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Lets Have a Look :Tips for creating Effective outdoor LED signs


If you are planning to invest in outdoor LED display, you need to know the best tips for creating effective outdoor LED signs. In this article, we are going to focus on the most effective tips for generating outstanding results.

The two main key elements of successful outdoor LED display include the form and the content. Learning about these key factors will allow you to take full advantage of your outdoor LED display. Below is the list of complete 10 tips that will allow you to make the right decision to create an effective outdoor digital sign.


10 Effective tips for outdoor digital LED signage


LED displays have are an effective way to send out your message to potential customers in style and class. You can update content, include videos and animation in order to make content compelling and attractive.


Choose High-contrast colors


led screen


For something to be visually appealing, it needs to have a combination of all the right colors. High contrast images are bound to get more attention in comparison to images with subtle colors. Therefore, when deciding content for your outdoor LED display, you need to make sure that it has the perfect color combination.

Using the right contrasting colors tend to make a difference, below we have come up with some examples of high contrasting colors. There is no harm choosing one of the below color themes to ensure your content stands out.


  • Green and White
  • Red and White
  • Dark Blue and White
  • Yellow and Black


In case, you want something other than these typical combinations, you can work with one dark and the other light color. The combination of light and dark will allow your message to standout as it will be loud and crisp. The audience will find it really easy for them to read it.

If you match your LED display will the logo and branding, it will add the extra pop to your overall advertisement. So, make sure that every color in your advertisement campaign is in harmony.


Content Size Matters


When it comes to the success of an outdoor LED screen, readability is the key factor. You need to ensure that it is easy to read your sign. The font of the content should be big enough for the users to read while driving or walking by.

There are different rules for sizing the outdoor LED display’s content. However, we believe in one rule of the thumb i.e. the height of your letters should be one inch if they are to be seen from 10 feet viewing distance. For example, a 20 feet viewing distance, the letter height should be 2 inches.

To further improve the readability score of your outdoor LED display, we recommend using a combination of capital and small letters instead of relying on all caps. A mixture of small and capital letters is more appealing and it is easier to read as the brain is perfectly trained in reading content in this format.


White Space Matters



led screen



Another important element that you need to consider is the amount of white space you plane to leave on your LED display. If you fill up the entire screen, it will be clustered and will leave a bad impact. According to numerous studies and based on our experience, we suggest you leave about 30 to 40 percent of LED display’s space empty.

The untouched space ensures that there is no clustering on the screen and it gives a smoothing and easy-going impression.


Choose the right location


There is no denying the fact that location matters, choosing the right location will help you generate better and effective results. You need to make sure that the sign as maximum exposure and the best way to do so is that you place your sign near a street.

Your outdoor LED screen is like a real estate and in the real estate business; the most important thing is the location. Make sure that your LED display has the right size as well as the right location. Ensure there are no hurdles that are blocking the LED display’s view. After all, you would not like your audience to miss out any part of your exciting LED content.

In addition, there is no point in investing in an outstanding LED display when people are not able to clearly see it around the clock. The best way to ensure that you have an ideal place is to see things from your own eyes. Drive a couple of times from different angles and see if the outdoor LED sign is clear. Also, see if the passengers are able to read your content within the specified period.

In case, you come across any hurdles, we suggest it is not the right place to install your LED display. A professional tip is that you place an LED display at a high place. Installing an LED display at a height maximizes the exposure, thus it increases and ROI and foot traffic.


Importance of Creativity


Having a smart LED screen is the first step towards making attracting customers and enhancing brand awareness. However, to take things to the next level, you need to use your imagination. Come up with out of the box and unique content to turn your viewers into customers.

An LED display provides you with an opportunity to spur warm feeling with catchy sayings. These kitschy saying would resonate with your audience. They would like to attach themselves to the brand. In addition, these few characters will help you make a big impression on the potential audience.

If you have thought-provoking messages in your mind, we believe the outdoor LED display is the best place to unleash them. After all, you would not broadcast boring content, as it will hardly generate the results you want.

Since you have the option of unlimited updates, why hold yourself back. We suggest you let your creativity flow free and go crazy. People are always attracted to something extraordinary.


Length is important


led screen


With LED display, Sky is the limit. However, there are certain rules that you need to understand in order to create effective outdoor LED signs. Among these rules, we have the rule of word length. The number of words that you display on your LED sign holds great importance.

The objective of an LED display is to capture consumer attention, thus the number of words present on it should not be more than the adult average reading ration. According to numerous studies, an adult can read about four words in a second, this sum up to almost 250 words in a minute.

When you are creating content for your display, make sure it is concise and easy to read. Headings are important, the shorter the header, the better results it would generate. We highly recommend that your headlines should not be more than 5 words.

We know summing up everything in 5 words can be a challenging task, but then the fruit of alphabetic labor is worth the efforts. Surveys and studies prove that a concise message is much more effective in comparison to a long message.

Double check your content, edit it to point that it becomes perfect. Remove all the unnecessary words and enjoy the power of LED display.


Importance of Benefits


Delivering an outstanding and unique message is vital, however, with that, you do need to mention the perks you have to offer. In the modern world, people rarely have time to read a message without it having their personal interest at heart.

When you deliver a message using an effective platform, you need to make sure that your message has something for the audience. Besides being witty, unique and attractive it needs to tell consumers how it benefits them.

Conveying the benefits in a smart way is the best way to grab consumer attention. Appeal to your audience by displaying words that resonate with them on your outdoor LED display. Do make sure that your words are within the limits of your organization values.


Create a Sense of Urgency


People by nature are curious and when you create a sense of urgency, they are bound to pay attention. They would after all like to know the thing causing the sense of urgency. If you are in need of ideas to create a sense of urgency, please see the tips below.


  • Engage people by telling them about limited time offers i.e. if they act within an hour, they can avail additional 10 percent.
  • Advertise upcoming events. For instance, talk about black Friday Sale before time so that people would remember you.
  • Limited time special price offer is bound to attract consumers.


These tips for creating effective outdoor LED signs are something worth trying. You can really create hype and a sense of urgency using your outdoor LED signs.


Importance of Context


You need to make your context effective and to bring awareness to your message, we recommend incorporating the company’s logo. You should use phrases relevant to your company, along with pop culture to bring awareness to your content.

Audiences tend to reach more efficiently if they can relate things. Thus, ensure that you have a high-quality context, as it will help your message quickly.


Personalize your content


Personalization increases the emotional marketing value of your content. Try adding things like “The best way to prevent, top ten tips, why should you use”. In addition, use words like you and yours in your content.

Using a second-person narrative allows you to relate to your audience intently. It also gives them a warm feeling. The audience would have a personal attachment with your brand, thus they will always stay connected.


Highlight your competitive advantages


Why would a consumer buy your product or service? Why would they prefer you to others? What makes them buy your offer? Answer all these questions via outdoor LED display. Highlighting your strengthens and competitive edge will give the potentiaSl client a sneak peek of what they are getting themselves.

It is important to tell people about your testimonies, rating, and the ability to provide a positive experience. When you display all this information on your LED display sign, you are bound to get attention. Once you have the attention, you have the viewer.




We are sure that our top tips for creating effective outdoor LED signs will lead you in the right direction. To take full advantage of an outdoor LED screen, you need to invest time and energy. Besides buying a high quality LED screen, you need to come up with top quality content as well.

The color combination of your screen matters as well. Using high contrast color theme will grab more attention. To further add harmony to your overall LED color scheme, make sure that the LED color and your content go together.

It goes without saying that outdoor LED needs to be installed at a high traffic place. Choosing the right place requires research. Ensure that the place that you select has a mass audience, only then will you be able to take full advantage of the LED screen.

In addition to choosing the right place, ensure that your content is easily readable. Viewers do not have the time or the need to work hard in order to need the content. They will simply ignore the clustered LED screen and look for a more appealing one. Thus, you need to have a minimum of 30 to 40 percent of white space on an LED screen.

With LED display, the sky is your limit. It offers endless possibilities for advertising your content. Use these effective tips and take full advantage of an outstanding medium.



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