The New Landmark of City: LED Dome Display Has Become An Eye-catching Sight

In recent years, LED dome display has come into the sight of ordinary people, demonstrating the integration of LED display and architecture, and reflecting the level of economic development in a region. Its magnificent, shocking and dazzling display effects enrich people's vision.



The LED dome display is installed above a relatively closed space. It is a dreamy LED product, which shows the effect of rendering, decoration and lighting. It is generally suitable for high-end hotel lobby, shopping mall, commercial pedestrian street, city center square, large stage and other large building ceilings. LED dome display, in short, is to install a huge device above to cover the ground and isolate the ground from the sky. In some sci-fi works, it is often mentioned that in the future, human beings will build artificial devices to avoid damage from space. With LED light, projectors and other lighting equipment, it plays a role in lighting and rendering. The LED dome display demonstrates individual culture, creates a new landmark in the city and brings unique visual charm.


The LED dome display hanging on the top of the ceiling indoors is like a colorful satin. When night falls, it is a magnificent and colorful sky screen. At the same time, it features strong interactivity and visual impact. The surrounding sound effects are comparable to the cinema effect, which can create a very good sense of fashion. When installed outdoors, the high-definition and bright display effects have brought stunning feelings to the audience.  


The engineering project is complex and needs strict technical requirements. Although the impact is great, compared with ordinary LED display projects, it features extremely high requirements in terms of material use, structure, control performance and maintenance.


First of all, the LED dome display must be thin and transparent, because the area it covers is generally very large, and it is installed by hoisting, and its own weight should not be underestimated.


Therefore, when using the LED dome display, its weight must be reduced as much as possible to lessen the burden on the load-bearing structure, and use a "transparent" design to reduce wind load. At the same time, the aesthetics of LED dome display itself should also be valued. 


In addition, compared with ordinary LED display projects, LED dome display needs extremely high requirements, thus a market with a very high threshold. Ease of use is the design standard for large-scale products. The more advanced and larger the things are, the easier it is to operate. The standardized design could integrate the LED display elements, power supply, control, and unit structure for easier commissioning, transportation and installation.


LED dome display has become the "eye-catching" sight of major businesses and will bring greater business profits to them. Apart from that, It is believed that in the future, it will bring more amazing and magnificent effects to the audience.