LED Displays Have Entered into Elementary Education in Rural Areas

The national rejuvenation plan in China is inseparable from education. The realization of common prosperity also includes gradually narrowing the gap between urban and rural education levels. President Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the importance of making up for the shortcomings of rural elementary education. Throughout the years, China has continued to increase investment in technical education in rural areas, especially in ethnic areas, remote areas and poverty-stricken areas.


In 2019, President Xi Jinping paid a visit to a primary school located in a mountainous area of Chongqing, and proposed to ensure that children there should have the right to education and have a happy childhood. When the reporter returned a few days ago, the situation here has changed a lot: not only the sound, sports and beauty facilities and the science and technology museum are available, but children can also take live oral English classes in the multimedia classroom through livestreaming


The informatization of education connects children far away in the mountains with high-quality educational resources in the city. It can further reach many areas with inconvenient transportation and poor economy.


The rapid development of informatization has continuously narrowed the gap between urban and rural areas. In this process, the LED display industry has also taken advantage of education informatization and embarked on the fast development. It Includes electronic whiteboards based on short-focus projection, and educational tablets based on liquid crystals and small-pitch LEDs for different application scenarios.


With the continuous improvement of rural education informatization, the LED displays will play a more and more important role though live streaming and make education in different parts in China fairer.