Naked eye 3D outdoor display densely presented, a new evolution of outdoor media

The popular outdoor 3D display has once again come under the spotlight of the industry and the community, especially in all links of the industrial chain. For outdoor naked-eye 3D LED displays and conventional LED displays, the differences in software and hardware and special requirements are both very concerned. At the same time, relevant building owners have also begun to consult the expert on the technical principles, products, and selling prices behind this 3D display.
In February of this year, the 2000㎡ "Chongqing Light" naked-eye 3D giant screen appeared on CCTV News, creating the name card of Chongqing city; in May, the country’s first tri-fold naked-eye 3D giant screen was unveiled in Yancheng; at the same time, Shenzhen’s first naked-eye 3D giant screen "The Light of Futian" debuted and became a new landmark for Internet celebrities. On July 1, on the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the party and the 24th anniversary of Hong Kong's return, the Victoria Harbor 3D show was successfully performed in Tamar Park, Hong Kong. Naked-eye 3D was first used in important event celebrations, expanding the application of naked-eye 3D to a wider range of scenes.....
A naked-eye 3D trend has quietly blown and swept across the country with lightning speed, detonating a new experience of super-sensory intelligence in the era of technology.


Ⅰ, What is the naked-eye 3D?
Naked-eye 3D is a kind of spatial and 3D interaction that does not require glasses. The quality of naked-eye 3D can be judged from the two dimensions of viewing distance and content. In different installation environments, the pixel pitch of the display determines the viewing angle and viewing distance of the viewer. The higher the clarity of the content, the more video content can be displayed; in addition, the content design is also very critical, according to the display screen " The “tailor-made” naked-eye parallax video allows the audience to have an immersive sense of interaction.
There are two types of 3D modes: passive 3D display and active 3D display. For traditional naked-eye 3D display viewers, the video content seen by the left and right eyes has a certain visual difference, forming a 3D effect. Many naked-eye 3D display cases that are currently popular are installed through the screen and combined with the production of creative content to form an immersive experience is not a naked-eye 3D display in the traditional sense. We believe that the current naked-eye 3D display effect needs to be evaluated from the combination of display product display effect, installation scene, and creative content.

Ⅱ, Compared with conventional LED displays, what are the differences/difficulties in software and hardware for outdoor 3D LED displays?
1) Our conventional display screen is flat and two-dimensional, and 2D and 3D content will not have a 3D effect. Now it is installed with a 90° right-angle arc to achieve a non-two-dimensional display surface. This part of the product with arc ( PCB, modules, cabinets) are all customized products.
2) The video content to be played is customized to match the resolution of the display screen, and the price is relatively high.
3) In order to present the best display effect of naked eye 3D LED display, the software should support high-definition, high-color-depth video coding, and can be adapted to play on atypical screens such as polygons or curved surfaces. In terms of hardware, naked-eye 3D LED displays put more emphasis on detailed images, so the display has higher requirements on grayscale, refresh and frame rate.



Ⅲ. Compared with the traditional LED displays, in order to achieve a better naked-eye 3D experience, the software and hardware configuration requirements of the naked-eye 3D LED displays are higher, and the product specifications and design requirements are also higher. Mainly reflected in several aspects:
1) Content design and creativity that can produce parallax;
2) The fusion of display color and ambient light;
3) The integration of LED display installation structure and installation scene.

Ⅳ.Compared with ordinary LED displays, is there any significant difference in cost or selling price of outdoor naked-eye 3D led displays?
1.Compared with ordinary LED displays, naked-eye 3D screens need to be adapted to specific installation scenarios, and some functions are customized and developed. The corresponding cost or price will be increased. The goal is to provide customers with perfect solutions and the best viewing experience. .
2.Compared with ordinary displays, the difference on the driver IC is slightly more obvious, about 3%-5%.
3.The improvement of hardware specifications should have an impact on the cost or selling price of 3D screens. It also depends on the location of its application device and the creative content being played

Ⅴ. What is the future trend of outdoor naked-eye 3D LED displays?
Outdoor naked eye 3D LED display can be described as a group of extreme combination of display technology and installation art. While providing a novel visual experience, it captures the audience's attention and creates a topic on the online social media. In the future, related LED displays should develop toward smaller pitches, higher-definition images, and more diverse screen shapes, and integrate with other public art and even natural landscapes.
The naked eye 3D is a brand-new commercial application that brings the traditional single outdoor media into a new era. The video media display with naked eye 3D gives users an immersive sense of interaction and can attract more audiences, the spread of advertising has doubled.
The outdoor display has achieved such a popular spreading effect with naked eye 3D, and it can be expected that more outstanding cases will emerge in the future. And with the development of technology and the reduction of cost, it can be imagined that the LED display in the future will no longer only rely on 3D video effects and multi-faceted screens, but directly use the parallax effect of the screen hardware to show the real naked eye 3D image with more details. 



Combining new technologies, new application scenarios and creative content may be the development trend of naked eye 3D LED screens. The naked eye 3D LED display can be combined with AR, VR and holographic technology to realize the application of two-way interactive naked eye 3D LED display. The naked eye 3D LED display combined with the stage and lighting creates a sense of space and immersive visual experience, bringing a strong visual impact to the audience. With the development of the entertainment industry, people's demand for spiritual and cultural content is increasing, creative media is developing rapidly, and outdoor large led displays have become an important carrier. These favorable factors have promoted the expansion of the overall scale of outdoor displays and lightened up its development prospects.