactive platform for investors and urban commerce.

Compared with large outdoor LED screens, small LED screens seem to be much inferior in terms of area. Small LED screens are easy to overlook, but it is undeniable that in the construction of smart cities, the existence of small LED screens is crucial of. It can be said that the key application field of LED small screens is smart cities, especially in the field of smart transportation, traffic guidance screens. Today, with highly developed traffic, the demand is quite astonishing, and the demand for LED light pole screens is even more unimaginable. Under the demand for charging problems of new energy vehicles and wireless networks, there is a strong demand for smart light poles that integrate multiple functions such as lighting, charging, WIFI, display, and monitoring, and are used in any region and any project. Its demand will also be relatively large. In this case, even if the LED light pole screen area is small, people have to face up to its market value. As a form of digital signage, LED light pole screen has remote voice intercom, remote interactive video, remote face recognition, WIFI, weather environment monitoring, remote cluster control and other functions, and the display effect is very "smart" , Can present the excellent outdoor experience of highlighting and high-definition. On the other hand, the installation of the LED light pole screen is much more convenient than the conventional display. It only needs the assistance of the street light pole without excessive manpower input. In addition, the LED light pole screen has synchronous reception and synchronous playback. Therefore, it has natural advantages in terms of road guidance, real-time broadcast of road conditions, information release, and advertisement dissemination, and the subsequent maintenance is also very simple.



The main application scenario of the traffic guidance screen is the first-class highway in the city. Due to the complex and diverse outdoor environment, the outdoor traffic display requires the display to clearly display road, traffic and other related information in poor visibility weather, and when it has light control, etc. At the same time, it also needs to have high protection, lightning protection, waterproof and other functions to ensure the normal release of information. It is required to be able to work uninterrupted for 24 hours. Therefore, the smart transportation market has an emphasis on the quality of LED display products, stability and service life. The requirements are higher.The COB technology, a new generation of super-protection technology on the surface of the LED display, can be water-proof, moisture-proof, sun-proof, and bump-proof from the root, which is very suitable for the needs of traffic guidance, which is conducive to the increase of the penetration rate of the LED display in the field of outdoor traffic display. With the improvement of LED display recognition, high-brightness outdoor display, and excellent protection performance, more and more roads use traffic guidance screens as display devices, and the demand for traffic guidance screens on the market is gradually increasing.

No matter which type of product has a broader prospect, it has promoted the development of the industry and stimulated the growth of demand. It not only creates a larger market space for high-end products such as small spacing, but also stimulates emerging technologies such as face recognition, AR, and VR. The development of the combination with LED display screens has brought more possibilities for traditional products such as single and dual-color LED display screens to penetrate into the society in many fields. For LED screen companies, only by continuously investing in research and development to update and iterate products, integrate new scientific and technological means, and build their own core competitiveness can they survive and develop in this fierce market competition.