How Can We Best Maintain Advertising LED Video Billboards?

 Ways to do best maintain advertising LED video Billboards


Print media has been around for years, but it seems that now digital signage is taking over. Instead of print media, we see more and more of digital signage at medical facilities, retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, college campuses, and business office. Mainly because the technology offers a better experience and delivers the message more effectively. It has the ability to create an engaging experience for employees and patrons. In addition, the technology is cost-effective as you can update it as many times as you like, but you just have to pay once. Like all other technologies, LED video billboard also requires maintenance and in this article, we will provide you a complete guide on how can we best maintain advertising LED video Billboards.


However, the maintenance cost of an LED video billboard is far less in comparison to other digital media technologies. LED technology as long shelf life, and if kept well it can last for more than a decade without any problem. Our article will act as a guide for IT teams and management who are in search of ways to keep their digital signage systems running optimally.


Hardware maintenance of advertising LED video Billboards


The hardware of LED is robust in comparison to LCD, however, it still requires preventative care, upgrades of hardware and maintenance to perform seamlessly.


Average Lifespan of a Digital LED sign


LED digital signs to have a longer life span in comparison to several other digital signage. An LED has a lifespan of anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 hours before the images become unclear or dark. The screens can last for about 20 years, assuming the normal usage is between 8 to 10 hours every day. However, most business tends to replace the screen well before time as they are using the LED screen for more than 10 hours a day.


Most of these LED screens are running 24/7 every day, thus the need to change arises soon. Nonetheless, the main reason for replacing the screen is due to a lack of proper functionality, technological advancement, and change in business needs.


Even though there is nothing wrong with the hardware functionality, but sometimes the external factors lead to change of the LED screen well before time. Some of these external or internal factors include the need for more speed, the introduction of new technology, improved quality content, increased reliability, interactive content requires new equipment and software incompatibility with dynamics.


However, the good news is that modern LED screen comes with an external media player so you will not have to replace any external devices in case you change the screen. Mostly the screen media players last as long as the screen. If you can swap the media player to a new screen, you might not have to buy one every time you get a new screen.



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Upgrade, Maintenance and Preventative Care


Let’s start with some effective tips for preventative care

  • inspect power cords and cables for wear and tear
  • Wipe down Media players
  • Periodically clean the screens
  • Clean the dust around the digital display
  • Clean the dust behind the digital display
  • Train employees on how to clean and use the equipment properly


Routine Maintenance


To maintain proper functionality of LED video Billboards hardware, you need to ensure regular inspection of the cables and power cord. This will ensure that if there is any improper connectivity, it is resolved before the problem gets too serious.


How to maintain advertising LED Video Billboards Display


Clean LED screen displays should be doneperiodically to make sure the optimal viewing quality. In addition, regular cleaning will prevent the debris from clogging the ports and any damage to the internal components. In addition, it will ensure that the displays are not being overheated. Different Type of Displays has different Maintenance Routine


Different LED displays need different maintenance methods.


Cabinet-Less Display


Replacing a cabinet-less display is easier in comparison to a display that has an external cabinet attached to it. All you have to do is disconnect the affected panel and replace it with a new one. You do not have to turn your display off, thus you do not have to worry about shutting your display and missing a potential customer.


Cabinet Display LED


If the LED has a built-in cabinet, there you will need a skilled maintenance technician in order to diagnose the problem and to repair it. Only a skilled technician will be able to replace the defective part, a layman might just make things worse for you.

Usually, to maintain a cabinet display, you need to clean the drainage in accord with manufacturer specifications. You also need to clean the air condition or the fan of the unit to prevent overheating of cabinet display.

In case, you do not have technical staff, you can always hire a remote monitoring service or digital installer service to keep your display going.


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Importance of Display Cleaning


Cleaning a digital billboard might not be as easy as wiping your laptop screen. Nonetheless, it is important to clean the display, as dust can affect the display. For instance, dust can make the words ‘is’ turn into ‘it’. This can be really annoying, therefore you need to clean the screen.

Cleaning a billboard will ensure that your potential customers are not getting the wrong number or website address. Besides affecting the display output, long-term debris can have a direct impact on your display hardware. Therefore, we suggest you clean your LED display regularly.


Media Player Maintenance


In case, you are using a wireless connection to download content, you will have to connect the media player with a network to monitor for hacks. If USB or memory card is the medium for transfer data, you should scan them for viruses before you connect them with the monitor.

Cleaning the media player is as important as cleaning the screen, thus wherever you clean the screen, you need to clean the media player as well. Regular cleaning of media player ensures that there are no buildup of dust that might eventually lead to damaging of its core components.


Software maintenance of advertising LED video Billboards


The next most important thing to ensure proper maintenance of advertising LED video Billboards is to keep the software up to date. It is imperative to keep content creation and media player update on a case-by-case scenario. For instance, if you plan to switch to interactive content from static content, you need to update the software or at least install an additional application.


To keep your potential customers engaging, constantly updating the content is imperative. You can also make your content more and more dynamic if you regularly update your content creation software. The software advancement offers better and enhances features to make the content prettier and more attractive to a potential consumer.


In addition, the newer version of software enhances the quality of the signage content and this leads to an increase in the dependability of the signage. It is imperative to enhance the software at least once a year; however if a newer version comes up earlier, there is no harm updating. Updating your software regularly will save you the cost and time of major updates.


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Some of the large-scale software update issues include



  • Time spend in deploying the software
  • Time wasted in installing the software
  • Additional staff training
  • Testing requires more time and cost
  • Very costly


When should you update the Software?


A good trick is to run cloud-based or internet based updates every day. In case you have to update manually do it when the newer version is complete. The displays content is in need of a change, the best way of doing is manually running frequent updates.

In addition, you might have to update the software because your content needs change. Also, the update depends on the operating system. Most companies update their software when the current vision is not able to meet up with the organization demand or there is a problem with its security. There is a no set period to update software. However, we firmly recommend that you evaluate your current system annually if not semi-annually due the rapid technological development.


Common issues with digital Signage and their solutions


Below we have come up with some common digital signage issues and the effective way to resolve them.


Limited Bandwidth


  • Hard drive failure
  • Central Server Memory failure
  • Out of date software
  • Compromised software
  • Unable to create a backup to the media player of the home server
  • Problem with update content wirelessly


If the display is not able to generate good image quality, it has failed interactive capabilities and it has errors in the streaming of dynamic content, there is a high probability that it due to outdated equipment or its malfunctioning.


Malfunctioning hardware solution


  • Ensure that the cables are intact. They are properly connected and there is no damage to the wires. Also, ensure that the power supply is intact.
  • Next, you will have to check for viruses. Scan the media player for any sort of virus.
  • You might have to run an update for the software; the older version might be causing the problem.
  • Check media player memory or memory card. Make sure that if has enough space to run additional content.
  • In case everything is in order including wire connections, memory space on the media payer or memory card, and signs are function, but you still face the issue. You need to reboot your system.
  • If rebooting does not even fix your problem, it means you need to bring in your IT professional. They will test your system and use an external computer to reviews the troubling system. They will access information regarding the internal components of the media player along with other components such as a circuit board or a memory card.
  • Continuity of the problem means that the hardware of digital signage has reached its limits. The hardware is relatively old and you need to update it to the latest technology.


Malfunctioning of Media Player


The display does not generate desired results in case of media player is malfunctioning. Following are some tips that will help you resolve the issue.

  • To ensure that the problem is not with the media player, we suggest you connect it to another screen.
  • Double check all the power cables and wires connecting the media player to advertising LED video billboards.
  • Unplug the power supply and wait for about 10 seconds. Restart both the media player and screen to see if the issues have resolved.


Another common problem with the LED screens is the memory card. In case the memory is causing the issue, you should removeit, transfer the important data to another external drive, and delete the unnecessary files. Make sure that your external drive is well-protected. Before transferring the data, scan the drive for viruses.


NOTE: If you continuously monitor the hardware and maintain it properly, you will not face most of the issues listed above. This is in result save you time, energy and the cost you would have to spend on the repairs.




It is important to keep the humidity of the environment at bay from an outdoor LED screen. You should also keep the screen clean; make a periodical screen cleaning routine. Cleaning the screen on a regular basis ensure that debris does not affect the core components of the screen. The sun, the wind, and the dust can have a negative impact on the screen, thus you need to clean it regularly.

In hard natural condition, ensure that the LED has good grounding protection and the power supply is stable. No part of the screen should be constantly in contact with iron, water or any other sort of metal conductive. In addition, try to put up the advertising LED video billboards in place that have low dust level. The screen displays are greatly affected by dust, thus an LED screen might not offer high-quality display in places with higher dust level. All and all, maintaining your LED screen is imperative in order to ensure long shelf life, better display, and effective results.