Digital Wave! LED Display + XR Technology

For LED displays, the XR application scenario is a new market to be tapped. The rise of XR has pushed LED displays to replace traditional screens as intelligent shooting backgrounds.

It is understood that the technical framework of the XR scene includes several major elements, such as the shooting venue composed of LED display, cameras, object position tracking and positioning technology, AR technology, and high-speed and low-latency network. Before the content of the combination is transmitted to the screen, it becomes a cool and realistic XR scene.

Compared with traditional screen shooting, LED giant display is more cost-effective. You do not have to worry about the harsh weather condition, like wind, rain, ice, snow and lightning, because one-second switching can meet the needs of any scenes. The advent of virtual studios only improves overall efficiency, saves costs, and optimizes presentation.

Under the influence of the first year of the Metaverse, more updated methods are now available for XR virtual production + LED display.

At present, XR virtual shooting can be specifically applied to live streaming, new product launches, reality shows, automobile promotions, stage performance, film and television production etc. 


                                                             Microsoft Advertising Shooting


                                                                                   TV Interview           


Undoubtedly, the bright future of LED+XR virtual production has come to us. How to take advantage of more advanced display technology and XR solutions to boost the progress of the virtual production industry and contribute to people's better audio-visual life is very important. LED screen companies that want to have their core competitiveness must take actions and embrace the trend.