Four Installation Methods of Transparent LED Display

When purchasing a transparent LED display, not only do you care about the price and the way to use the transparent LED display, but also the methods to install it.  

In many cases, the transparent LED display is lighter in weight and thinner in structure. But how to install the transparent LED display? What are the 4 installation methods? Actually In different installation environments, the installation methods of transparent LED displays are also different.


Stacking installation are often found in glass windows and exhibition halls etc. For example, if the display is not high, and it can be simply fixed at the bottom. If the display is high, it needs to be fixed up and down behind the display.


Frame installation needs no steel structure for use, mainly used in the field of architectural glass curtain wall.


Hoisting installation needs a suitable installation location, such as a beam lintel above. The interior beams are hoisted with steel wires.


Hanging installation indoors is wall-mounted and requires concrete beams on the wall or at the suspension, while outdoor installation mainly relies on steel structure, with no limit for the display area and weight.


The four methods mentioned are the common installation methods of LED transparent displays. As per different application scenarios, the methods selected will be different. They will be flexibly changed based on the actual situation of the sites and the design requirements.