The Important Role of LED Display in Pandemic Prevention in China

The powerful LED display has played a hugely positive role in supporting pandemic prevention, traffic management, personnel control, public welfare, etc. It is a window for scientific decision-making and scientific command, and an accelerator for improving the efficiency of pandemic prevention.


(1) The government Emergency Command

The government Emergency Command Center can control various charts, data, materials, and documents through powerful LED screens, provide massive information and accurate data for scientific decision-making, and better respond to emergencies.

When the epidemic occurs, major designated hospitals can flexibly switch to online video conferences, online consultations with experts, remote diagnosis, and other modes through large LED screens when resources are scarce to help patients receive better and faster treatment.



(2) Awareness inside Campus

In this rampant COVID-19 period, the safety of all teachers and students is of the utmost importance. The role of popularizing anti-epidemic knowledge inside the campus is displayed through the LED display in a timely manner. It is important for teachers and students to understand the information related to the pandemic so that teachers and students on campus can improve their awareness relating to it.


(3) Traffic Command Center

In the face of the epidemic, we must not be careless. In this important moment of prevention and control, strict traffic control has also been implemented across the country. In this regard, the LED display of the Traffic Command Center has become the key tool of information collection and the core window of real-time command.


(4) Transmission of Logistics and Transportation Information

The large-screen LED display of the traffic command center can respond to the data accurately, clearly, and quickly transmit road traffic information, flight take-off, landing information, and railway information to decision-makers to ensure the safety of dispatching and commanding. Efficient and reliable, timely transportation and delivery of epidemic materials are ensured.


(5) The powerful large LED display in the monitoring and command center comes with a single-screen display, full-screen display, or any combination of screen displays. Various types of signals are mixed and displayed. Efficient data visualization and scheduling of various complex signals are achieved. It enables to provide various communication and information services for leaders of government departments and personnel involved in command and helps to mobilize various resources in a timely and effective manner.