What Are The Advantages Of Outdoor LED Screens?

Have a Look to the Advantages of Outdoor LED Screens


The outdoor Light Emitting Didoes signs are changing the face of our cities. Incorporating LED display in business advertising is more than just boosting revenues. On the contrary, it is a shift to smart cities and this shift seems to be necessary for urban developers in order to accommodate growth.



According to a study, about 55 percent of the population lives in urban areas. However, this is set to rise to roughly 68 percent by 2050. In other words, it is an extra 2.5 billion people searching for jobs, services, and homes in already crowded cities.

Therefore, the need for smart cities is more than ever. After all, smart cities use technology in order to improve the quality of life. The technological advancement ensures that the services in the city become efficient and reliable. Outdoor LED signage develops in line with environmental, technological and physical trends, thus it is an imperative part of a smart city.

Outdoor LEDs are improving life in urban areas, they are keeping people safe and they are delivering better services. Besides playing a vital role in urbanization, outdoor LEDs offer numerous advantages to the business world.


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Advantages of outdoor LED screens


LEDs signs are famous for their effectiveness when it comes to business. Both in-door, as well as outdoor LED signs, generate effective results. However, the outdoor LEDs signs have the ability to target several potential customers at one time without adding to the cost per customer.

Below are the advantages of outdoor LED screens.


Environmental Advantages


Outdoor LED signs Deliver Better Service


Outdoor self-serving digital signs are becoming increasingly common not only in major cities but also in small cities. In order to remove strain on service provides, outdoor touch LEDs are being used. They also help in improving customer service. Some of the common examples of outdoor touch LED screen include through-window retails touch screen, drive through the self-ordering display.

It seems the next step is going to be facial recognition in order to improve self-service digital signage. For instance, KFC in China is already experimenting with an LED facial recognition system. The system would suggest meals according to the customer's gender and age.

Likewise, in Shenzen, the outdoor facial recognition displays help the police to monitor the intersection and they are able to identify the jaywalkers with speed and efficiency.


Keep people safe


In the United States, during crucial times the outdoor LED displays are turned into a source of information. For instance, during the hurricane season, outdoor signs are responsible for displaying critical information regarding the upcoming hurricane.

The authorities use existing outdoor digital signs in order to provide weather alerts across different states without causing a delay of even a few minutes. There is no doubt that digital signs are going to be extremely useful in times of crisis in any smart city.


Improving the quality of life


There is no doubt that digital signs have the ability to make your urban centers a nicer place to enjoy your life in. There are several cities around the world including Arkansas, Bentonville that are replacing static billboards with LED billboards as they believe that digital billboards allow advertisers to share the same space. Using digital billboards instead of static one reduces the number of billboards throughout the city and improves its overall feel.


Business Advantages


Broadening customer base


LEDs are an effective way of advertisement and many many advantages of outdoor LED screens, the most prominent one is broadening the customer base. Outdoor LED signs make it possible for businesses to attract attention to new people every day.

After all, it is not possible for a business to grow if its customer base remains the same. Using outdoor as well as indoor LED screens increase the customer base in very little time.


High-Quality Images


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Unlike old LED screens that did not offer picture quality, the modern LED screens come with outstanding picture resolution. Displaying your ad on this high-resolution LED screens is going to generate effective results.

These high quality LED screens allow you to add high-resolution videos and animation to your ads, thus adding to their appeal and increasing results. High-quality resolution LED screen not only grab consumer attention, but they also increase the return on investment.

Several businesses claim that they have seen a 50-150 percent increase in their business after the usage of LED screens.


Release Content Efficiently


The modern outdoor LED screens become with Wi-Fi ability. They are more like a computer monitor screen using Wi-Fi in or cable connections in order to display images. Once you have the LED display, you can release your content at any time and from anywhere. You will have to manipulate simple settings and you are good to go.


Energy Conservations


One of the major reasons that businesses across the world are becoming a fan of outdoor LED signs is that they consume less energy. Low consumption of energy leaves a positive impact on not only the environment, but it also reduces the power expanse of a company.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars, an outdoor LED screen brings down the bill to its half or in most cases even less. Despite the fact that it runs on low energy, it does provide outstanding picture quality.


Environment Protected


Often a business would pay extra in order for the static prints to without extreme weather conditions. However, with outdoor digital signs, they do not have to worry about this aspect. All outdoor LED screens come with the ability to perform in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, no matter if it’s raining or it’s snowing, your outdoor LED display will engage potential clients and increase foot traffic.


Update your Ad effectively


One of the major advantages of outdoor LED screens is that you can update your ad anytime you want and without much hassle. Advertising agents and publishers are able to update their content any time they want.

There are no restrictions on the updating process. The only thing a publisher or an advertising agent would need is the control of computer operations in order to update the ad content. In addition, the LED screens have the ability to adjust in accord with the advertising pictures. Therefore, a business can update their content constantly and without worry.


Impact Force


Outdoor LED screens are effective because they have the ability to grab consumer attention. The screens bring allows the advertisers to take full advantage of the high definition videos in order to attract potential customers.

Huge pictures with high resolutions are hard to miss, thus they lead to a strong impact on the consumers. This leads to an increased return on investment.




LED outdoor screens offer diversity in terms of audience. These screens are usually located in places like traffic signals. Several people throughout the day stop for a couple of seconds in these places and in those seconds, your ad is being displayed.

Those few seconds the drivers have nothing to do and they will look at your ad. The screen will be able to capture their attention because of its strong visual impact. If the driver read your message, it means that LED screen has effective in conveying your message.


Wide Angle of View


The outdoor large LED screens offer a wide viewing angle. These screens generally have more than 110 degrees in the horizontal direction. Likewise, they also have more than 110 degrees angle in the vertical direction.

Outdoor LEDs that are suspending from higher altitudes require a wider viewing angle in order to generate effective and efficient results.


Light Weight Cabinet


Led screens are easy to install and shift as they have light eight cabinets made of aluminum. You can easily transfer a big rental LED screen from one place to another. Assembling and combining these screens is also simple and efficient.


Outdoor LED brings PMB


Over the years, outdoor LED screens have enhanced and improved. The modern outdoor LEDs are trying to bring programmatic media buying to the out-of-home space. Using PMB means enabling tools like real-time bidding in your advertising campaign, thus taking consumer interaction to a whole new level.

RTB tools have the ability to offer high flexibility in the ads. In addition, it will lower the cost of multiple buyers that look towards static advertising mainly because of the cost.

Advantages for the buyers


There are several advantages of an outdoor LED screen for the buyers in particular. Some of these advantages are below.


Lower Entry Barrier


LED signs offer a lower entry barrier in terms of money. Like television, LED signs have a slot system as well. Since these slots are sold, thus it reduces the initial cost of starting an advertisement campaign.




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The diversity and flexibility of the LED screens’ make them the best choice for any business advertisement. The advertiser has the power to choose the time when they want the ad to display and they also can change the schedule for a campaign in accord with their advertising budget.




When you are using an outdoor LED screen to display your ad, you can easily scale down the campaign, thus reduce the overall cost.


Better Targeting


LED screen help in bringing OOH at par with digital advertising. Thus, it improves the targeting in order to reach to a diverse and larger number of audience.


Better Visibility


Digital billboards generate effective results. According to numerous studies, they tend to attract higher eyeballs in comparison to traditional billboards.


Lower Market Time


Once you invest in an LED screen, you do not have to invest again and again in the printing cost. In case, you are using a rental LED, your ad can roll out much faster and without the delay from the printing side.



Advantages of the Ad Seller


Below are the advantages of outdoor LED screens for Ad sellers.


Larger Base of Clients


Since the entry barrier is low, thus it is possible to increase the number of clients at an amazing speed.


Higher return on Investment


Several studies confirm that using outdoor LED in order to advertise your products and services generate effective results. The use of billboards ensures a significantly higher return on investment.


Dynamic pricing


The pricing can be adjusted according to your advertising budget.


Sum it up


The several advantages of outdoor LED screens are making them an increasingly popular medium for advertisement. Outdoor LED screen offers opportunities to display high-resolution images in order to generate effective results.

Their dynamic pricing and higher return on investment ads to their appeal. The LEDs screen are usually present near traffic signals, they offer a larger base of clients. They are able to target a diverse audience effectively.

Likewise, outdoor LED screens offer customization; you can choose the time and the slot at which you want the ad to be displayed. Doing this will help you target a different type of audience. For instance, if you want to advertise your upcoming musical event, the best time would be when people are coming back from work. So, display your ad during 6-9 instead of 2-4 pm as most of the people would be in office at that time.

Besides offering several advantages to the business, outdoor LED screens also contribute towards smart cities. Thus, they are good for the environment as well. Installing LED billboards provides the ability to share advertising space, thus it reduces the static billboards. In addition, different types of outdoor LED signs are making life easy.

Displaying critical information in the time of need is another advantage of outdoor LED screen. For instance, during a rainy season, you can update people across states regarding upcoming floods. You can even provide then information on how to keep yourself safe during the hour of need. Outdoor LED screens are often used to display community messages and other well ware messages.

Outdoor Led screen does offer great advantages for not only the retails, but also for the buyers, the ad sellers and for the general audience. They are an effective medium to make people aware of upcoming trends, products, and services.