What Is the Best Display for Modern Conference Rooms?

In modern conference rooms, a large display is often installed and used for conference display, video conference, employee training, business reception etc. However, many people who are not very familiar with the display of large screens do not know how to choose the most suitable one, and often use traditional projectors to display. At present, in addition to traditional projectors, the commonly used large-screen displays in modern conference rooms mainly include three types as follows:


1. Smart Conference Panel

Smart conference panel can be understood as an upgraded version of a large-sized LCD TV, with sizes ranging from 65~100 inches. It is characterized by a large single screen, 4K HD display, no need for splicing, and it can be directly swiped on the screen with your fingers. In addition, the smart conference panel is equipped with built-in Android and Windows dual systems. It can be quickly switched, that is to say, it can be used as a large touch screen, and can also be used as a computer. The characteristics of the smart conference panel are that the size of a single screen is large, and the operation is relatively simple and fast, but it cannot be spliced and thus limits its scope of use to a certain extent. The room should not be too large, and the content on the screen will not be clearly seen at a longer viewing distance, so it is more suitable for small and medium-sized conference rooms.



In the past, it was basically used in the security industry, and its high stability and diversified splicing functions made it shine in the security industry. However, in recent years with the continuous improvement of seam technology, the seam is constantly narrowing. The SLCD can be expanded through the combination, especially suitable for some larger conference rooms, where the content on the screen can be clearly seen.


3. LED Display

In the past, LED display was often used in outdoor large-screen display. In recent years, with the introduction of small-pitch LED series, it has also begun to be used in conference rooms, especially products below P2. LED displays have now been used in large conference, because the integrity is better. With no seams, the visual experience is better when a video or image is displayed in full screen. However, the LED display also has certain disadvantages, such as a slightly lower resolution, which is not good when viewed at close range.


All of the large-screen products above can be used with video software for remote conference. The difference is that the SLCD can be spliced into a larger screen for large conference, while the smart conference panel comes with a maximum size of 100 inches and widely used in small conference rooms. All in all, and our selection can be determined as per the size of our conference room.